Jonathan’s Performance at the Ky Opry {New Song}


Hey sweet friends!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the sweet comments and love you showed me on yesterday’s post.  My heart was blessed to overflowing, and again I am reminded of why I love blogging so much!  It’s because of YOU!!!

This past weekend, we took a trip down to the Ky Opry in Draffenville again.  Jonathan was performing in the Friday and Saturday night shows.  I LOVE going down there and seeing all our “Opry friends” again.

This time, my dad and Janet went with us.  We had such a great time!

I was excited to hear Jonathan sing this time because he was singing three new songs.

bathroom 031


This first song is called, When You Say Nothing at All, by Keith Whitley.




He also sang Mountain Music by Alabama.

Because we live so far away, he only got to practice this song once with the band. There is a small “mess up” in the middle, but I think he still sounded great!

Also, my favorite 13 year old fiddle player, Carson McKee, stars in this video.  She is an AMAZING fiddle player!  I mean A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

bathroom 035

My dad and Janet were in awe of her.  We called her last week and told her Jonathan was singing Mountain Music.  She learned her part in one week.  Love that girl!

Carson’s parents have become dear friends to Cy and I.  Their family is one of the main reasons we love visiting the Ky Opry.  I know we will be lifelong friends!



Jonathan sang one more song, which was my favorite, but it hasn’t been uploaded to youtube yet.

I will try to share it with you this weekend.  Smile


He also sang How Great Thou Art, but I have shared that with you before on my blog.  If you want to see his performance of it, just click HERE.


I hope you have a blessed day!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorite PINS of the week, and my Best DIY Projects of August linky party goes live tomorrow night!


See you then!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that one of your advertisements in your sidebar talks over your son’s videos :( I kept wondering where the strange voices were coming from and it was the ad!!!

  2. Yea, Jonathan!!! I love listening to you. And watching you. You light up the stage when you smile. Congratulations.

  3. I can’t think of anything that I haven’t said already. You know how much I love to hear Jonathan sing. I know there are only great things in his future. I do want to know when he puts out his CD. Thanks for sharing you are the best.

  4. Jonathan just sings his heart out….love it!! You must be so proud of him. He did a great job singing How Great Thou Art!

  5. Sometimes God answers our prayers in ways only He can. I have no doubt your mother’s prayers were answered in His mysterious ways. Jonathan is an exceptional young man and will go far. I fully expect to see him win many accolades in the coming years.

    Thank you for sharing your life and your son with us!

    May the Lord keep you all in the very palm of His mighty right hand.

  6. Having connections to the area where ‘ALABAMA’ (the band) is from and being that great state I just had to send the link of Jonathan singing to the group – ALABAMA. I hope they send him an encouraging word!

  7. Traci, Jonathan has such a great gift! I love seeing his videos! I played his last video that you posted for my husband last weekend. Our 3.5 year-old son, Ethan, was also sitting with us and listening. Ethan was completely enamored by Jonathan! He replayed the video 3 times and even tried to sing along. So I started searching through your blog to find more of the videos. Ethan loved them all. I got teary watching him watch the videos and trying to sing along…my son has a severe speech delay called Apraxia of Speech. I know it probably sounds cheesy, but it was almost like he felt a connection with Jonathan…or at least it seemed that way to me. My husband and I were both pretty amazed watching him watch the videos because typically if it isn’t animated, he isn’t interested and the videos really got his attention. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.


  8. Traci,
    He justs gets better and better and so grown up! Thanks for posting his new songs, I love them! Love you all!

  9. WOW! What a voice and such a cutie!! I just love your family (feel like I know them from your and your sister’s blog!) Love both of your blogs! Wish I would have been your third sister!!

  10. Put my name on the CD list!!!!! He is so awesome! Jonathan – YOU OWNED IT!!!!

    Have a great weekend Tracy & Family!

    Marilyn C.

  11. Love listening to Jonathon sing!! Looks soo sharp too in that vest and jeans :) Tell him even your readers from Canada enjoy hearing him sing :) Love ya Traci.. have a wonderful weekend!

  12. i love listening to jonathan sing. he brings a smile to my heart and my face every time i play the videos. thank you

  13. OMG! As a parent, I think I would lose it and bust at the seems with pride all at the same time. He is surely destined for greatness. What talent, and what a beautful and soulful young man he is. I will keep my eyes and ears open for him. Best of luck to him. May he realize all his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

    Congratulations and keep us posted.

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