Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!


Whew!  We have finished our guest bathroom!



It feels so good to finally have two fully functioning bathrooms in our home now!

We’ve come a long way in this bathroom.

I tried to find pictures of this bathroom when we moved here a year and a half ago, but I don’t think I took any!  {bad, bad blogger}

I did find a video of the first day we moved in.  Here are some still shots of the video.

Check out our “leaf cushioned toilet seat.”  {Please do not pin these pictures from my site!}  Smile


Here are the mirrored shower doors…


And our gorgeous vanity…


Fabulous, I know.

The only change we made when we first moved in was to take down those hideous shower doors and use a shower curtain instead.  We left everything else the same because we didn’t have it in our budget for a bathroom renovation.

But MAN did I want to get my hands on this bathroom!

So let’s just say that it was a “blessing in disguise” when Luke decided to stand on the soap dish holder one night while taking a shower and caused the lower half of the tiled wall to come tumbling down!

bathroom makeover

It forced us to move up the bathroom renovation by like two years!

{And I am so glad it did.}

So the first thing we did was to rip down all the old tile.

bathroom makeover

The window in the shower had to be replaced.  Water was getting in behind the tile and causing it to mold.

So we chose to put a solid window in the shower that doesn’t open and close.

white subway tile

We also went with white subway tile from Lowe’s.

So much better already!

white subway tile

Cy installed bead board on the ceiling, and I painted it white.

He tore out the old linoleum flooring and installed white octagonal tile from Lowe’s.

white octagonal tile flooring


And as much as we hated to get rid of this beauty…

bathroom makeover



We decided to replace it with a custom made vanity that Cy built out of leftover butcher block from our kitchen renovation.

DIY vanity

As you can see, we added wood planks to the walls with some trim work on top.  We painted the wood Beige Shadow from Lowe’s.

wood plank walls

We took down the hideous medicine cabinet that split your face into three parts when you looked into it…

bathroom makeover

And replaced it with an oval mirror from Lowe’s.  We also took down the very dated light fixture and replaced it with a $16 outdoor light from Lowe’s as well.

cottage bathroom


I added the berry wreath during Christmas for a pop of color, but I think I am going to leave it up through the winter months.

cottage bathroom

I used some window treatments that I found at Marshall’s for $19.99 for my shower curtain.

bathroom makeover


They look real “see through” in these pictures, but do not look like that “in person.”  It’s because it is really hard to take pictures of a window, and I had to brighten my picture up a lot so the bathroom wouldn’t look too dark.  {These are the moments that I wish I was a professional photographer!}

I wanted to do a split shower curtain so it looked like I was decorating the window behind it with window treatments.

bathroom makeover

I also didn’t want to block the wonderful light from the window with a solid shower curtain.

I have a few other little things that I would like to do in this bathroom, but for the most part, it is finished.

One thing I am still trying to decide on is what type of privacy feature I want to add to the window.  I have a couple of ideas, but just can’t decide on one.  If this bathroom was on the second floor, I would totally leave it “as is.”  But since this is on the main level right next to our driveway, I am going to have to have something on the window to provide privacy.

The other thing I need to get is a hand towel holder for the side of the vanity.

bathroom makeover

There is not a good space for the hand towel to go on the wall, so I am going to install a chrome bar on the side below the vanity top for hand towels.  It will help hide the ugly pipes below and will also fit with the style of my bathroom.

I LOVE this bathroom!

It is fresh, and crisp, and clean, and has that cottage vibe that I love.

bathroom makeover

Right now, the boys are using this bathroom until we get theirs finished upstairs.  I am hoping and praying that they don’t destroy it before we do!  Smile


If you have any questions about our makeover, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

Have a blessed day!

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    1. You are sweet! I wish you were here to help me make my curtains look better. :( They are so pretty in person. A pretty tan, almost burlap looking, texture and color. But they look thin and cheap in the pictures.
      I needed you and Kevin badly!

      Maybe when you come up {hint, hint} you can style it and photograph it for me. :)

      Love you!

  1. Your guest bath turned out wonderful.
    I love the sink and the light fixture above the mirror. Hopfully there will be a tutorial on how to recreate the sink.

