The FINAL Haven 2012 Ticket Giveaway!


Wow!  I cannot believe that Haven 2012 is less that 3 months away!

When the Haven team started planning this event last year, it seemed like a dream.


Now to seem that dream coming to fruition is beyond exciting.

Rhoda, Kristi, Sarah, Marian, Beth, Chris, Kate, and I have been working on this event for over 8  months now.  (Along with our amazing even planner, Kristin Stockdale!)

Here are some details about this very first DIY/Home blogger conference:


Haven 2012

Atlanta, Georgia

June 21-22, 2012

Guest Speakers:

John and Sherry from Young House Love


new family pic

Ana White



Mr. Goodwill Hunting



Kevin and Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage


plus all of us from the Haven planning team and many, many more bloggers in our DIY/Home blogger’s niche will be sharing!

As of yesterday, Haven 2012 is officially SOLD OUT!

I feel like Willy Wonka with the last Golden Ticket to give out!


This is the FINAL Haven 2012 ticket

being given away.

So do you want to come to Haven?  Here’s your chance!

Here’s how to enter to enter to win one FULL conference pass to Haven 2012 (travel and hotel expenses NOT included):

1.  Leave a comment on this post.

2. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a separate comment telling me you did.

“Enter to win the LAST ticket giveaway to Haven 2012 @beneathmyheart!

3.  Share this giveaway on your facebook page and tell me in a separate comment that you did.

This giveaway will end on Sunday, April 8th, and I will announce the winner on Monday, April 9th, 2012.

Good Luck!!


  1.!! I tried and tried to raise enough money to go to this conference because it’s close to home. no luck :( I would feel like the little gracious Charlie if I won the “golden ticket!!”

  2. Please enter me in the giveaway! I facebooked it! If I win, I want my ticket to go to Gwen from The Bold Abode :)

    Fingers crossed :)


  3. I would love to win this ticket! I just started blogging and could use all the advice I can get!! It would also give me a great excuse to visit my sons in Savannah! Legs, fingers and eyes crossed!

  4. Oh how i wish that was my golden ticket! I was contemplating trying to go by myself and fly from DFW to ATL if i got the golden ticket to go i would surely buy a plane ticket and come! Here is to hoping!

  5. I only live a few hours from Atlanta and I would just love to win the golden ticket to attend this amazing event.

  6. I live in Atlanta and I would love to go. I’m sorry that I missed out on buying a ticket. Pick me!!!

  7. Would LOVE to go to this conference (unless I’m too old? 56?)! Could I PLEASE win the ticket?

  8. looks like an amazing gathering of wonderfully inspiring people… what a treasured time this will be for all who get the pleasure of attending! would love to be a part of it!

  9. SO want to join all of you as I am new to the blogging world. Will be reposting on my FB that is also linked to my Tweets!

    Pick me, pick me……designer wanting to learn more!

  10. O boy, one last ticket giveaway to Haven! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
    1. Amazing speakers
    2. Fantastic location
    3. Blogger bonding time
    4. Possibility of amazing food ;)

    O yes. I would love to win.

  11. I moved to ATL last June and heard Haven 2012 was coming to town. WOW this would be such an amazing event to attend. I just ordered my business cards yesterday for my first Antique/Garden fair this month, so going to this event and learning from the pro’s on how to market myself would be such a blessing. I shared it on my FB page.
    Pray I win. :-)

  12. See I was so excited about this “Golden Ticket” that I didn’t do a separate comment about my FB share.
    I did share on FB, and if I had a twitter to chirp and tweet all about I would.

  13. This is the first news I have heard about this!! I just tweeted it and now am commenting on it! I LIVE in Atlanta, and would LOVE to go. Ticket please…. thanks!

  14. I would so love to win the Golden Ticket!! I live in Social Circle, an easy ride to the big city.

  15. Oh No …say it ain’t…sold out. Living near Atlanta…..what a fool I was to think I could just stop by the day of. Oh…pleeeease….pick me!!

  16. Hi Tracey,

    First of all, HUGE CONGRATS to the Sell Out for all of you. What an accomplishment. I would love to win. I need a girl get away from all these boys.Remember, I have four just like you!
    Blessing for Easter,

  17. Oh wow, this would be amazing to attend! I bought a few mega-millions tickets last week, but I think I’d rather win this! :) (Fingers and toes crossed!!)

  18. This is a great opportunity – I’m hoping if I’m the winner that I can transfer my winnings – this is right up my friend Lisa’s alley!

  19. I would sell a kidney to cover travel expenses if I won this golden ticket!

    Just kidding…well, maybe. ;)

  20. Here’s my second entry — I shared the giveaway on Facebook. I would L-O-V-E to win!

  21. I NEED this ticket! My sister Kristin has one and I have kept saying, I need to get my ticket, I need to get my ticket and now they are sold out?! What a dumb thing to procrastinate, huh? I can’t wait to see you there, Traci!!

  22. Dang, I was going to talk to my boss on Thursday about getting the time off! But if I win the ticket, I’ll definitely TELL him next week I’m taking the time!

