Glimpses of our Guest Bathroom Makeover


Hi, y’all!

I am so stinkin’ excited right now because we are making HUGE process in our home right now!

I cannot WAIT to show you want we have gotten done upstairs in the new addition!


We are hoping to get the boys in their new bedrooms by the second week of December.

Today, I just wanted to quickly show you a few things we have been doing to our guest bathroom.

First, we have some wood planks on the wall now…

guest bath 010


And some wood on the ceiling….

guest bath 003


And Eli and I filled all the nail holes with wood filler….

guest bath 058



And Cy laid some tile on the floor….

guest bath 008



And I painted the wood planks…

guest bath 099


It’s really coming together!

guest bath 098

It might not look like much right now, but it’s going to be beautiful! Smile


I still have to paint the walls above the planks and the wood ceiling.  Cy still has to tile the shower and fix the window.

He has already built a new vanity, and I will show that to you soon.

Once we grout the tile, we can put the vanity and toilet in.  Yay!

This bathroom should be done in about a week…fingers crossed.


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  1. That’s going to look really cute. Just wondering why you’re not continuing the wall tile and planking to the ceiling, especially the Shower tile. I’m asking from a maintenance standpoint rather that an aesthetic one although I do really like the seamless floor to ceiling look. I always LOVE what you do, so I’m just curious about the thought process:) Can’t wait to see the progress on the second floor.CTD

  2. I think you all are doing a great job. I love new anything! I like the idea of the wood walls. You can hang bars, racks, shelves and not worry about hitting a stud in the wall.In a small space you can add storage to the walls. I would like that.

  3. Hi, what kind of wood is on the ceiling? Did you put plywood up first and then put on plank flooring? Looking forward to the finished project.

  4. It’s looking beautiful Traci!! I LOVE that tile!! I actually looked at a tile similar (if not the same) at Lowes for our hallway bathroom! Unfortunately, it was a little bit more than we were wanting to spend! :( We ended up going with something simple & a lot cheaper! I’m still pleased with how it turned out though! It’s so much better than what we had to start with!! Anyway….I didn’t mean to ramble on!

    I’m loving everything I’m seeing in your new guest bathroom! I just know that it’s gonna turn out beautifully!!! So exciting that everything is coming together for y’all & that the boys will be in their new rooms soon!! Woo Hoo!!

  5. love the floors. love the walls. love it all so far! what will your colors be in this bath? looks like you painted the slats in a pale grey…is that right? if so that’s going to pop so nice with white subway tile in the tub surround. fabulous.

  6. Traci! How exciting! I’m so glad for y’all. It’s cool to think that the boys could be in their new bedrooms in time for Christmas!!

    Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous. Y’all are doing such a good job of making this a new “old” house!

  7. it’s looking great, Traci! I especially love the walls and the ceiling (as you know, we did both in our bathroom remodel) I was looking at similar tiles for the floor but had already blown the budget so we had to go with 12 x 12’s.

    Can’t wait to see it done :)

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