  2. Well done, this bathroom deserves to be pinned now!!! Love the vanity! And the wood on the walls, the tile on the floor and in the bath, and that window. The light and the mirror. That’s a very nice bathroom!!!

  3. Just WOW! The things you do amaze me. I LOVE the floor tile you chose. I have been leaning toward the exact one for my guest bath and am happy to see how great it does look. Love it…thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. Such a fantastic transformation! We just finished our baht remodel, so I know first hand how happy you are to have it finished! Love your finishes, the ceiling, walls and your vanity…perfect!

  5. It’s gorgeous!!! You did a fabulous job on everything. I love the stacked boards on the wall….the vanity is genius and that light is so cute. Well done girl!!!

    1. I was wondering as well what type of wood was used on the walls and how it was
      installed? Noticed you also used wood plank in the master bedroom. What this the same?

      Is the bathroom window wood or vinyl?


  6. I bet you’ve never been so happy to have Luke stand on the soapdish! Too funny. It looks beautiful, Traci, and is the perfect reflection of your style. The way-affordable outdoor light above the mirror really adds a lot to the room.

  7. I love it all! You and your husband are so very talented. My favorite things are all the woodwork …the walls, the ceiling, and the vanity. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! And I think the wreath is perfect through the winter, especially for Valentine’s Day.

  8. Just beautiful! Clearly necessary, but still a shame that you’ll have to cover the window. I hope you post an updated photo when you decide what to do.

  9. It looks SO good, Traci! You and Cy have done yourselves proud! Love the wood planking and those floors. Perhaps just a simple white roller shade that can be pulled up when it’s not being used and let that gorgeous light in?

  10. Beautiful!!! My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our kids bathroom. Since we don’t have a powder room, our guests have to use the kids bathroom. I need it to be functional for a 12 and 14 year old, but at the same time I want it to look fabulous for our guests. Our bathroom is identical in size and layout to yours (I’m also using the same tile from Lowe’s). I also purchased curtains from Marshall’s, but I’m stuck on how to hang the shower curtain liner. Do I buy an extra long liner and hang the rod the same height as the curtains or do I hang it the “normal” shower curtain height? Also, I love the wood planks on the walls. What kind of wood did you use?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  11. Traci – I’m in LOVE!! I can’t get over the colors you used, they’re gorgeous! that red wreath makes it all tie together too!! And I seriously LOVE that butcher block sink your husband made – I think he needs to come out to PA and give my husband a tutorial ;)

  12. I live in your sister’s former house in Cynthiana (Carl Stevens Rd.) and my upstairs bathroom seriously needs a makeover!!!! So if you are ever bored and want to come to Cynthiana just let me know. I could put you to work!

  13. WOW!!! It is so pretty and bright! I just love it. The tile is my favorite. I’ve been looking at similar tile for the floor of our new bathroom in the basement (but we are still a long way from laying tile!) And I LOVE the subway tile in the shower. I cant wait to see what kind of privacy covering you come up with for that window…I have no idea what I would do either!

  14. Looks beautiful! Perfectly cottage! It looks like it could be a bathroom in this year’s Southern Living Idea House!

    Question – what size/type of board did you use for the walls? And do you just nail them into the Sheetrock?


  15. Love your guest bathroom!! Gave me some ideas on another house that we are hoping to buy. What kind of wood did y’all use for the planks? I think that Luke did a great job in starting it all!! ;).

  16. It is gorgeous Traci! My favorite parts are the planked walls and the vanity your husband built. Just beautiful! I pinned it, but not the lovely leaf toilet seat. LOL!

  17. Much better! Although I personally don’t care for octagonal tile it sure looks better than what you had! :) Lighter, brighter, etc. I don’t know if you have room for hooks instead of a towel bar but that’s what we did in our bath, you can hold more towels and configure them to any space (just about)…. I wanted to share an idea for your window too … we have a window in our bath that looks out onto the street and I put up privacy film but you do lose light, however, our son broke one pain out of our front door window and you can no longer find etched glass for cheap. Well I didn’t want to mess with actual etching cream but hobby lobby has etch look paint (same section) and I bought it and a stencil — it looks great and you can hardly tell! I also used it on our back door window which looks very similar to your window — you can keep the light but diffuse what people see so in essence they could still tell someone was in the shower but not “see” anything clearly if that makes sense ? It takes a bit of time to get the look you want as you have to let each coat dry but was worth it to me :) …. Great job!!!

