Tile For Our Master Shower


Hey Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

The boys had their piano recital on Saturday, and I was so proud of them.  I might share the video on my facebook page sometime.

Vacation Bible School started at our church last night too!  Cy and I are teaching Eli’s class (4’s & 5’s), and they are so stinkin’ adorable. Although it can be exhausting, it is sooo worth it.


Well, Cy has been making some progress in our master bathroom.  I quickly wanted to give you an update and share with you some inspiration pictures.

First, he put the rubber lining in the shower pan.

shower 002

Then he centered the drain and covered the walls with 1/2 inch Hardi Backer Board.

The tile will go on top of the backer board.

shower 005

Next, he installed a light/fan and covered the ceiling with Green Board which is mold and mildew resistant.  Then just like regular drywall, he covered the seams and nail holes.

We picked up a shower box from the Tile Shop for our shampoos and such.

shower 048

Then Cy hand poured the floor.  He taped off the walls with black tape so he could see exactly how far up the wall the mud needed to go.  He also had to make sure that the floor sloped slightly down toward the drain to make sure the shower water would drain properly.


shower 050

And that’s where we are for now!

Next, we are going to start tiling the walls and floor!  FUN!!

I get to help with this part. Smile


We will be covering the walls with white subway tile.  It’s such a classic look that I know we will love it for a long time.


Here are some inspiration pictures from my Bathroom Board on Pinterest to show you the look we are going for.

Subway tile shower


basketweave floor, subway tile shower surround


Glass-walled shower, skylight, subway tile...


Light and Bright Walk-In Shower.  White subway tile and bench.



If you have any questions about our

shower, or anything else we are doing


in our addition, feel free to ask!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Can’t wait to see the final shower!! It will be beautiful, and bedroom, and boy’s rooms, and just the whole darned addition!

    Oh, and Cy, that is NOT a good look for you!!! I thought I was at the Walmart site there for a minute! LOL

  2. I am loving all of those bathroom inspiration photos. There is nothing better than a nice bright white bathroom- classic and updated at the same time. Good luck!

  3. The white tiles are beautiful. I realize the tiles will need to be scrubbed but, I am wondering how to keep the grout lines clean? ?????

    I have never had a tiled shower just fiberglass which accumulates soap scum and must be scrubbed regularly with Barkeepers Friend or Bon-Ami. (I don’t use Scrub-Free due to concerns about the fumes).

  4. Y’all (or should I say Cy at this point?) are making such good progress. You are lucky he is so knowledgable in doing this! Saw that top photo on your pins this morning. Boy that is a beautiful bathroom! I know yours will be too.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Tracy, We have just finished having three bathrooms done so I’m re-living it through yours. Can’t wait to see the finish. Love your blog.

  6. Your home is going to be so lovely! I’m happy for you and your family and I love seeing all the progress. Thanks for sharing,

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