Ballards Loves Bloggers {Part 2}


Well, I certainly did not mean to wait this long to share Part 2 of my trip to Ballard Designs with you, but the holidays and my sicknesses certainly put me behind.


And I definitely didn’t mean to wait so long to tell you that I was selected for the cover of the next Ballard Designs Catalog!!

ballard 141

Okay, not really, but don’t you think it would be a fabulous idea?!  {hint, hint, Mollie.}

I would have to say that I was pretty vocal about wanting to be in their catalog.  Smileballard 140

Seriously, y’all!  Me & Ballards…we are like peas and carrots.


Alright, I’ll quit being silly and tell you about the second day of my trip.  If you missed day 1 of my trip, click HERE.


We woke up early the next morning, and met in the hotel lobby to be taken to the Ballard Designs Headquarters.

ballard 042

Here we are hanging out in the lobby talking with Britany Simon about her experience being on the HGTV Design Star series.

ballard 043

When we arrived at our conference room at Ballard’s, we each had a cute jute tote with Ballard Loves Bloggers on it.

ballard 048


So what do bloggers do?

ballard 046

We take pictures!

We ate a delicious breakfast from Panera at the Headquarters, and then they took us on a tour of the facility.

We were able to check out all the “behind the scenes” work in producing their catalogs.

ballard 060

Here’s Sarah, Brittany, and Cassity checking out the layout of their January catalog.


We bombarded the photo editing room, and they were getting a chuckle out of all of our “oohs” and “aahs” as we took it all in.

ballard 059

There were design inspiration boards everywhere, and the theme for this year is COLOR.  You’ll be seeing a lot more color than what you are used to seeing in past issues.

ballard 069

We loved seeing all the colors!

ballard 067


There is an outlet connected to the head quarters that we were able to shop at while we were there.collage 3


So out came my camera AGAIN, and I began taking a bunch of delicious photos!


ballard 090


I loved checking out all of their beautiful products and dreaming about which ones I would like in my own home.


It was crazy seeing so many of the products I love in the catalog sitting right there in front of me on rows and rows of shelves.

ballard 049

So much inspiration to be had.  {My Aunt Pat and cousin, Kelly, would have died!}


I would love to have one of those grey wicker chairs in my kitchen.

ballard 082


I am also hoping to get one of their slipcovered sofas for my den someday too.  Smile



After we wiped the drool off our mouths, we went back toward the conference room and learned how they put a catalog together from the very beginning to the end.

ballard 101

Karen Mooney gave us a great explanation of the process.

ballard 103

One thing that I really enjoyed learning about was how they do a “drop test” to make sure all of their products are packaged safely and arrive undamaged to their customers homes.  They do their “drop tests”  with every package!  Even mirrors and chandeliers!  If it doesn’t pass the test, they go back to the drawing board to create better packaging.  How cool is that?

Here is a  second video showing the process.


We also got to tour a beautiful newly built home that was the photo shoot location for their January catalog.

ballard 108


It was breathtaking!

ballard 111

The color palette was so soothing.

ballard 112

And that chandelier was a show stopper!

ballard 113

We also got to see another room they were setting up to shoot that had three gorgeous blue settees in them.  And a cute little dog too.

ballard 125

Jill Sharp Brinson is an amazing creative director for Ballards and has been with them for many years.

ballard 122

It was amazing to listen to her tell us how she goes about staging a room for a photo shoot.

ballard 116

There was a room full of props for the shoot.  Wouldn’t you love a room like this to draw from when decorating your home?

ballard 128

There was a couple office spaces decorated upstairs in the home.

ballard 131

Again, lots of color…

ballard 137

So many beautiful spaces!

So much fun!

So exhausting!

And here is what I felt like at the end of the day…

ballard 143

I swear, you can’t take this Kentucky girl anywhere!



We learned so much about the work that goes into a Ballard Designs catalog, and it was truly amazing!  I felt so blessed to be a part of their first Ballard loves Bloggers event.

I want to thank Mollie, and all of those involved, that worked so hard to make it such an exciting experience.

I did get to come home with one little treat {well, it was mailed to me.}


This baby is hanging above my bed in our master bedroom.  I will share a picture with you soon.

Thank you so much, Ballard Designs, for a great trip!!!



Okay, here’s one more shameless plug to my buddies at Ballard Designs for a cover shot. Smile

ballard 141




  1. Amazing trip!! Any chance you know what blue paint that is on the wall in the living room? Stunning and just the shade I’ve been looking for! :)

  2. What an amazing experience, Traci! I would’ve been “ooh’ing, “ahh’ing” and drooling right along with all of you! How cool seeing how it all comes together! Love the new chandie (and your fun cover shots, too)!!

  3. I am GREEN with envy! What an amazing experience. I totally need a prop room in my house. I just love the Ballard’s look, I really enjoyed this post; glad you put it on Facebook so I could pop on over! Happy New Year!!

  4. OOhhh Ballards…….in my next life, my whole house will be done by them…
    in the meanwhile enjoy yourself girl!!

  5. I am SOOO jealous! I have Ballard envy! Very exciting that you were able to participate. And I totally think you would make an awesome cover!!

  6. Wow…freaked me out! I thought you really got on the upcoming cover. Have to admit it does look great! Ah…can we vote on that or send in a request…just saying, you really rocked it Girl!

  7. Oooh, I NEEEEEED the name of that paint color!!! We’re about to paint our living/dining room, and I literally have 7 blue paint swatches open on my computer to decide from… but they’ve nailed it!! I really hope you can share the color!! Thanks so much!!

  8. You had me fooled, too! I could totally see you on the front of their catalog! It looks like you had a fun trip!

  9. I really have to say..that I thought…how wonderful of Ballard to recognize the great contributions of bloggers by featuring them!….well, you never know…your dream just may come true….Looks like a great time was had by all!….Love that chandy in the Ballard house…

  10. You are so FUNNY!!!! Loved that pic of on the cover!!!!! :) You definitely looked “at home” – especially on that couch too!!!

    Great article – thanks for sharing so many pics. I am itching to paint some rooms in the house this year and I have been checking out all the color trends.

    Have a super week friend!

    Marilyn C.

  11. You had me going….I thought you were serious about the cover…. you could definitely pull that off! Maybe someday it will come true!! I love Ballard…what an amazing experience it must have been!!! So happy for you :) Thanks for sharing . Looking forward to seeing more of what you have to share. Blessings :)

  12. Girl, you had me going about that cover. I was so excited for you!!! You’re funny…, but you do look good on that cover. I’m thrilled for you and the fun you had at Ballard.
    blessings, and shalom to you and yours,

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