Bathroom Sneak Peeks!


Girlfriends, here is the honest truth…

I have been so stinkin’ busy working on my bathroom, that I haven’t had much time to

The other night, I spent a couple hours tiling our shower.  I LOVED doing it.  There is something so therapeutic about it.


Cy finished grouting the tile.

bathroom 012

I will give the details about all the supplies we used in a later post.  Smile

bathroom 011


Cy also finished putting up the crown molding in the bathroom.  I filled in the nail holes and painted it. 

bathroom 046

He’s also framed up the doorways, and they look sooooooo good!

I did one more thing that I am absolutely head over heals, crazy excited, smack-your-granny-happy about!

Here’s a clue!

bathroom 065

It is one of the most favorite things I have done since blogging.  No lie!

I cannot wait to show you the whole thing in all its raging beauty!

But for now, I gots-ta-go!

I’ve got more painting to do. Smile



I hope you are having a GREAT day!!!!



  1. You are a hoot!!! Can’t say that enough! and I know what you painted and I’ve been waiting SOOOOO long for the reveal!! I have the same exact one and can’t wait much longer tho so hurry!!!!! (I need to see what mine will look like when I’m done with it) ha!

    Everything is coming together just as you and Cy have planned. Loving everything you’re doing. I would love to transform my home into what you are doing with yours, but I don’t think you and Cy are available (ya’ll live too far)!!

    Anyway … thanks as always for sharing!!

  2. Your bathroom is looking great!! We have spent the last week finshing our bathroom too! I found an old dresser last summer at a yard sale and painted it and we installed it as our vanity this weekend. I love the way an old piece of furniture makes such a statement in the bathroom and cost SO much less. I am so excited to see your final reveal!!!!!!

  3. I so so so love tiling too! I thought I was the only one. It’s one of those things you mostly hear lots of complaints about. Did you use the little spacers? Oh, I love those little spacers.

    And one more thing…. smack-your-granny-happy? Please tell me that’s just a Southern figure of speech that I haven’t heard yet. :)

  4. LOL T the smack your granny comment. Never heard that
    one before.
    Loving the tile and the crown molding. Looking forward to the big
    reveal. I know you ad Cy are just looking forward to actually
    being able to use the bathroom. : )
    Thanks for taking us all on the bathroom journey with you.
    I have enjoyed seeing the process and the fabulous finds and deals
    you and Cy have found.

  5. AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see more pictures! Your bedroom and bath are going to be so beautiful. So happy for the progress you guys are making…..and I think know what you have painted!! Pretty soon you’ll be able to relax in that bedroom!!

  6. Hey Traci! You cannot leave us in suspense like this… haha! Just love your enthusiasm. It was good to see u tiling… makes me want to get my work clothes on and start working (instead of just finding updates and project for my wonderful DIY husband). My husband often bugs me and says “your friend Traci would do it herself” or better yet…. when he needs my help he calls “Traci, come help me” lol! You’re an inspiration Traci— and NOT just for this DIY stuff!!

  7. Your tile is looking great; I especially love your choice of the darker grout. You’ll be happy you went that route.
    I am wondering…is that the shower that got the beautiful hezagonal tile? If so, that is going to look grand.

  8. You are so talented!!! Can’t wait to see your bathroom completed. I do have a question, when you have the time, could you tell me how you finished the cabinet? Love the look!!

  9. I really love how your bathroom is coming along. My husband and I are trying to put up crown molding in my new sewing room. It is not easy. Any suggestions and helpful hints. Thanks, Tina

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