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Layla is having a Summer Mantel Party over at her blog, The Lettered Cottage today!

She asked me if I could like up my summer mantel to her party.  Problem is, I don’t have a mantel to decorate.  I have a fireplace, but no mantel.  It DID have a mantel, but it was barely hanging on.  Adam pulled on it one day and the whole thing came down!  Since I want to paint the fireplace sometime, I haven’t done anything with it yet.

Soooo, I told Layla that I couldn’t participate in her party.  And then she said, “Could you decorate your open kitchen shelves?”

Well, yeah, I guess I could!  Layla said her party is for any shelf, ledge, mantel, etc!

So I got together some things around my house and decorated some of my shelves!

summer decorating

When I think of summertime, I think of LEMONADE!  So I decided to create a lemonade station in the kitchen where the boys can fix themselves a refreshing cup of lemonade at anytime.

I am absolutely in love with these daisy cut mason jar lids!  I wanted to find some fancy striped straws for my pictures, but couldn’t find them in time.

kitchen 073


For the shelves, I placed a brown basket that holds cloth napkins on top, a green pitcher I got from Marshall’s a few years ago, pewter salt and pepper shakers, and a large white serving tray that was my mom’s in the background.

summer decorating

The green goblets are the ones I got from my Pier One project.  For a touch of yellow, I put some real lemons in a glass hurricane.   It’s hard to see, but I have some dainty fruit cups that were my mom’s stacked on each side of the hurricane.

summer decorating

For the “FREE Lemonade” sign, I  used a piece of our wood flooring left over from our addition and wrote on it with my Chalk Ink pen.  I also cut out a chalkboard label on my Silhouette machine and wrote “lemonade mix” on it for my glass jar.

I bought some white daisy flowers from Kroger’s for $3.99 and put them in a tin bucket.  They make this space looks so fresh and summery!  Why don’t I buy flowers more often?

I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and it definitely brightened up this side of my kitchen!

summer decorating


Now hop on over to Layla’s for more summertime inspiration!  I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Also, the winner of the $50 Home Depot Gift Card giveaway is…

Debra Cheuvront!



  1. The citris-y colors are perfect for summer. That’s another thing I love about a white kitchen and open shelves…you can get a totally new look by switching out the display colors. The pewter salt and peppers are a sweet touch. As always, I love seeing how your addition is coming together!

  2. Your open shelves are so fun, airy and great for summer! I did link up my Spring/Summer mantle at Layla’s, but like I told her, I feel kinda like the girl at the dance in an old dress, my mantle looks so dull compared to some of the inspiring ones like your open shelves! (I’ve been crazy busy outside painting the exterior of our house this summer so haven’t had the time to fuss inside for a bit.) So thanks for sharing such a pretty picture, now I’m hoping for a rain day to work on mine.!

    Little Bit

  3. When saw your first picture, Traci, I thought you had pinned a picture from Better Homes & Garden. Just beautiful – you have such a knack!!

  4. Love it! I spy more Willow House! I am a Willow House junkie just like you! Those little green bowls would look good up there too! I have a suggestion: Have Eli write the words “Free Lemonade” in his “elementary” handwriting! For some reason, I was thinking Spanky and the Gang and a lemonade stand. I don’t know if they ever did that, but I can see the word “lemonade” written in child-like letters. Can’t wait to meet you on Wednesday, Rockstar!!!

  5. The shelves look great Traci! I really love the mason jars. Where did you find the daisy cut mason jar lids? Do they come with holes for the straws? Also, where did you get a chalk pen and what brand is it? Thanks for the info!

  6. Traci, I love your blog! It is full of super creative ideas and very God centered! God bless and keep up the great work!

  7. I pinned your image earlier this morning. Love this! I saw a yellow ice bucket with a scoop hanging on the side the other day at Target. Would be a perfect addition to this cute scene. Those mason jars are just perfect!

  8. Super cute and so refreshing just to look at! Mom’s serving trey looks beautiful. Love love love it!

    Marilyn C.

  9. I love the brightness of your display. Green is my favorite color and it is the perfect pop of fun in your shelving. You’ve got me craving some fresh lemonade. So fun to be featured with you over at Layla’s! I don’t have a mantel either so I turned one of our driftwood shelves in our kitchen into a fantel. :) Looking forward to Haven! Karah

  10. This is just adorable! Do you have a link to where mason jar lids? I sooo love those!!!! Thank you for just always being so inspiring!! xoxo

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