Target Beauty with Sonia Kashuk {And a $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!!}


I was so excited when I got the chance to review Sonia Kashuk makeup from Target!

I have to be honest that I do not pamper myself with makeup very often. I keep the bare essentials in one little makeup bag in my purse at all times. So I was thrilled to be trying new makeup that is fresh and up to date with the current styles!

I received in the mail (free from Target) the Illuminating Bronzer, Satin Luxe Lip Color, Nail Colour, and Eye Quads, all by Sonia Kashuk.

I love the bronzer! Bronzers give your face that “sun-kissed” glow even when you haven’t had a chance to get out in the sun. Sonia Kashuk’s Illuminating Bronzer gives a long-lasting glow to your face and blends easily into your skin. I like to apply the bronzer to my cheekbones, nose, chin, and forehead, and very little goes a long way!

The Nail Colour came in the hottest new spring colors! Summer is the perfect time to make your tips and toes your best accessory! Sonia Kashuk’s Nail Colour is also “3-free,” which means it does not contain three of the most common toxic chemicals found in most nail polishes: Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.

I’m loving these funky-fresh colors and can’t wait to try them!


The Satin Luxe Lip Color comes in 14 vibrant colors. It feels extremely smooth when you put it on, and I noticed that the color stays on for hours. I didn’t have to keep reapplying it. It has ingredients that preserve skin elasticity, visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and protect from harmful UV rays. Gotta love that!

My favorite Sonia Kashuk product that I received was the Eye Quads. I’ve been noticing lately all the shimmering eye shadows that young ladies have been wearing and I’ve been wanting some for myself. It’s like “bling” for the eye! I only own one eye shadow product and it does not contain anything that glitters or shimmers. Now I have three wonderful Eye Quads that are absolutely beautiful.

I love how they brighten the look of my eyes. Each Eye Quad contains two neutrals and two party-ready shimmers. So I can wear the neutrals during the day and then add some shimmer to my eyes for the evening.

Now it is time to enter to win a

 $100 Target GiftCard

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Answer this question to be entered to win:

How do you transform your eye makeup to go from day to night?



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  1. Hey Traci! Oh girl, you know me. I just put it on and it lasts me all day. I don’t have any great makeup ideas but I would LOVE to win the Target giftcard. Have a great Monday!

    Love ya!

  2. I do not do anything different for day or evening eye makeup, but perhaps with these eye quads I might.

  3. It would seem from reading the comments that you have followers who think like you do. I don’t have tons of make up and no ideas for going from day to night. My day to night idea usually involves getting into my pajama pants early, as I am tired from a busy day. Haha. But it would sure be fun to try those eye quads anyhow! ;-)

  4. All of these products look amazing! I don’t wear tons of makeup, but to go from day to night, I just put on another coat of mascara and darken the eye liner a little. Thanks!!

  5. wow, it’s terrible when you’re too busy to find 10 minutes in the morning to put on make-up, but that’s true for me 6 out of 7 days a week! I’d love to give this a try though!

  6. How do I go from day to night?? Well, I suppose if I were going somewhere fancy in the evening, I’d actually put on eye make-up complete with liner and a heavy dose of mascara. But if you were to see me during the day, my eyes would be naked!!

  7. I never wear lipstick during the day so if I had to get all dolled up I would add some color to my lips for the evening :)

  8. Add me to the list of….I don’t! Unless you count scrubbing it all off when I throw my pajamas on!

  9. Great giveaway! I actually use some of that makeup and love it as well! I always add more “eyes” for nightime makeup, just a little more dramatic, maybe a little more bronzer or blush! Count me in! Thanks! Melaine

  10. I don’t use a lot of make up but for evening, an extra coat of mascara and a touch of real lipstick, and another layer of fragrance seem to work for me.

  11. I really don’t do anything different with my eye shadow when I go from day to evening. However, I do love the shimmer look. Would also love to try these lip colors and bronzer.

  12. I usually add a tone darker to my day eyeshadow for an evening looking, creating the smokey eye effect. Also, during the day I usually don’t wear mascara, as my eyelashes are full. For an evening look, I add the mascara for a more dramatic effect.

  13. I usually recurl my lashes and add more mascara for nights !
    I would love to win a gift card from Target. It is my second home!

