Small Bathrooms with Big Style


Do you have a small bathroom in your house like I do?  When the boys finally move upstairs to their new rooms in the addition, we will have a small “guest bath” downstairs to decorate.  Sometimes it can be hard to decorate such a small space.

However, small spaces can make a BIG impact sometimes!

I found some beautiful photos of bathrooms online that I wanted to share with you.

Look at this gorgeous bathroom!  I absolutely love the way they used a split curtain to reveal the beautiful art piece inside the shower!  They also added a beautiful shot of color on the floor with a yellow and white rug.  Rugs can make a huge difference in a small space.


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Oooh, wallpaper….

Yes!  Wallpaper can make a big difference in a small space.


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The next two pictures are so bright and Springy.  Just the accessories along make these bathrooms fresh and vibrant.

small bathroom

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Changing out the shower curtains and rugs would create a totally different look.  I am currently loving this type of pedestal sink.  And adding a basket underneath creates the perfect storage for extra towels.

small bathrooms

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I also love the look of traditional wooden bathroom furniture.  This bathroom made me think of my boys.  I love the barn light and the brown door.  I’ve been thinking about having Cy make me some wooden vanities for the boys’ new bathroom.

 small bathrooms

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Here is another example of making great use of the space beneath the sink with baskets.  You can hold extra toilet paper, washcloths, or even your blow dryer there.

small bathrooms

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This bathroom is so cozy and calming.  I love the tile pattern on the floor.

Small bathrooms

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White bathroom suites can bring a small space together and make it look cohesive.   Look at this beautiful matching toilet and pedestal sink.  Isn’t that chandelier gorgeous in this small space?  Maybe you could update your bathroom with a chandelier?

Tips for small bathrooms

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Hopefully these inspiration pictures will help you find new and easy ways to update your small bathroom.

What is your favorite way to decorate a small bathroom to add BIG style?


If you missed this post, check out our small master bathroom in our previous home.  Just click on the picture to view it.

small master bath


    1. Wow! That might be the first serious comment you’ve left on my blog! :) Were you serious, or is there a hidden message? hee.hee.

      Love you!

  1. There are so many really great ideas here! Thanks, Traci. I love love love the wall paper in the 2nd picture. Hmmm. You’ve got the wheels in my head turning! And I’m always a fan of “furniture” as a vanity. Love your previous master bath!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Pretty, and pristine! But, how does one shower with a mirror on the wall without it getting completely soaked? And the chandelier bathrooms…sure it makes for a Great picture but not very practical (at least to my family), however, those bathrooms would look simply scrumptious in a magazine spread! I would be too intimidated to use the loo for fear of leaving water spots on the sink! For a middle class family like mine, beauty and practicality have to go hand in hand. So many of these bathrooms are dreamy, affordable, and practical

  3. Love looking at these bathrooms. I need to jazz mine up a bit. The wallpapered baths are so pretty but the last time I stripped paper out of a bathroom I took a solemn vow to NEVER put wallpaper in a bathroom again!!

  4. You said small bathrooms?
    I saw only one ‘smallish’ …. MY bathroom IS small… these are modest! but I do love the styles!!

  5. These are good examples of beautiful baths. Have you begun the DIY project yet? I love the clean lines in a bathroom . Subtle neutral colors against white beadboards is my favorite look in a bath.

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