Our “Knock it Out” Week Photos and Updates


My boys were on Fall Break the week before last.

We didn’t  have any money to travel anywhere, so we decided to try and “knock out” a bunch of projects around the house.  Cy took 3 days off work to get things done.

We made a deal with the boys.  We told them that we would make a check list of all the things we needed to get done each of the 3 days.  If we got everything on our list completed, we would do something fun each night to celebrate.

Here was the catch:  They had to help us complete the things on the list!

They were totally up for it!

We spent three days working on the fireplace…

fireplace 087


And filling in nail holes….

work day 007


And sanding walls….

fireplace 121


And painting walls….

work day 022


And filing in more nail holes….

work day 014


And constructing a newel post…

work day 073

And painting a fireplace and trim work….

fireplace after 020



And filling more nail holes…

work day 020

We worked our tails off, y’all!  And we got everything (well, almost everything) checked off our list.

The boys worked really hard all three days.  They helped us a lot outside too.  They cleaned up around the yard, and picked up all the scrap pieces of wood to put in the burn pile.

So to celebrate our hard work, we partied each night!

Night #1

Movie Night!


oct 012

We went to see Hotel Transylvania in 3D.  It was really cute, and we had a great time!

oct 013

Night #2


oct 030

bowling 1

bowling 2


Night #3

Laser Tag and Skating



oct 038

work day 082

work day 083






I put together a little video to highlight the fun.

(Please don’t judge my dancing skills.  I had roller skates on.)  Smile



Have a blessed day!


  1. Traci I LOVE that you are such a fun mama. That will always make those boys want to come home, when the sweet girls start stealing their hearts.

  2. AWESOME video!!! So funny in fast-motion. :) Watching all of your boys work and play together is so sweet. Looking forward to more posts of finished projects around your home, too. It’s been fun following along. Looking great!
    Susan A.

  3. Oh Traci, I just love seeing your family work together!
    We do that too, although we don’t do such fun things like you do. It is so great for children to learn the VALUE OF TEAMWORK! We work together, play together, eat family meals together , have fun together and pray together! These are lasting values to teach our children.
    I can just feel the togetherness when I look at your family pictures! Is it ALWAYS there??? No, at least not at our house, but if it’s there most of the time, that is what counts!
    Can’t wait to see how you finished off the beam!

  4. You have a wonderful family. It is always so much fun to watch you family enjoying life. Why didn’t I see Cy dancing? Thanks so much for sharing what a real family should be. I love your blog.

  5. Hilarious! Great memories you are making! Thought you were going down the alley with the ball at one point!

  6. Love the video!!! I had to replay it a few times just couldnt get enough or the smile off my face.. Thank you for sharing !

  7. Y’all are just so precious! That is going to be one of the boys most memorable Fall Breaks. And now they get to take pride and ownership in the home remodel.

    I don’t know y’all in real life, but I sure do love y’all!


  8. This just makes my heart swell…so many memories of our boys helping “momma” projects…two are now adults, one a home builder, who has just finished a remodeling his brother’s house….they learned something all those years ago.
    We would also go play after a project….they even put down wood floors together before the oldest wedding

    So you got a double blessing of work done and memories made….great job

  9. Oh, what a fabulous idea, Traci! (Does this work for husbands, too….?) lol! You’all looked like you had such a great time celebrating your hard work!! The fireplace looks utterly amaaaazing, girl! And your dancing skills rock! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. It’s good to see a family enjoying each other. I know I had a good time watching! The house looks good, fireplace looks awsome.

  11. Traci, i can’t believe that ya’ll still had energy after all your amazing work. Good for you for teaching your boys a hard work ethic. And look at all they’re learning to do.

  12. Girl….You KNOW how to make a DEAL with those boys !!! I love it. And your boys’ MAMA knows how to have some fun after a hard day’s work !!!

    Our two girls are all grown up now but I remember those fun, fun days….savor every moments. Now this Pa and Grandma are making memories with 8 precious grandbabies, ages 15 yrs to 2 yr old twins…..4 boys, 4 girls.

    I love your blogs and just your “down-to-earth” clever honesty about life. God bless your little family….such a blessing to see a God-centered home !!!

    I also get Cyndy’s blogs and see how each of you girls compliment the memory of your Mom. I too have lost my mother….nothing can ever prepare a child (young or grown) for this kind of loss. Your Mom MUST be smiling “ear-to-ear”

    Have a Super Day,

  13. What a beautiful family and what a wonderful way to start off my day watching you have fun with your boys! You are truly an amazing mom. Love your blog!

  14. The family that DIY’s together….parties together!
    Love everyone’s dance moves. I especially loved Eli’s afterhe got
    A pin down. Y’all are too cute. Your boys will always remember fun
    times with you and Cy. Enjoy them because they grow up way too fast.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. I needed that this morning!!!!!

    You, Cy and your little chillins bring joy to everyone!!!

    Thanks for sharing and I will continue to smile all day thinking of this video.

  16. I love this idea…. too bad, it will NEVER work with my husband, my kids maybe.

    My husband HATES doing DIY with trillion burning suns with burning passion like you never seen before! I am not kidding. It was so bad that my Dad had to come up 1100 miles to my house to help me/teach me how to install wood floor. I have never been so embarrased in my life!

    My sweet Daddy bought me miter saw, saw table and a few other tools so I can learn how to take care of my own house.

    It makes me sad that my husband will not make it a team effort with me. My 17 years old son, who no longer lives with me, will help me if I ask him nicely.

    Anyways, glad you all made it fun and that you all make a good time each night.

  17. Ohhh I just loved that video!! Too cute!

    And you need to blow up and frame that picture of Eli in his skates…adorable!!

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