  18. I have just the thing for your windows! It is called “rain glass” from Decorative Film Dot Com. It is “wallpaper” for your windows! I love the rain ones in that it doesn’t create a “white” modern blockout to your windows, but rather a distorted yet clear covering. You will see a shadow through the film — it will not be a complete blackout, but you really won’t see anything specifically through the window and, during the day, nothing at all. I loved the fact that the aura it creates is “old glass” that was manufactured hundreds of years ago rather than a modern feel. I am thinking that that meshes perfectly with the look you are going after.

  19. It’s perfect, Traci! There’s nothing I don’t like! I’ve always wondered, with a split shower curtain, how do you include a waterproof liner? As far as window privacy, what about adding the frosted glass window vinyl or a waterproof roman shade?

  20. It looks amazing Traci! I love the painted wood planks on the wall and the all of the WHITE in the bathroom! Great job to Cy on that vanity! I am in the process of re-doing our master bath (almost finished) and our basement bathroom and I would LOVE to find a vanity piece similar for downstairs! I cracked up when I read that one of the boys stood on the soap dish….story of my life!

  21. Oh Traci it is stunning!!!!!! Every little thing about it. Tell Cy I ADORE that vanity he built. You two are the perfect team :)

  22. It’s beautiful! I love every part of it and I can imagine the curtains the way they probably look in person. AMAZING.

    One question… with 2 curtains like that… how practical is it when taking a shower? Don’t you still have to have one of those plastic liners for the inside of the shower so that water doesn’t spray everywhere? How do you have a liner with a double curtain panel? Do you have to put up two rods?

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Love it … especially the plank wall. We recently redid a downstairs bath where the window looks out onto our deck. This is not so great when entertaining as guests use that one. So, since the window was small, making it hard to find a window treatment that didn’t overpower it, I grabbed a can of the spray frost and ‘voila’ I love it. I have a cute little paned window that looks cute unadorned and I get all of the natural light plus privacy.

  24. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to have to replicate this in my home! I am in love with this bathroom! It’s beautiful! My favorite is that sink. About how much did it all run?

  25. Looks great! Love it! Will you be posting a tutorial on the vanity? planked walls? I’m really interested in the vanity…. just love the look. Great job.

  26. Great job. Love it!! Are you going to do a tutorial on the vanity by any chance? Exactly what I’m looking for.

  27. Your bathroom looks amazing!! I’ve been looking for a basket like the one on your toilet for a while to hold our TP as well. =) Could you tell me where you got yours? Thanks!

  28. LOVE the makeover, Traci!! Just wondering if you could let me know about how much the whole makeover ended up costing? Just ballpark number? Looking into buying my first home (oh my gosh!) and might get a fixer-upper. Trying to figure out how much I should estimate to fix up a bathroom similar to how you did yours (but would probably buy a new sink since I don’t have the amazing Cy to make me one) :) —Clare (From GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure!) ;)

  29. Beautiful job! I’m also in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and some of the weird things old bathrooms have are a bit tricky to work around.

  30. Wow! The two of you are unstoppable!
    Can’t decide which part is my favorite….everything is so clean and fresh looking.

  31. Traci- it is just lovely. We are current in the midst of redo-ing our small bath and I am stumped on how to proceed.

    The last owners covered the window that is in the bathroom with a 3 pc tub. It made it so much smaller and darker that we decide to tear it out and let the light in. I wanted tile-but time and money did not allow-we went with a surround (for now- cheap solution). The window still is a bit higher than the surround (like yours) and I am not sure what to use around it to frame it. Wood would rot-what did you and Cy use?

    As for privacy- I am thinking of a 3 ply roller blind. We have the frosted glass-but you can still see shadows and I don’t want our neighbours to see my curves ;) I want to do a split curtain too, but how does the liner work?

