Favorite “Pin” Friday!


Happy Friday, folks!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!

We are getting some cooler temps here in Ky, and it feels wonderful.  Especially since we have no air conditioner.  Did I tell, y’all that?  Yep. We have had no air conditioner for several weeks!  When the temps got into the 90’s over the Memorial Day weekend, you could say we were sweating bullets.  My dad and Janet brought a bunch of fans over to help us out, and we were so thankful.

I will never take our air conditioner for granted again. Smile


Anywhooo…I found a great pin on Pinterest this week.

Love this porch


This picture was on the cover of one of Country Living’s magazine, and I have always loved it.

It makes me happy.

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this picture…greens, whites, browns, and reds.

This is a porch that I could sit on for hours!  Did you notice that that little couch is a swing?  Oh my!

I like how they used stripes, solids, checks, and flowers in all of their fabrics.

That lemonade on that little tray is calling my name.  Smile

This is another picture in which I don’t really think I would change a thing!


What do you like or dislike about this pin?


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Have a great weekend!


  1. I can’t imagine being without ac! I always tell my husband that God knew what he was doing putting me on earth after the invention of ac, cuz I hate the heat and humidity! Oh, and I like your favorite pin. Just looks like a great place to sit and have a glass of lemonade!

  2. I love this pin too! The thick pad on the sofa swing really makes it stand out. Some nice fabric, pillows and a rug looks like a million dollars. Next sofa I get rid of, I’m going to keep the cushions. Thanks for sharing. Lots of ideas here.

  3. Dude, we try to get by with our fans until we can’t stand the heat and then turno n the a/c. that outdoor space is wonderful, I love it!

  4. Cooler temps here in Ga. after a week with temps in the upper 90’s….felt downright cold this morning on our porch! Love that porch in the photo above…had it saved years ago (along with the rest of her house.) What do I like about it…the big checks, that little red table, those pillows with the red in them, the contrast of the brown with the red….oh and the shutters. Did I miss anything.
    Hoping for cool temps and nice breezes for you.

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