Ice Cream Sandwich {Delicious Summer Dessert!}



Here is a delicious and simple summer dessert using ice cream sandwiches!

My friend, Julie, brought this to our ladies Sunday School luncheon.  I told her that it was “blogworthy” and asked if I could share it on my blog.  She said, “Of course!  But I can’t take credit for it because I got the recipe from my friend, Kristen.”

So here is a great recipe that you got from me who got it from Julie who got it from Kristen! Smileice cream sandwich

This is SO, SO simple!

All you have to do is buy the ingredients…

ice cream sandwich

  • Ice cream sandwich bars
  • Whipped topping
  • Hot fudge topping
  • Caramel topping
  • Heath Bits Topping (or the topping of your choice)

Here are the SEVEN easy steps.

Step One:  Layer the ice cream sandwich bars in a 9×12 or smaller dish.

ice cream sandwich


Step Two:  Spread a layer of fudge topping over the sandwich bars.

ice cream sandwich

Step Three:  Add another layer of ice cream sandwich bars on top of the fudge.

ice cream sandwich

Step Four:  Pour a layer of caramel topping on top of the sandwich bars.

ice cream sandwich


Step Five:  Spread a layer of whipped topping over the caramel topping.

ice cream sandwich

Step Six:  Sprinkle Heath Bits topping on the whipped cream.  {You can use oreo toppings, or butterfinger toppings, or whatever you want!}


ice cream sandwich


Place dish in freezer and let it sit for several hours.  I prefer to let mine stay in the freezer overnight before serving.


ice cream sandwich


This dessert is so easy and so delicious!  I hope you give it a try!

What is your favorite summer dessert?


  1. That looks insanely good! I am going to have to try that for my next party. Love ice cream cakes but they are too hard to make at home- this is a great alternative. Thanks!

  2. You don’t play fair! (Ha-Ha) I am a diabetic but it really looks yummy. Thanks for sharing I will pass this on to my friends. They will enjoy.

  3. My favorite Summer dessert is ANYTHING with ice cream so this dessert is PERFECT!! LOVE that its easy too :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I make a version of this…I use the all vanilla ice cream sandwiches- vanilla ice cream and vanilla “cookie” part, then my filling is caramel, instant banana pudding mix, cool whip and chopped vienna fingers cookies, layers three times and then frosted with more cool whip-yum!

  5. I got this recipe from someone at church but mine is just a tad different. In between the two layers of sandwiches instead of putting chocolate, I put a layer of coolwhip and then use the heath ice cream topping that comes in a bottle and hardens when it’s cold. It give a nice little crunch, (and I add extra heath crumbles for good measure) and then I do the same over the top layer of ice cream sandwiches. This is the perfect summertime dessert! I took it to 4th of july last year and used food coloring in the coolwhip to make it patriotic. It was the hit of the party by both kids and adults! :)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I made this last night and it was sooo easy and yummy. Shame on you Tracy!!! My husband wanted to skip dinner an go straight for the dessert when he saw what I was making. I tried to make the smallest version of it since its just the two of us. There is still some left over for today and tomorrow! It was good. Thanks for sharing!

    Marilyn C.

  7. Made this for a party we went to on Independence Day. Ever single person LOVED it!!! It was the hit of the party.

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