  14. I rarely wear eye makeup during the day, so just putting on makeup is a transformation.

  15. I dont have any special treatment to make a difference…I really wish I did!

  16. I simply wear a bit more makeup at night…a tad more color to the cheeks and lips.

  17. I don’t wear much during the day (just sunscreen, undereye concealer, foundation to even out my skin tone, and chapstick), so if I’m going somewhere special or out at night, I just add blush, mascara, and maaaaybe a bit of eye liner.

  18. By the end of the day, I’ve usually rubbed it all off, so I have to start from scratch!

  19. For a day to night difference I add heavier liner and more mascara so my eyes pop! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. I don’t do much unless I’m going out- then I may brush a little powder on and touch up my eye liner and mascara. If it’s fancy, then I’ll add some eye shadow.

  21. During the day I usually wear foundation and mascara. If I’m going out with my hubby or a girl’s night, I add eye liner, blush, and accentuate my eyes with a couple of shades of eye shadow.

    Keeping my finger’s crossed, I’d LOVE to win this!

  22. Ha! The only difference in my ‘evening’ look is that I look more tired! Thanks for the chance to win though!

  23. Day to night…. I would just freshen what I have been wearing all day, maybe adding a little shimmer… Thanks for this chance, I would love to try this & after raising 3 boys we now have a teen-age girl living with us & she would LOVE, LOVE this….

  24. I’ll usually darken up my eyeshadow a bit, line my lower lashes and add some more mascara!

  25. I usually line my eyes to go for a more dramatic evening look and apply an additional coat of mascara. :-)

  26. I actually put on mascara and eye liner – but only for special events.

  27. Wow! This looks great! and love the bronzer, which i use on a daily basis for day and night looks!

  28. I would probably just put on a bolder lip color and maybe darken the eyeliner a bit…nothing too crazy. Would love to win the target gift card!

  29. During the summer I usually just wear mascara. So to go from day to night, I usually add eye shadow, some blush, and a fun lipstick. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway!!

  30. I add darker eyeshadow to the crease above my eye and a dab more concealer to my under eye shadows! Enroll me in the contest for the $100 Target giveaway please!

  31. I don’t change make up for day/night. I tend not to wear a lot of make up. A little coverup, light blush and light eye liner is about all I use.

  32. To go from day to night I just add a bit more eyeliner and mascara if needed. And I usually go with a more noticeable lip color at night too.

  33. I love doing the smoky eye look for night time…so mine would be intensifying the eye make up more to transform it from day to night!

  34. the only difference from day to night for me is to put on a little smokier eyeshadow and a little more mascara to make my eyelashes show up more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I usually put on black mascara instead of dark brown and put on a darker eyeshadow.

  36. In the morning I put on mascara….at night I take it off. What can I say? I’m just not a glittery-eyed person! :) The bronzer sounds great, though!

  37. I like to use a small smudger brush to apply black or very dark brown eye shadow on top of my daytime eyeliner to make it more blended, bold, and smoky, on top and bottom. (Plus, it covers up any mistakes I might have made when putting on my waterproof eyeliner, or a lot of the time, I just use shadow only with a tiny wet eyeliner brush–it stays put amazingly well, especially on top of eye shadow primer!) Then I love some shimmer or sparkle on the eye lid. With smoky eyes, I usually go with a shiny nude lip. I have had my eye on that eye shadow quad on the far right and it looks like it would be perfect for night!

  38. With 2 babies at home I don’t go out a lot, but would love to have a way to dress up the makeup when I do have the opportunity!

  39. Hi Traci,

    Love the make up your sharing. Would love to have the gift card of course. When I go from day to night, I just use make up remover since I rarely go out anymore. LOL

  40. I do not have anything special I do for the evening, usually just touch up what I put on in the morning. Would love to win the target gift card!

  41. For day to night, I basically just add a sweep of darker color on my eye lids, bit more blush on my cheeks, and a darker, less sheer lip color. I love makeup and experimenting with different looks!

  42. I don’t do anything different when I go from day to night. I’m in a make-up rut and I have been here for years. Please help! :)

  43. I usually just apply a little more of everything and use black mascara instead of brown and perhaps a bolder lip colour. i like bronzer and have been using a pricey mineral product so I’ll have to give this a try. I’m especially interested in the lipsticks as I find that’s the hardest thing to get right…usually just when you find the right colour in with the right feel, they discontinue it. It’s hard to stay ahead! Thanks for the post.

