What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday!


Hey guys, I was going to show you how I made the shelf ledge on our wood plank walls in our bathroom, but instead, I want to share with you what I am lovin’ today!


Every so often, I feel the need to share these type of things with y’all, and today is the day!


First of all, I found a new yogurt that I am lovin’.

It’s Muller Greek Yogurt, and I get it at Kroger’s.  I like to have a little “crunch” with my yogurt, so I love the ones that come with caramelized almonds or granola.  So, so yummy!


Secondly, I’m lovin’ me some drink mixes!

I am making the effort to drink more water this new year.  {It’s killin’ me.}  Usually I keep Diet Cokes in the can in my fridge, and I hate to admit this, but I would drink 4-6 cans a day.  I know.  It’s terrible for me.

So I have stopped keeping them in my fridge, and I am only buying water instead.  Now I know that it would be best for me to just drink plain water, but I’m not there yet.  Baby steps, people!  So to help me still have something sweet to drink with my meals, I have been enjoying buying flavor packs to put in my water.  Here are some of my favorites.

I love the Crystal light “energy” drink mixes because they have some caffeine in them.  I need a little caffeine in the morning since I don’t drink coffee. Smile


I also like their “focus” drink mix.

And to help me from buying too many McDonald’s Cokes when I am out and about in my car, I have been keeping these in my purse…

Berry Pomegranate is my favorite.  And I also like their “Fit” line.  It has vitamins and electrolytes in them.


Anyway, these have really helped me to drink more water lately, and I am glad about that.


I’m also loving this mascara…

This is the best, y’all.  I’m serious.  Get it.  You’ll love it.  You’re welcome.

{I’ve tried many mascaras, and this one is the best by far!  It makes your lashes look luscious!}



I am lovin’ my daddy!


Ladies, I just cannot tell you how blessed I am to have this man as my dad.  I loved and adored him as a child, and I love and adore him even more as an adult!  He is sweetness, and goodness, and love all wrapped up in one wonderful package.

I know that it has been through my father’s unconditional love that I have been able to recognize and accept the unconditional love of my heavenly Father.

He has been our rock since Mom passed away, and he has done everything he possible could to keep our family together, just like mom would have wanted.  I don’t think I have ever met someone with a bigger heart than my dad has.  He loves his family more than anything in this world.

Thank you, Dad, for always loving me, always encouraging me, always believing in me, and always being there.  There is none better!  xoxo



I’m loving the thought of this…

Come on, Spring!   I can’t wait to see you again!!!


I am lovin’ this song by Colton Dixon called You Are.  (Do you remember him from American Idol?)

Here are the lyrics. The words that are in bold are my favorite part of the song. I seriously have to hold my hands in the air when I hear it. I turn it up REAL loud in the car, and the boys and I will sing it at the top of our lungs!

I’m writing this post in McDonald’s right now and listening to this song.  I swear I am gonna have to sit on my hands to keep from raising them! Smile


When I can’t find the words to say how much it hurts
You are the healing in my heart
When all that I can see are broken memories
You are the light that’s in the dark

You are the song,
You are the song I’m singing.
You are the air,
You are the air I’m breathing
You are the hope,
You are the hope I needed.

You are

And when my circumstance leaves

me with empty hands.
You are the provider of my needs.
When all my dirtiness has left me helpless.
You are the rain that washes me.

Chorus: (2x)
You are the song
You are the song I’m singing.
You are the air,
You are the air I’m breathing
You are the hope,
You are the hope I needed.

(x2) If I had no voice,
If I had no tongue,
I would dance for you like the rising sun.
And when that day comes and I see your face.
I will shout your endless glorious praise!

Chorus: (2x)
You are the song I’m singing.
You are the air,
You are the air I’m breathing
You are the hope,
You are the hope I needed.


What are you loving today?!!!


  1. So far this year has been really rough for my family and I have been doing a lot of praying! This song is just what i need today! I have tears running down my face… tears of joy! We need to remember that God is always with us and waiting to wrap his loving arms around us – we just need to ask and trust in him.

    Thank you so much Traci! I think you can probably find me singing my heart out every time i hear this song too!

  2. Just wondering if your son has heard the new song by Rascall Flatts called “Changed”? Such a good song! I’ll bet he could sing it just as well :)

  3. Just wanted to say, YOUR Blog is a favorite of mine ! Good song, just wish it and some others like it mentioned God by name for those who don’t understand it is about our loving God. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE reading all the things you are ‘Lovin’!

