It would bless my heart if…


It would bless my heart, and I pray it would bless yours, if you would read the post my sister wrote on her blog today.

It’s about my mom, my son, and unanswered prayers.


Click the link below to read it and hear my boy sing.

When Healing Doesn’t Come


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I just can’t even pretend. Every time I read your posts on faith, I keep looking back at my life….the typical, “I wish I knew then what I know now”. I didn’t find a strong faith until later in my marriage. My husband, though he has some faith, isn’t strong in it. It’s so difficult, especially now that our boys are grown, to try and capture, and bring into my family, the faith I see in yours. I cry every time I read your posts like this. I so wish I could redo some of my choices. I wish I would have understood then what an important part faith plays in our lives. It’s difficult to be in a marriage where faith isn’t felt, or displayed, equally. If that makes any sense…LOL. But God IS good and I have to believe that I one day my boys will feel as strongly in faith as I do. God Bless you and yours!! xoxo

  2. I read it this morning before heading out to church. Your family has such a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I am LIFTED. I make no secret about how much your posts on faith mean to me… So I’ll just say thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful young man :)

  4. Hi Traci.. I have been following your blog for quite some time… and I just had to tell you how much I enjoy listening to Jonathan’s singing. He has an amazing voice – what an incredible gift God has given to him! It is rare for a hearing impaired person to be able to sing as good as Jonathan because of the speech impairment – I know since I also have a severe hearing loss as well. I’m so glad that Jonathan is using his gift of singing – he will surely go far. I can only imagine how proud you are of him and it must bring you great joy to hear him sing so well. Keep up the great work on your blog… I love hearing and seeing how your new home is turning out… you and Cy are doing an awesome job!

  5. I have said this before, but I am such a Jonathan fan! I adore his voice, but it is his spirit that brings me to tears every time he sings. For everything God takes away, He blesses another area. Jonathan continues to bless so many and I am so excited to see how far this takes him.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Your sister is almost as great as you are. You know how my husband and I love to hear Jonathan sing. Can’t wait to hear the songs he sang on Saturday night.

    You and your sister are a true testament to your Mother. I am sure she is in heaven continue her guidance for all of you. You have so much to share to others and we are blessed to receive those many blessings. A big hug and prayers go right back to you and your beautiful family.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. Jonathan has a gift. I love how he puts everything he has into his music. My favorite song! He really sang his heart out. May the Lord continue to bless him and your special family…love your blog!

  8. I was so touched by your nephew’s message through his beautiful voice. What a gift GOD has given him.

  9. Tears rolled down my face as I listened to your son sing that song. What an amazing voice
    Your son has. What a gift, and I know your Mother is looking down from heaven with great joy in her heart.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. I too cried reading it and hearing it beautiful. Also couldn’t help but notice Jonathan’s confidence and ease with himself that is really a gift Especially For teenagers I predict that boy will go far in life. Thank you for reminding us to remember God knows better than we do what we need.

  11. That made me cry. I was born severely and profoundly deaf and and met relatives that were deeply religious who told me either my folks sinned or I sinned. It angered me. Not long after I became a believer, I ran across John 9 which eased the pain in my heart. God can use anyone to glorify Him.

  12. So amazing!! Every time I hear that voice, I can’t believe it is coming from your sweet Jonathan! I’m loving following your blog – and along in your lives – even though I don’t get to see you guys anymore. Tell Jonathan I said hi and to keep up the good work!!! – Amy Oliver

  13. Traci, what a gift he is. Such a beautiful voice. How wonderful that he is willing to use it for God’s glory.

  14. Oh Traci, I follow your sis & I read the post yesterday….. It made me weep like a baby. Jonathon is such a special guy and I know your momma is proud.

  15. God knows no boundaries and His love is shown through such struggles! What a blessing to have children who love the Lord! :) I love how your Mom wrote prayers on her Bible, so awesome!!

  16. Traci, I have been following your blog since 2010 (or maybe since 2009) and loving it. I think about starting my own but so far I haven’t. Right now I am all choked up reading your sisters blog and listening to your son sing. I will be sharing your sisters post on Jonathan with my husband. He isn’t in to the blog thing but I had him listen when Jonathan was in the compeition and he was rooting for him. Just wanted to say keep up the great work on your house I love reading all about it but more importantly you and your husband are doing even better work on your family!! God bless all of you,

  17. Tracy, my daughter is also hard of hearing. She is 6 and her hearing loss is a result of chemo that she had to kill the cancer that was growing inside her. We prayed (as did many others) that the Lord would heal our Maggie and HE DID! She is cancer free but we are stilling reeling from the effects the chemo on her ears and other parts of her body. She has a severe ski slope where it quickly drops to profound.

    Her hearing keeps “dropping” and I believe that God has a different idea for how to heal her hearing. Not the way I originally hoped but God always seems to know best. We are headed to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy (again) to see if she will qualify for cochlear implants.

    God did many miracles thru her battle and in her body…His ways are just not my ways. ;)

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