Mexican Corn Dip with Frito Scoops! {Game Day Recipe}


I found a recipe that I absolutely love, y’all!  I’ve been wanting to share it with you for fo-eva, and since it is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, I thought now would be a great time!

mexican corn dip

Last year, when we were traveling back and forth to the Kentucky Opry for Jonathan to perform in the Talent search, we spent a lot of time with our new friends, The McKees.

Their son and daughter play the fiddle at the Kentucky Opry.  They have more talent in their little fingers than I do in my whole body!bathroom 035


Very soon, we will be headed back down to the Opry for Jonathan to compete in the Talent Search again.  {Last year, he got overall Runner Up and the “People’s Choice” award.}

We are so excited to see all of our Opry friends again, especially the McKees!  We love the McKee Family!!!

Michelle, their mom, is the hostess with the mostest! Smile  She is the truest example of hospitality that I have ever seen.  One time, while we were visiting the Ky Opry, the McKees had us over to their house to eat and swim in their pool.  My dad and Janet were with us on that trip.

Michelle made a HUGE spread of the most delicious food.  One of the dishes I fell in love with was this Mexican Corn Dip.

It is so super easy to make, and oh so good!

I asked Michelle if she could send me the recipe so I could share it on my blog.  Thankfully, she said “yes.”

This is a dip that I will be making for many future family get-togethers.

I hope you enjoy it!


Mexican Corn Dip with Frito Scoops

2 cans Mexican corn, drained

8 oz. mayonnaise

8 oz. sour cream

1 sm. jar of diced pimento

2 c. medium grated cheddar cheese

1 t. garlic powder (or garlic salt)

1 t. Accent {in the spice aisle}

1 c. jalapeño pepper or a milder pepper  {measure 1 cup and then dice into small pieces}


Mix and enjoy!mexican corn dip 008


p.s. I wish y’all could have seen me taking pictures of the dip for this post.  I seriously kept dipping a corn chip in the dip and eating it while I was taking pictures.  Several times, I had to smooth the “scoops” out that I had created in the dip and add more chips to the red bowls.  I couldn’t stop eating it!  Smile


  1. yes – a friend of mine gave me a very similar recipe and it is always a hit – and love that most of the items you can have on hand. Try it with Lime flavored chips – that absolute best !

  2. Thank you decor sharing this recipe. Was yet thinking the other day what kind of food to have on Superbowl Sunday.
    We are from Baltimore so I was thing of some appetizers that would utilize things in the Maryland area. Like a crab dip. Wonder if I could add some crab to this recipe.
    Oh and GO RAVENS!

  3. For the last almost 20 years I’ve made something similar as a side dish.
    3 cans White shoepeg corn
    1 pkg cream cheese
    Chopped jalapeños to taste
    Melt together in pan and turn into casserole dish
    Top with shredded cheddar and bake until all bubbly
    Awesome with anything! I could eat just that at dinner.

  4. Lol — know the feeling! I have a VERY similar recipe and we just call it “Good Dip”. My whole family and all my friends know what “Good Dip” is. I could face plant in the bowl it’s so good. :)
    xo Heidi

  5. This is kinda cool. I clicked on the receipe but saw the part about the McKee’s. We are McKee as well and we all have C names.

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