    I too, love many of the same things as you! And, I so enjoyed seeing the sweet photo of you and your precious Daddy!

  5. Ha! I hate drinking water and I am always drinking my diet soda. It isn’t the soda that is that bad. It’s the “diet” part. So many chemicals. I know. I know. And I drink them anyway since I do not drink coffee. I am trying to drink water, but it must be flavored. I have been drinking “Ice” but it isn’t always available everywhere. I do like my Propel. Have you ever heard of Water Joe? It is caffeinated water! Nothing else in it except caffeine and water. Maybe I could used to that. Maybe.

  6. Today I am lovin’ you! And the cold because all the neighborhood kids are playing in our house and I love to hear them laugh!!!

  7. I was reading on another blog about Kate Spade lipsticks at Walmart. They’re under $4 right now and the one I bought last night is a really pretty red. You can’t beat that price when you want to try a new lipstick:)

    P.S. I can’t wait for spring either!

  8. I too, love that mascara. Been using it for years. And of course I love Traci and her blog, and I am betting she learned that love from her momma and her daddy!

  9. I agree with the mascara and Colton Dixon song! Love both. I’ve been using that mascara for years…not sure what I will do if they ever discontinue it! :)

  10. That song is amazing! I live in a cave and don’t follow American Idol. It brought tears to my eyes. <3 As for the water intake- you can do it! I always have a pitcher of lemon water in the fridge. I keep the crystal light singles in my car to add to boring old water when we are out and about and also pack them on vacations too. I may not have a diet coke addiction but I always need more water and there are times where I hit my mark and then there are days that I don't. lol ! I also love greek yogurt with frozen berries and almonds, the yogurt crystallizes on the berries- so good! It's dessert and protein!

  11. Help! I can’t pull up the mascara you’ve noted…no picture or words. Would love to know which mascara you have mentioned. Thanks!!
    I too love this blog. Traci how is it that both you and your sister are so darn cute.
    Maybe it’s cuz of those great parents you’ve shown us and write about!

    1. Martha, I’m sorry you were not able to see the mascara. :( It’s Loreal Voluminous mascara. It’s in a gray tube with gold lettering.
      Thanks for the compliments. :)

  12. I like “What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday”! I too gave up diet Coke for a healthier life, but wanted to avoid other artificial things too so I turned to tea. We have a store called Tevana near us that sells loose tea. They have many combinations with fruity blends that add some sweet flavor and you get the benefits of the green or black teas too. I learned to drink it unsweet. Will be trying that mascara, always on the lookout for a good one.


  13. I’m smiling at you because I’ve recently found and love that same yogurt, and use the same mascara! Love your blog! I’m always excited to see your projects and home improvements. Beautiful boys, too!

  14. Right now….I’m LOVING your post. Starting with the yogurt, mascara and best of all your MUSIC. Makes me want to praise and dance too girl. Love your post….so glad I found you. Joyce

  15. I am LOVING this post Traci… seemed like it came straight from your heart :) I am with you…. trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day (I’m at 2; but that’s a start right, lol). I love my little ones, my amazing husband, family… love me some greek yogurt too! You’re a blessing!

  16. I am loving today and everyday – Beneath my heart! Thank you for shining God’s light unto us and for keeping it real!

    Blessings to you and your precious family!



    The wonderful person that you are. I was truly touched with what you wrote about your
    wonderful Dad. I also love the song…God Bless you always and may you always remain the wonderful person that you show on your blog.

  18. Today I’m loving the beautiful 75 degree weather here in Dallas! Tomorrow it will be back down in the 50’s. Brrrr…..ready for spring!
    Love both you and your sister’s blog! Look forward to them each day. So thankful you both share your heart for Christ and your family! Have a great weekend coming up!

  19. I love that mascara too! Thanks so much for sharing that song. Hope has been my word for the year and the song fits perfectly. I needed the reminder of holding on to it tightly today especially. After seeing Colton in AI on his knees he would love you wanting to worship in McDonalds – and God would too : )

  20. You sound just like me with the diet coke, and stopping by McD’s to get one when I’m out running errands. 5-6 a day was a norm for me…I also keep crystal light and stopped buying the DC to keep at home. But once in a while I cant help myself! The words you wrote about your Dad are so beautiful and touching. I love your blog, your love for family, God and life shine through!!
    Que Dios te bendiga Traci!!!

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