Favorite “PINS” Friday!


Thanks for all the feedback on my post yesterday.  The majority of you said you like to watch me renovate a space step by step, which is what I love too.  So, I’ll show you what we are up to in our bathroom as we go.

Cy tore into the bathroom last night, and I have to share this picture with you.

oct 024

He took the toilet out and placed it on the back patio.  Eli sat his pumpkin on it.

I walked outside and laughed out loud when I saw it.   My poor boys don’t know normal.  Smile

I guess that’s how you decorate for Fall when you are a DIY’er!


Now I want to share with you some of my favorite PINS of the week from Pinterest.


Butcher Block Countertop on Butcher Block


Drapery with Tie Backs  Coffee Table with Galvanized Top  Mirror over Fireplace


love the floor


Photo Gallery: Sarah Richardson's Holiday House | House & Home


Bench in the nook of staircase


Basket storage/beadboard/hooks


SallyL: Kristen Buckingham Interior Design - Pretty pink bathroom! Painted, antique vanities ...




tomato basil parmesan soup


Oreo pumpkins - easy!






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I pray you have a


wonderful weekend!


  1. Lovin the pumpkin toilet. I have a feeling our toilet will end up on our back deck for the duration of our bathroom remodel. I may have to try decorating mine. :)

  2. lol…laughed when I saw the pumpkin toilet!!! Your boys are normal! Love all your pins for friday!!! especially the kitchen!!! <3

  3. Seriously I am tempted to pin that pumpkin on the toilet picture on my fall board. Just so next year when I look at it for ideas, I can have a good laugh and come over and read your post again :)

    Love those pumpkin oreos! might have to try to do those :)

  4. You crack me up.. I love your blog because there is always something for everyone. I look for your blog every day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is too cute! I love Eli’s decorating touch!! You have been a great example, obviously and it’s rubbing off!!! The pins are fabulous. I would take each and every room just as they are..in fact, I am going to steal them for my pins today…thanks for finding them, Traci! Have a great weekend. It’s Thanksgiving up here, so it’s a looong one for us. :0D

  6. Traci – That toilet and pumpkin cracked me up!! That is so cute that Eli would put it there. He probably thinks that everything has to be decorated – wonder where he got those genes? Love all of your pins. Love those yellow drapes and that painted floor.


  7. I love the pumpkin on the toilet!!! hysterical. Reminds me of why my husband needs me to decorate the home. Sometimes they just aren’t “aware” lol.
    I love that you dedicate your blog to your mom.

  8. The pumpkin on the “potty” is such a cute picture of how kids roll with the punches – or DIY as the case may be!

    I love your pins but the bathroom from Sarah Richardson has been a favorite since I watched that episode. A yellow clawfoot tub – I say yes : )

    Your blog is wonderful – so glad I found it!

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