    I am dying for the hex tile. Beautiful. Maybe I can sway my husband into buying it :)

  32. um…Traci, I love the curtains. I thought they were burlap until I read your comment to Layla. They don’t look cheap at all, in fact they give the room a crisp breezy feel, almost like coastal cottage. I love the new bath, it’s awesome. love love love the new vanity!

  33. It’s GORGEOUS!!!!! I can see a transformation in the future of our extra bathroom! :) I’ve already pinned it, lol!

  34. Just beautiful, Traci. Could you use a wooden louver covering on the “outside” of the window so that you can see out but not in, plus you would still have some light and not worry about anything in the shower getting wet.

  35. It looks so darn lovely! Nice work :) I’ve been intrigued by the double shower curtain for a while, but wasn’t sure how you… you know… actually take a shower without drenching the bathroom in the process? ;) Is that a dumb question? I really like your vanity and the window in the shower was a GREAT choice!

  36. We sold our 21 yr old house a year ago, so now it’s 22 yrs old. I went thru a phase of hating the octagonal tile in all our bathrooms—that would be in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when everyone was going for the travertine or natural-stone looking tiles. I just couldn’t justify the expense of tearing out tile in 5 bathrooms, and if I was gonna have 1 or 2 outdated bathrooms, why not have 5? Fast forward to 2012 when we put the house on the market and I asked the realtor if she thought the octagonal tile would be a deterrent, and she said, “Are you kidding? This retro look w/octagonal tile is all the rage in high end projects. You are in style!” Just goes to show that things come & go, but classics always make their way back. And I wasn’t aware that Lowe’s sells subway tile—good to know! Will keep that in mind for my backsplashless kitchen:)

  37. Holy smokes!! Y’all knocked it out of the park!! I LOVE that you painted your planks a color and your walls white- totally opposite of pretty much every plank “pin” out there! I think this is my favorite transformation in your house so far!

  38. I don’t even want to know why the previous owners wanted mirrored shower doors. Yuck. Love the remodel. My favorite part is the gorgeous tile floor and the light fixture!

  39. Oh Traci, You guys have outdone yourselves again. You know, I only have time to follow a couple of my favorite bloggers and I have to say that you never fail to disappoint. My mouth FELL open when I read that Cy MADE that vanity. Way to go. Your house has so much beautiful sweat equity built into it–it just drips.
    Belinda…from you know where.

  40. Beautiful redo! Wondering how you removed the mirror shower doors, and was there damage to the tub/walls when you did? I have some gorgeous (not!) brass ones, myself :)

  41. As usual Traci, beautiful! Cy is so talented. We will be redoing our main bathroom which is the same size and configuration as yours, with a window in the shower area. Where did you get your window from? I liked the suggestions of frosted film and frosted spraypaint and the roller blind for the window in the above comments. Could you tell us if you have any different ideas for privacy with respect to the window? I love the white subway tile and can see us going in the same direction. The vanity is lovely, but unfortunately my husband is not as handy as Cy and I need an enclosed vanity with as much storage as possible. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and I hope you enjoy your lovely new bathroom (2 years early)!

  42. Hi Traci,
    Love your bathroom and all the wonderful improvements you’ve made. RE covering the window in the shower…My Mom’s house has one too. My solution was an acrylic lighting panel (made for flourescent ceiling light fixtures). I framed it with white vinyl molding. It’s been up for several years and it still looks great and the window is dry. It lets light in, but gives privacy. The one I got is about a 1 inch grid pattern, but there are others out there too.

    Hope you find this helpful.

    Keep up the great work. You inspire me to do better.

  43. It’s totally fantastic!! Is it one of those projects that you purposely walk by just to admire your handy work? I totally do that. I love that feeling. Can’t wait to do our bathroom!! It’s still years off, but still, I can’t wait!


    Once again you and Cy have pulled off another lovely makeover. He did an awesome job on that vanity! Like your idea about putting the towel bar on the side. The plank walls are a great feature as is the beadboard ceiling. I could go on and on about everything I like about it. Now I can’t wait to see what you and Cy will do with the boys bathroom. I am sure you will have some clever ideas to make their bathroom space functional and beautiful.