  44. I usually do nothing. But, if I did have special night plans I would just darken what I had already done to my eyes.

  45. Usually day to night for me involves simply applying make-up. I guess I would just add a few more coats of mascara.

  46. free makeup – how fun! I don’t put make up on usually when I go to work – I sit in a “cubby” behind a computer (ironic, cuz I work for a wig importer business) but when I do I love eyeliner, lots of mascara for my very blond eyelashes and blush! Thanks so much for the giveawy

  47. I wear (full) makeup every day to the office. If I want to glam it up for evening, I usually just go darker and more dramatic. Neutral eyes = colorful lips. Colorful eyes = neutral lips.

  48. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but use maybe a little more mascara, some darker shadows to go from day to night!

  49. I have graduated to wearing a light layer of foundation every day to protect from the sun. I also wear eyeliner, mascara and blush. I apply in the morning and usually don’t retouch during the day, unless we are going out that evening. Oh–I forgot the conceiler! For me that’s the most important part, to hopefully minimize my dark circles. I’ve never been good at eyeshadow :).

  50. For evening I just darken my eye liner and wear a brighter lipstick!

  51. For evening, I use a darker eyeshadow and lots of mascara. You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye!!!

  52. I line the inner rims of my eyes and darken my shadow just a bit if Im going out with my love! LOVE Sonia Kashuk!!

  53. I always wear mascara during the day and if I am going out in the evening I will wear eye shadows- shades of brown tend to look good for me.

  54. I use more eye makeup for night and sometimes wear my lips a bit darker. I would love to win!

  55. I usually put a little darker shadow on my eyes and refresh my mascara and call it “good enough” :)

  56. I just add a dark shadow at the ends of my lower lash, add some bronzer and a dark lip stain….all set.

  57. To go from day to night….I put on eye shadow! LOL yes, I don’t wear it during the day. Too lazy I guess.

  58. I dont really know how to transform from day to night,, other than If I happen to be going out I may just go a little heavier with it and add some eyeliner. But for the most part what works in the daytime works at night for m.e Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. I don’t! How lame is that! I just freshen up what I’m already wearing.

  60. How awesome that some of the products are free of the crazy chemicals. I am not much of a makeup wearer, but its mostly because I seem to think I have more important things to spend money on. :)

  61. For daytime use only mascara and for nighttime add eyeliner and eyeshadow for a more dramatic look.

  62. If I change anything I freshen my eyeliner and darken my shadow a bit. I may add a little more mascara if I think I need it. That;s about it. I love Target! Great giveaway!

  63. A night on the town means darker eyeliner and an extra coat of mascara for me, but those eye shadow quads look fun! I’m going to have to check them out on my next Target run.

  64. From day to night, I just add make-ip because I don’t wear it during the day.

  65. I`m like you Traci…. I don`t pamper myself nearly enough, as (like you, again) we are in the middle of renos and have two sweet little ones. But would LOVE to win the Target gift card to pamper myself with the latest!

  66. Back in the day of having two distinct lifestyles” i would have answered the question quite differently. Seeing now that i no longer am Professionally employed/attired, unless heading out in public, i wear nothing at home except a freshly cleaned and moisturized face.
    If working outdoors at home..SUNSCREEN a MUST!
    but for a dinner out with family..just basic makeup,liner, mascara, and lipstick..
    will definitely check out the line at Target!
    With this upcoming move..I really could use that gift card!!

  67. I transform my eye makeup from day to night by adding eyeliner to my bottom lashes. I also put mascara on m bottom lashes as well. If I’m feeling fancy I might even do falsies!

  68. I usually just wear mascara during the day. For the very rare, but much needed date with my hubby, I add some brown liquid eyeliner to my upper lid. Sometimes, I will even do a smokey eyeshadow. Then, I am ready to hit the town.

  69. My night time look is to add a little makeup. Usually I wear very little during the day.

  70. I too wear very little makeup – usually eyeliner and mascara. If I am going out somewhere special I will use (very sparingly) a little shimmer eye makeup just across the lid of my eye. I have heard fabulous things about Sonia Kashuk products and I would love to win so I can try them. Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  71. My day-to-night trick is dipping my eye shadow brushes in water to make the colors apper darker. I even substitute this for eyeliner since it makes a more dramatic and thicker line without being too harsh. Then I just layer a bit more of everything else on top of what I already had on for the day and I’m ready to go. But who am I kidding…still have to wait on the sitter to arrive and the hubs to get home. ha.

