Favorite “PINS” Friday!



Hey All!

I hope you had a great week!  Jonathan turned 13 this week, so I am officially the mother of a teenager!  Eeek!

We also had fun celebrating the 4th of July!  I love that holiday!


I love Jen’s, from Tatertots and Jello, Family Gallery Wall!

Family Gallery Wall

She’s shows you how she made it and how she hung the pictures.  Great job, Jen!


I LOVE the monogram on this front door!  That is stinkin’ adorable!  Wouldn’t that be great at Christmastime?

front door


Can I get an “AMEN” to this pin?!

What I love Most SLAT SIGN CUSTOM Distressed by WeHaveAGreatNotion


I love the red, white, and blue color palette with the warm wood tones.  Cozy!



This next pin made me say, “Are you kiddin’ me?!!!”  Thanks, but no thanks.

If I had this room in my house, it wouldn’t be white.  It would have red blood stains on it, and we would be taking many trips to the emergency room.  I’m all about playing, but my boys do this type of playing OUTSIDE!!

The girls would love it


This pin struck me as soon as I read it because it made me think of Mom.  It reminded me of the true value of the moments I had with her.

7 - Quote: Sometimes



I would love to have a place like this in my house where the boys could wash the mud off their shoes.



And lastly, this pin would be such an awesome place for guests to stay.  What a great use for a small, narrow space.




I pray you have a blessed day!

I may try to find some yard sales and take the boys with me. Smile


What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I look forward to your pin Fridays! We seem to be inspired by the same style. In fact, We did just hang outdoor swings in both the kids rooms from the beams of the cabin.
    Ha! I figured we have the exposed beams might as well use them!

  2. i have to say i love the pic with the swings in the house. since i live in such a hot state, that would be a perfect afternoon activity for the kids as it is too hot to be outside during the day here! not sure that i’d be brave enough to do this in my house though.

  3. I still have that old Domino magazine with the swings photo shoot! Did you notice that it’s girls playing…the family only has girls so maybe ithere’s less blood. You should check out the rest of the article. Their house is so beautiful and different. They are French and have filled their home with all sorts of cool architectural finds from the French Flea markets as well as charming American vintage finds. The Masterbedroom is a lesson in serene simplicity.
    Your other pics are awesome, as usual.

  4. Love the pins. Im a bit addicted to pinterest! Such inspiration.

    I also am a play outside person. Hubby wasnt so much, was one thing he HAD to give in to. Especially the whole jumping on the bed deal. Never let the kids jump on the beds, he thought it was fun. ARGH……trampoline is bought lol

  5. that mudroom made me think. i have a plan. i kinda stole it from my mother in law. someday i want a bathroom that is stainless steel: floor to ceiling. and stalls. bathroom and shower. -two each. so that i can just tell two boys to go potty and two boys to shower and then switch. these are the things i think about in my spare time. –that, and when will be the next time i can sit down. ;)
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i appreciate the company :)

  6. Just rereading some old posts Traci… and have to tell you the same old thing again— I love your blog! I have to make that sign for our home “the thing I love most about my home…. .”. Love it!! Had to chuckle at the swings…. I agree- those are in our backyard hahah!

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