Ballard Designs Knock-Off Planter


One of the pictures I shared last week in my post about 17 Pretty Planters Ideas was these beautiful planters from Ballard Designs.  I love these planters, except I don’t really like the scalloped edge.  Plus, I did not like the price tag!  The largest planter in the picture below sells for $149.00!!!



So I was so excited when I saw this large wood planter at Goodwill for $6.50!  I snagged it up and took it home!


It has wheels on it to make it easy to roll around.


And it is a very large planter!  Large enough to hold a small child. ;)


So I cleaned the planter and then rubbed some Liquid Deglosser all over it to get it ready to paint.  Next, I just painted the planter white (with paint I already had), except for the wood trim and wood handle.

$6.50!!!  Isn’t that great?!

I decided I wanted to add a monogram to my planter for an extra little touch.

I used a stencil that I already had, and yes, I painted it on my couch! My house is a construction zone right now, so it doesn’t really matter where I paint. :)


I used this stencil on two previous projects.  Just click on the pictures to view those posts.

Here are some pictures I took of my monogrammed planter.

I love how the monogram matches my black patio furniture.

I am so thrilled that I got the same “look” of the Ballard Design planter but for $143.00 less!

Woo to the Hoo!!

Have you found any great deals at Goodwill or yard sales lately?


  1. It turned out great! Those Ballard planters caught my eye when the last catalog came out, but you are right – it’s so hard to justify such a high price tag, especially for something that’s going to be sitting outside filled to the brim with dirt and exposed to the elements. I love that you were inspired by the look but able to acheive it for much less!

  2. That looks fabulous! I understand about painting in your livingroom we painted our kitchen cabinets in ours when we were doing a lot of work in our house.

  3. That’s looks like a reworked firkin (they don’t usually have wheels), I have a friend who collects them and has paid hundreds for some. Nice find for $6.50! :)

  4. This is just beautiful. I could just imagine Eli to have a bath brush in is hand as if he was taking on the old west shows. (Ha-Ha). Thanks for sharing.

  5. Reallly nice Traci!
    Can’t tell if you planted the fern in it or just placed the fern. Better to not plant in it and take fern or whatever out to water, let drain and then place it back. Water will rot the wood fast.
    And it’s too nice for that.

  6. I have a Goodwill Store that I could “almost” walk to. I never find anything in there. Maybe I am doing something wrong or still haven’t mastered the art of thinking outside of the box. You seem to always find something! Good for you!

  7. I recently have started going to Goodwill and yardsales. This weekend I managed to pick up a somewhat rusty pot rack and then snagged some barnwood. I am hoping to turn this into a planter for my garden. You have inspired me to continue my treasure hunting!

  8. Wow! Great makeover! I can almost always find what I’m looking for at a thrift store if I wait long enough and use my imagination. Your planter is way cuter than ballards plus you did it so much cheaper! Hmmm…. I’ll have to keep my eye open and see if I can snag an old planter!

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