  72. The only thing I might do for a “night” look is more mascara and eyeshadow. I just learned about the Sonia Kashuk makeup here for the first time. Sounds like something I might need to try out!

  73. I wear very little make-up on a daily basis: Bare Essentials powder, mascara, and brown eye-liner under my bottom lashes. To go from that to night usually means swiping on some sparkly brown shadow on my eyelids and lining with Benefit’s Bad Gal eyeliner and putting on lipstick instead of Burts Bees! LOL!!!

  74. I just add liner to the bottoms of my eyes ( during the day I only line the lid ) and smear it to make a smokey eye and of course reapply the shadow, mascara etc.

  75. I don’t change my make up at night. I end up taking it off and relaxing at home. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  76. I rarely manage to get makeup on my face, so just getting it on in the evening is an improvement!

  77. I refresh my eye make-up from my morning application by adding more shades/layers of shadow and giving my mascara a fresh coat. I also make sure my under eye dark circles have some additional concealer added. Of course if I’m staying home for the evening, I usually wash and moisturize my face and relax for the evening!

  78. I add a little eye liner and some more mascara…I’m not a big make-up girl…as a working mom its a quick 5 minute process!

  79. i do a heavier eyelid with glitter and sparkle, and a darker color, then i put liner under my eyes with falsh lashes…

    and a brighter lipstick..

    oh and a nice bright blush!:)

  80. I add more eyeliner and eyeshadow for night. Although most nights these days are makeup free, nursing a baby!!

  81. I don’t do anything different. I’ll usually look at myself and see if I have any left from the morning and just put more on if it’s worn off.

  82. I don’t generally wear eye makeup during the day, so that’s my night-time/big event modification.

  83. I’m a pretty new follower of your blog but have spent time looking through archives and love the things you have done to beautify your surroundings! I share your creative interests for creating beauty through home improvements.. It is good for us to remember that we can be refreshed and updated by some new personal “makeover” effort as well. Fun to read about the make-up and have the opportunity to win a gift card! Thanks for sharing!

  84. To go from day to night, I reapply my blush and mascara. Tend to go a little more dramatic on the eye, with a darker color and accenting more around the eye.

  85. I don’t use any make up during the day, but like to apply some mascara and eye shadow at night

  86. I wear mascera all of the time – but to go out at night, i usually add eye liner and eye shadow

  87. I don’t actually change my makeup for day to night. It’s always the same. If I’m going to a special event I’ll change things up though.

  88. I stick to neutral colors during the day then add a darker crease and a shimmer overlay for night.

  89. I love Target and could really put a $100 gift card to good use!


  90. I usually just add a little more eye liner and touch up my eyeshadow…make it a little more “smoky” looking.

  91. i just add the more of the same daytime colors to freshen up and darken my look for a date night with the hubster. I usually only wera a little mascara, liner and gloss with an SPF moisturizer. Most of my makeup fits in a small bag in my purse too.

  92. “if” I go out, its just darkening the eyeliner…thats as good as it gets!

  93. for an evening out on the town I make my eyeliner a bit more dramatic and use more shadow. normally I use a shadow that is flesh colored and a bit darker in the crease…for a night out, I’d apply shadow that actually looks like I’m wearing it.

  94. If I am going out in the evening after a long day, I will usually refresh my powder, blush. For my eye makeup, I will add a bit deeper color of shadow of what Im already wearing, freshen up my liner and mascara. Thats about it. Nothing to dramatic. I like a natural look day or night.

  95. ——————————- To transition my makeup from day to night, I smoke out my crease, add lashes & rock a bold lip color. :)

  96. Usually I just add mascara for night time and foundation and blush during the day so I could use some help !!!

  97. I’m like you and don’t wear alot of makeup. Maybe mascara and lipgloss if I’m lucky. Just busy with kids, etc. I don’t take the time. I’d love to try these products and would love a gift card.

  98. I will freshen up my mascara and eyeliner….but, it would be fun to practice with the shimmery stuff!

  99. Daytime is just foundation, blush, lip gloss and mascara. In the evening I add eyeliner, shadow and lipstick.

  100. I create a more dramatic look by being more generous with my eye liner and extra mascara
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  101. While I love living in the south & hope I’m here to stay…the northern girl shines bright and I am a no fuss kind of gal when it comes to make-up. I may just freshen up a bit or maybe just make sure to wipe below my eyes for any traces of mascara that may have bled from the day :)

  102. Would love to win the Target gift card! With five daughters, someone is always wanting to go to Target for makeup and such. Sure would be nice to get some of those new eye shadows!