  45. I am asking this question because it is something I deal with in our home. When the shower curtain is next to the toilet, and you have boys in the house, doesn’t the shower curtain get splashed or sprayed on every time they use the toilet? I couldn’t figure out where that spell was coming from for a long time till I finally figured it out. Maybe our toilet is just closer to the tub?

  46. Love it ~~ Especially the sink! :) I have drawn one similar out for my hubby to make for my guest bath. I am sending him a picture now of yours. Happy Remodeling !!!

  47. Great job Traci & Cy! I love the wood on the walls. I, however, would have opted to get rid of the window in the shower. I can’t imagine trying to keep that clean with using the shower. I guess I’m just too practical. lol I know that the sunlight is wonderful in that room but keeping that window clean IN the shower would be more important to me. lol I’m curious to hear more about the wood on the walls too. As always, thanks for sharing with us! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. My house is very primitive in décor but I do get a lot of good ideas from your posts and pictures!

  48. I LOVE this bathroom!! I love the planks on the wall…is that hard to install????? Sounds like “Cy” is very handy, how lucky for you! I wish I had someone who could build me a vanity that looks like that, I love the butcher block top! Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Your bathroom turned out lovely! I love the colors and the cabinet! I have a question for you. Would you consider doing a guest post for my blog? I’m in the midst of a huge move and would love to have you as a guest. You could use a post that you’ve already posted if you would like. You could share one of your many renovation projects. All you would have to do is send me an email with the post in html code along with a little introduction as to who you are. I’d love to hear from you.
    Thanks !
    email – thriftyparsonageliving(at)gmail(dot)com

  50. How about vinyl plantation shutters for privacy? You could cover the bottom half only so light would still come in.

  51. Love how it turned out! Our guest bath is next up on our “to-do’s” and I am also going to go with a wood countertop. I’m so glad to see how yours turned out. Love how clean and crisp it all looks pulled together!

  52. What a beautiful makeover! I’m preparing to reno my one and only bathroom which is similar to your floorplan. I have a window in my shower/bathtub area too and it’s molding. Did you install an all vinyl window as well as vinyl trim around it? For privacy, I currently have frosted contact paper covering the glass. It allows light to shine through, provides privacy during the day and night, although one can see the sillouette of someone in the shower when it’s dark outside. Love the curtains by the way!

  53. *Gasp* You’ve taken my bathtoom fantasy and made it a reality!

    Question? Are you using a shower curtain liner or are the curtains sufficient enough in keeping water from spraying all over the bathroom?

  54. Very nice and gives me great ideas for our Guest Bath makeover. Photography Tip: When you have a window like that in your picture, take your pictures at dusk rather than during the brightest part of the day. Use the vanity light for a little back light!!

  55. Your bathroom looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    I didn’t read through all the other comments or scour your site (although I’ll add it to my list for future reference!)- do/will you share the financial breakdown of your projects?
    Thanks, again.

  56. This is stunning, Traci! Lots of pinning going on! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home and for the inspiration! Have a wonderful day! P.S. I LOVE the picture of you by the old truck! So cute!

  57. looks great. To hide the pipes under the sink make kind of a three sided box, not top, bottom, or 4th side and paint it white and set it on the shelf under the sink to cover the pipes. for the window you can buy sticky sheets of nonseethrough paper to put up. would still let the light in.

  58. What are your ideas for the bathroom window for privacy. I have a window right where yours is but currently only have a tub. Would like to add shower like yours. But need privacy for window. Thanks! It is beautiful!

  59. Hi. Everything looks wonderful. Great Job! I am wondering about your butcher block counter. I have to replace my sink in the guest/kids bath and am wondering what type of counter to put on the vanity. I have left over butcher block from our kitchen island and could use that. But I am not sure about all the water and use it will get. Do you have any tips, or help in that area? Any advice you could give would be appreciated. Thank you!

  60. Looks amazing! I have a guest bath that looks exactly the dimensions of yours and would love for mine to look that great. Here, the building codes won’t allow a fixed bathroom window or a windowless bathroom unless you have a exhaust fan for some reason.

  61. HI, I was wondering what color of paint you painted the bathroom? I see the paint color listed for the wood planks, but what about the rest of the bathroom? I’d love to try it out in ours!

