Before and After {Bathroom Makeovers}


How many of you have been to the Better Homes and Garden website?

How many of you subscribe to their emails?

I do, and I love them.  Smile

Their website is FULL of amazing inspiration for every room of your home and for every season of the year.

Recently, in one of my emails, there was an article titled, “Before and After:  Bathroom Renovations.”

I clicked on the link, and I was amazed at some of these beautiful renovations.

I wanted to share some of them with you.

(All of the following pictures are from Better Homes and Garden’s website.  Click on each picture to see the source.)

The first bathroom is overwhelmed and dated by the wallpaper.  But by adding some bead board/board and batten, fresh white paint, and some brown on the walls, this bathroom is a show stopper!






This next bathroom was definitely in need of an update.  The pink tiles and the blue carpet on the floor (that’s carpet, isn’t it?) had to go.  The owners also knocked out a small closet to make room for a bigger shower and tub.

The new bathroom has fresh  white subway tile on the walls and a gorgeous octagonal tile on the floor.  What a difference!!



Here is the other side of that same bathroom.  The wall paper and dated sink had to go!  (That sink looks a lot like the sink in one of our bathrooms, btw.) Surprised smile

They carried the subway tile from the shower onto the rest of the walls in the bathroom to create a brighter look.  I love the updated dark counter top and fixtures too.  Beautiful!

It’s hard to believe it is the same bathroom!



















The next bathroom is definitely dark and dated.  Dark wood vanity and trim, wallpaper border, and brassy gold mirror are not making the most of this space.

Look at the after!  New light blue paint, large silver framed mirror, a fresh coat of paint on the vanity, and they have a brand new bathroom.  They didn’t even have to change the sinks or the faucets.  Love it!















Here is the other side of that same bathroom.  They took out the old whirlpool tub, and replaced it white a walk in tiled shower.






Next, here is a small bathroom that needed a new look.  Now, I am not a huge fan of the paint color they picked for this makeover, but that is just a personal preference.  Other than that, they did an amazing job updating the space.  Notice the tile in the bathroom is the same.  Just new a new paint color and updated window treatment completely changed the look of this space.





This last bathroom has a window in the shower, just like the bathrooms do in our home.  They do add a lot of light to the room, but I still think it is crazy to have a window in the shower.

Look at that gorgeous sink in the “after” picture.  I am kind of wanting a sink like that in the bathroom that will eventually be our next guest bathroom.  The towel basket beneath the sink is great for storage. 

I also love how they have bead board 3/4 way up the wall.












These photos are so inspiring to me!

They show me how it is possible to update a space with not a lot of work. 

If you do not subscribe to Better Homes and Garden’s website, click here to do so. You will find tons of inspiration for your DIY projects too.


  1. I do get their email newsletters, and they are great! Also, perfect timing of this post for me, as we’ve been working on a little reno of our master bath. The 80’s rose, laminate countertop had to go! It’s been quite a marathon – taking forever. So many great ideas I can incorporate into the design. Hopefully, some day soon, I’ll be able to share the finished product with my readers. Thanks for more inspiration!

  2. I don’t know why I hadn’t been to the website before because I subscribe to the magazine, but I just discovered it yesterday! And then you posted about it today…funny! It does have some great inspiration. I am trying to find some vintage looking bathroom flooring and I am getting discouraged. The only thing I’ve fallen in love with so far is hexagonal carrara marble, but sadly it’s too expensive. Any suggestions?

  3. Isn’t it weird to have a window in the shower?! It definitely dates the house, before showers were in. I know my BFFs dad insisted on one of those tiny ones when they updated their bathroom- like really tiny. Apparently it’s better then the fan/vent which never work for long and get so loud after time.

  4. Oh how I love bathrooms, and newly renovated bathrooms…be still my heart. Call me strange. Thanks for sharing all this beautiful inspiration today Traci!

  5. I loved looking at these before and after pictures…it’s amazing what a little bit of elbow grease and paint can do! I think my favorite is the third bathroom featured (4th set of pics). Painting the long cabinet white is exactly what I’d love to do with my bathroom. And I love the walk-in tiled shower!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. It is so motivating to see how rejuvenating a small space can be! It makes me want to look at every corner of my house and see how to brighten it. Thanks for sharing.

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