  103. I have no plan whatsoever for daytime to nighttime. I pretty much look the same all the time.

  104. Honestly.. I have no idea…I have never worn a lot of makeup. I have to learn though because I am getting married in September. Thank you so much for this opportunity! This gift card would truly help me!!

  105. To transform my eye makeup to go from day to night, I usually add some glitter or shimmery color to my shadows. Or add a deeper/darker color above my eye liner.
    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  106. Since I rarely wear eye make-up during the day my change is actually putting make-up on at all. 8) If I go out will wear eyeshadow, eyeliner on upper lid, eyelash primer and mascara on upper lashes only.

  107. To be honest I don’t do anything different from day to night. I do touch ups if needed but I’m a pretty simple and basic kind of gal. I do wear foundations, eye liner, mascara and eye shadow often.

  108. 1. oil absorbent tissues
    2. freshen up makeup with a little drama added
    3. add sparkle

  109. I could use some new make up for sure. I am also a one bag girl which usually gets left in the car since the car mirror serves as my makeup mirror!!! But the heat eventually gets to the mascara and it is certainly time for some new. A gift card to Target would be a great start!!!

  110. I could use some new make up. I usually use very little, but this would help switch things up. I don’t do much different for night, but with some new make up I would!

  111. I’m a makeup addict! For a night out (a rare event) I add a little more of everything!

  112. I use natural colors (browns and beiges) during the day and for night I add some darker colors to make a smokey effect. I also add more mascara.
    Thanks so much.

  113. I’m with Joanna – darker/bolder is what I do. More mascara than daytime.

  114. To go from day to night, I try and add a little shimmer and a little darker eyeliner. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  115. I darken my eyeshadow for a smokey look for evening. Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. I usually just add a darker color eyeshadow and a little extra mascara just to deepen the colors. Great giveaway!

  117. I usually just freshen up what I put on in the morning: eye liner, shadow, mascara and blush. Maybe making the shadow a tad darker. I use over the counter products so a Target gift card would certainly help restock my supply!

  118. I usually just add more mascara, would love to win this, I have used her makeup before and I really like it!!!

  119. i wear mostly beiges on my eyes, but for night I’ll add some shades of purples. I love the way the purple goes with my green eyes, and it has the same affect a dark brown would have but is different and fun.

  120. I transform my makeup to night by applying false lashes, more mascara, and using a deeper shadow in the crease.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  121. I normally go a little heavier with my eye makeup at night but it depends on the occasion. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Sonia Kashuk line & I’d love to try it!

  122. I don’t wear much makeup, so transforming from day to night means going from nothing to adding a little bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner and/or mascara.

  123. Day to night make-up? My supplies consist of eyeliner, blush and lipstick…usually only one of each to choose from….sad. Actually, the reason for so little is that I’ve never learned or been taught how to really do make-up! Would be nice to experiment and learn!

  124. I wear light makeup during the day so at night I would apply darker eyeliner and smoky type shadow. Love your blog.

  125. I wish I had a great answer to the makeup question .. but really I just try to add a little shimmer coat or a darker color to the crease. Thanks for the great give-away!!! Your blog is awesome, Traci!!

  126. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of make-up tips, but sometimes I will add a little shimmer or a darker color in the crease of my eyelid. Thanks for the great giveaway! You have an awesome blog, Traci!

  127. I usually add some eye shadow and maybe a little extra eye pencil and mascara. I’m pretty low-maintenance! :)

  128. I usually transform my look for night by actually putting on makeup…. :-) But if I already had it on, I just touch it up because makeup has a tendency to “melt” on me.

  129. OH how I would LOVE to win this. VERY little eye makeup on during the day since I am a nurse…and not much for night time! Sometimes less is more!!

  130. Usually during the day I only wear mascara. At night if I’m going out or attending a special event I like to go all out glam with my eye make up. I like a brown smokey eye with a little hint of gold shadow in the corners of my eyes to make them pop.