  23. I *think* I tweeted — that’s why I need the ticket, to learn how to do this stuff better!

  24. Would love to win the final pass into this terrific gathering! I am about to open my first booth in a local antiques shop and want to add a blog to the mix as well. Hope you pick me! :D

  25. WOW! this is every bloggers dream! Please enter me to win a ticket! This is so sureal to be right there with all my favorite blogger friends!! Thank you so much for this chance :)

  26. Ok girlfriend, you KNOW I want to go to this conference, so here goes EVERYTHING! :) Wish me luck! I want to meet all my online girlfriends! (of course I’ve already gotten to meet you, but we really do need to get together for lunch or something soon!…maybe when schools out)
    Missy :)

  27. Ahh! I didn’t know the event had a max. amount of participants! I didn’t even get a chance to order my ticket yet. :( Hopefully I win, so I can still go :) *fingers & toes crossed*

  28. I was thinking I didn’t “fit” in to this conference since I am not technically a DIY blogger…but since Blissdom (and being inspired by all you lovely girls) I have truly enjoyed dipping in to the DIY/Decorating blogging way more than normal! Kinda wishing I would have just said “YES” to Tonya when she begged me to buy a ticket months ago. Guess I will just have to see if I can win one! How awesome would that be!

  29. I live about an hour away from ATL, so this would be PERFECT for me. :) I’d love to meet all of my favorite DIY bloggers!!

  30. Pick me, pick me, pick me….PLEASE! I realized at BlissDom I’m more of a home blogger than I thought I was. There were hardly any home bloggers there. I so want to meet so many of my awesome home blogging friends I have made. PLEASE!!!! :D With Sugar on TOP!

  31. I would love to win this ticket! I’ve been watching for giveaways and here’s the last one! Praying I win, seriously. :)

  32. I also shared this giveaway on Facebook, so enter me again please!

    thanks for the chance to win…I REALLY want to go!

  33. This opportunity would be golden for me! I have entered
    every giveaway and haven’t won, but I’m not giving up, nope.
    I know if I won I would meet so many talented bloggers, a dream
    cone true for sure.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway. Pick me I won’t disappoint you
    and this would help me so much!

  34. I can’t afford to go to a blogging conference this year. How sad. Winning a ticket would put a great big smile on my face. Pick me, random computer generated number picker!!!

  35. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My husband has been out of work for three months with a broken back and I haven’t been able to finally purchase a ticket until now and I find out on the exact day I was going to purchase it I find that it is sold out! My family is all stoked for a trip to Atlanta and I have reserved our hotel spots already. Wow. Please pick me. Please pick me!!! Can you hear my desperation??!


  36. Sharaed your exclusive giveaway on Our Blue Front Door
    Facebook page. Yahoo hope I win!

  37. I live in Atlanta and I had planned on buying a ticket. So happy for you but sad for me that you sold out! I hope to win the last ticket so I can attend. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Would love to be the lucky recepient to a Haven ticket! Live about 90 miles NE of ATL and a trip to the city would be great!

  39. I would very much enjoy receiving this, but if I don’t, I hope whoever does truly enjoys themselves!

  40. But for the expenses–I would already have my ticket.
    So it would be SO APPRECIATED to WIN the last one!
    Crossing my fingers! Catherine

  41. If I win this ticket, I will give you a BIG KISS on the lips. Or not. Your choice.

  42. I shared on my FB page! I said I would faint if I could attend. Don’t you all want to watch me faint?!

  43. Oh no!! I was so looking forward to attending Haven! I would love a ticket if you have extra!! My (and my Sister’s) blog is all about Southern DIY and Haven would be great to learn the trciks of the trade :-)

  44. I would absolutely love to go! I follow so many of the bloggers mentioned- I would love for a chance to meet them!

  45. Would be so grateful for the chance to attend with all of these amazing women!! Thank you for doing a giveaway! :)

  46. I am already planning to go, but I have to admit, that between the price of the ticket & hotel, we are a little overextended. At least we had airline miles! Thanks much for this giveaway!

  47. I just joined Twitter yesterday and tweeted this morning. Oh, please pick me! I need to go to Atlanta for the very first time for an amazing Haven experience! Thanks.

  48. Oh I wanna win! And now I’m singing, thanks to that Willy Wonka picture up there, “I’ve got a Golden Ticket”! LOL. If only I DID have a golden ticket! Hoping to win!

  49. I would so love to go to the Haven conference. I’ve only been blogging seriously since last fall and have so much to learn. I’m not too far from Atlanta and would be thrilled to get to attend.

  50. I am near tears because I didn’t realize the conference had sold out. Just this evening my husband and I decided it would indeed be worthwhile to have me attend and I see now that I am too late. Here’s to my very last chance. Fingers CROSSED!
    breida with a b.

  51. Thanks so much for doing the giveaway! How exciting! It would be absolutely life-changing to be able to attend such an amazing event! I can’t even imagine how much valuable info I would absorb and how many amazing people I would meet! Fun, fun, fun!

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