  62. Hi there! Love this bright and relaxing bath redo! Been wanting to add shower curtains the way you have (like a window treatment) but have been at odds as to how to add the waterproof liner to the inside (we’re shower takers, not so much bathers). Do you have a liner on your rod, or just the curtains? Any ideas? Thanks!

  63. I might have already left a comment on this post but I just looked at it again and had to comment again! It turned out fantastic! I love the subway tile, and hope to use that in my shower when I finally get to redo it! I love how you split the curtain shower to frame the window! I never would have thought of that! You are a genius!

  64. Your guest bath looks the size of both of my regular baths (1970s ranch), and the beginning pictures very similar (only insert horrid blue fixtures). Your ‘new’ bath gives me hope. We’ve been in process of remodeling since we moved in ten years ago, and between job losses and gains, and various other financial hits, are just now beginning to get back to doing stuff.

    Gorgeous room! I’m ‘blue’ with envy. ;-)

  65. Just saw this for the first time after seeing a glimpse of it on The Lettered Cottage. I’d perused your site before but missed this for some reason! Your guest bath is now my new inspiration for my own “master” bathroom (which is the size of your guest bath and also the bathroom used by guests in our house….ugh!) My husband is going to kill me when I say I want to redo it after just doing it in 2004 – but now I want that same floor! We used square tile – it was our first attempt and didn’t turn out too great :( I’d love to use subway tile now and add the beadboard to the ceiling. Hmmm. Maybe he needs to go to China for work again and I’ll just get started on my own! Ha!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  66. Hi. I’m new to your site. I love this bathroom! What kind of wood did you buy for the wood planks on the wall and where did you buy them? I would love to do the same thing. Beautiful job! Thanks for posting!

  67. This is so BEAUTIFUL! I love all your choices! We are currently renovating our master bath, and I really like the look of the two curtains. My question is…what do you do with the shower curtain liner? Is it on a separate bar? Do you just use one liner or two? I’m perplexed…or probably just missing something really obvious! I popped over from Lil’ Luna’s bathroom roundup and I’m so glad I did! Have a great week!

    ~Abby =)

  68. Very NICE! Clean and Crisp feel! I love it! I wish I could convince the hubby to do the same thing with the walls. Our project bathroom is on the renovate list. We still are deciding on our last few things with our kitchen remodel. Dark or Light countertops?? opinion? check out our kitchen update on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Shelly –

  69. I love the planked walls and have been wanting to do that to my daughters bathroom. Are you concerned about moisture getting behind the planks? Im afraid we will end up with mold if we do put them up. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. Christine,
      I am not concerned about moisture getting behind the planks. Only because my husband isn’t, and he knows more than me. :)

      We have had bead board and different types of wood in all of our bathrooms over the years and have never had a moisture problem.

      I think you would only have to worry about that if the wood was actually in the shower.

      But that is just my opinion. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  70. This looks amazing!!! What did you end up doing for privacy with the window? I ask because I have this problem with both of my bathrooms. I have blinds and hate them. Any suggestions or tips would be wonderful!!!

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      My windows are actually still bare. :)

      I am considering putting shutters on the bottom half, but I need to find some that are not made of real wood. I haven’t really looked into it much yet.

  71. Beautiful! I am visiting from 6th Street Design School blog – LOVE your blog! My husband and I are getting ready to do planked walls in our powder room . . . what did you use? So appreciate your advice! :)

  72. I found your blog and I’m so glad I did! We bought a farmhouse last year and are in the process of remodeling it(that might be an understatement). Your bathroom is a great inspiration. It combines a lot of elements I love and now I can see what they look like combined. Beautiful work!

  73. Hello! Just seeing your awesome ideas you have put in your home! I love the wood panels – are they hard to do? Any sites you can recommend to diy them? Our home is in the country and has a farmhouse/colonial/cottage feel – I am thinking of just doing a couple highlight walls and/or smaller room wrapped in those amazing panels. Do you think it is too trendy? We may be selling in less than 5 years…thanks!

  74. Beautiful!!!! I’m wondering what the wood planks are? We’re doing a renovation and I pinned this a while ago and want to do some of our walls that way….I’d love to know what you used! Thanks!

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