  131. I don’t generally wear much makeup so adding any would certainly bump things from day to evening. I’d add mascara and a bit of shadow and be done (minimalist to be sure)

  132. I only wear eyeliner at night, then I add a sweep of shimmery light eyeshadow.

  133. Hmmm… I wish I had some great makeup tips. I am usually looking for great tips from others!! I am a mascara and lip gloss girl most of the time. If I am going out at night I like to “glam it up” a little with liner and smoky shadow. Love this giveaway!!

  134. I add a little gold eyeshadow, bronze liner and some lipstick or gloss…Simple, but it works!

  135. I am really thinking about that bronzer. My favorite Bobbi Brown blush has been discontinued. I think that this conundrum only happens to me! I might just hit Target today! And Traci, one eye shadow, really? I glad that Target has fixed that! I hope you make yourself a “makeup drawer” in your new bathroom. That is what I did and everything that may go on my face sits in there. Never out in the light. Lotions and potions go in another cabinet.

  136. I don’t do anything different with my eye make-up to go from day to night. I wear shadow, eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis. I would love to try the lip color. I do not wear it daily but do wear it if I go out at night. I like that it stays on for hours…that is a great bonus.

  137. A TARGET giftcard! What a great give away. I love going to Target, I spend hours there. The closest one for me is an hour drive. I would love to win the gift card and be able to take my time to look through everything. Love your blog!

  138. Dont really wear make up during the day so going from day to night means adding dark eyeliner, mascara, and some glittery shadow

  139. I am way too simple with makeup, my daytime look has no eyeliner and my nighttime look has eyeliner. Not a big change, but I need help in the makeup department. :)

  140. That bronzer looks great! I don’t really change my makeup much from day to night, I like to keep it pretty simple!

  141. To transfer my make up from day to night, I usually put on a darker shad of lipstick and a little more blush!

  142. I would love to try out some new make. I usually just put my regular make-up on a little darker for a night out.

  143. I guess I don’t do too much different for night–maybe more emphasis on my eye makeup is probably as much as I would do. Thanks!!

  144. Thank you for a chance to win the gift card!
    My change from day to evening is just to add a bit of glimmer. Since I am old(er), I try to use matte eyemakeup for day, so if I have to keep on going into evening, I just smudge on a dab of colored eye shadow that has a bit of glimmer!

  145. To go from day to night I just refresh my daytime makeup unless it’s a really dressy occassion. Then, I add eyeshadow to compliment my outfit. Would love to win the Target Gift Card. It would be a great help with the expenses of a teenage daughter who loves experimenting with all kinds of makeup!

  146. I create a contrast between the inner and outer corners of my eyes by brightly illuminating the inner, and deepening the contrasting out v and crease. I also smudge more black liner into my lashes.

  147. 1. Black eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes and then squeeze them shut 3-4 times.
    2. Recurl lashes and add 2 good coats of black mascara
    3. Tap a nude gloss on your lippies
    Instant evening drama and it only requires 3 products!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  148. I use darker eyeshadows at night for a more dramatic look and neutrals during the day

  149. I don’t really have a day to night look, my make-up is pretty much the same for either.

  150. I love to you use a deeper eyes shadow with some shimmer to go from day to night. Thanks for the chance to win!

  151. I usually add some darker shadow to the outer corner of my eyes, touch up my liner, and add some mascara. Oh I have to touch up my under eye concealer too!!

  152. I use highlighter under the brows, a little color on the lids, darker eyeliner, and lOTS of mascara.

    Thanks for the opportunity in your give-away!

  153. By the time night time comes around I am ready to scrub my ace and start with fresh makeup. But I choose a darker shade of eye shadow.
    sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

  154. I generally go a bit darker/sparklier and use darker colors to line upper and lower lashes with for a night-time look.

  155. During the day I use soft colors, at night heavy eyeliner with brighter colors
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  156. I usually wear mascara and eyeliner during the day, add glittered eye shadow at night.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  157. I usually add some dark eyeliner to my upper lids and use a lengthening mascara. I love the glittery eyeshadow look but haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.

  158. I apply a smoky eyeshadow to the corners of my eyelids and a lengthening mascara in very black.

  159. I don’t use eyeliner during the day but only at night. Everything else is worn day and night.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  160. I usually have fairly light eye makeup during the day and usually go mascara free, but if I’m going out in the evening, I’ll usually touch up my eyes by adding some darker color to it, then add some shimmer to my brow bone and add masacara to complete the look.

  161. For day I use make up and liner some gloss and for the evening I add some smoky shadow, would love to win could use a little pampering

  162. I’ve had my eye on that Sonia Kashuk makeup in Target and would love to try it! To take my eye makeup from day to evening, I like to add some white shimmer to the inner corner of my eye and hit the top of my cheekbones with it too. I also thicken the eyeliner a bit for evening.

    sharon @ mrs. hines class

  163. I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but daily eye shadow is a light brown and then I usually darken it up with a deep purple if we are going on a fancy night out:) Can’t wait to try some of the makeup you shared!

  164. I don’t actually wear eye shadow. Just mascara and concealer all around the eye.

  165. I make it darker by using more black/brown tones and a more vibrant blush!

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  166. I’ll darken my eyeliner, add another coat of mascara & darken the crease/outer V a bit. I’ll also add a bit of gloss on my lips. Bit that’s about it! Those SK lip colors look great!

  167. I don’t go out much at night with three kids, but when I do, it’s liquid eyeliner for me. Love it!

  168. For night, I would go more heavy on my mascara, whip out the lash curler, and use some eye shadow for a more dramatic look. My usual routine is only mascara, lip gloss, and blush.

  169. I add a darker color shadow in the corners of my eyes, and add liner. Ups the va-voom factor!

  170. tweet-

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  171. To take my eye makeup to night-time I add mascara and liner.

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  172. At night I change up my eye makeup but using the darker or more defined eye colors from HIP. It’s just enough!

  173. To transform my makeup from day to night, I freshen up my eyeshadow, add a little bit more shimmer, and top it off with liquid liner. The liquid liner really makes my eyes pop!

  174. For day to night, I would thicken my eyeliner, add another coat of mascara, and put on a a darker lip color!

  175. I throw off my work out clothes put on pants that snap at the waist line and add make up

  176. To go from day to night I will apply a little darker eye shadow, more eyeliner, and a touch more mascara.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  177. I use a shimmery neutral shadow during the day and just add dark brown on the outer corners to make it smokey for night time :)

  178. i do light colors during the day and apply darker shadow to the crease and darker lipstick to go from day to night.

  179. I don’t really wear much makeup during the day but at night it’s smokey eyeshadow.

  180. To go from day to night, I apply shimmery eye shadows. I add jet black gel eyeliner and false corner eyelashes with mascara.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  181. I don’t change much from day to night makeup. Maybe a little darker lip with a darker eye shadow, but that’s about it.

  182. Sadly, actually putting makeup ON at night is my big change. Life is a bit too crazy during the day, but for date night, bring on the mascara and eyeliner!

  183. I go darker on the eye liner and add a little bit of black eye shadow to the mix!

  184. I use a little more eye shadow at night, and I go for a more natural look in the day.

  185. By day i only use an eyebrow pencil (since mine are invisible) and a touch of mascara. At night I add eyeshadow.

  186. By transforming my look from day to night, I add a bit of MACs mulch to my eyelid and add a tons more mascara! Works every time, and gives you an amazing smokey eye!

  187. I always wear eyeliner and mascara. In the summer I use a tinted moisturizer and primer. In the winter I will use foundation , blush

  188. I don’t normally wear makeup, so if it’s a special event, then I use some eyeshadow, mascara, blush and some lipstick

  189. I wear eye shadow, darker than i would in the day and put on lipstick instead of lip gloss.

  190. I usually don’t wear eye makeup in the day, so I would put some on for the evening. Thanks!!

  191. I wear a darker eyeliner and use bolder colors in the evening than I do during the day.

  192. I keep my day makeup lighter and more natural. I add darker eyeliner and more mascara for a night look.

  193. Since I don’t wear eye makeup (or any makeup for that matter) ever, this is not an issue I have personally dealt with. I hope that is OK!! Sorry!

  194. I don’t really wear a lot of makeup so I don’t really change anything from what I do during the day to the night.

  195. I am SO not good with makeup i usually end up with the same stuff on day or night!

  196. I only wear eye shadow about twice a year when I perform with my chorus and I like a bit of sparkle.
    Thanks for the contest.

  197. In the daytime, I ususally just apply a little eyeliner, and sometimes a light coat of mascara. If I go out at night, I will apply a heavier coat of mascara.

  198. I don’t wear eye makeup usually, for parties I wear a peachy color. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

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