DIY Cupcake Liners {& a Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!}

Yay!  I am so excited to share these great deals AND A GIVEAWAY for a Silhouette Portrait with you today!

I love my Silhouette machine and many of my blog friends do too.  If you have one, you know why we love them so much.

They can create so many awesome things like vinyl decals, etched glass, custom apparel, scrapbook pages, cards, crafts and more!

Last month, I made some cupcake liners for my “sock cupcakes.”

cupcakes 046

I had to enlarge the cupcake liner design on my silhouette to make it fit around my socks.

They turned out so cute, that I knew I wanted to make the cupcake liners again.  But this time, I wanted to make them small and for regular, edible cupcakes. Smile


silhouette 009

With St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I decided to buy some green scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby for my cupcakes.

silhouette 003

I used the cupcake liner template from my Silhouette Designer Studio, and was able to fit 5 templates on one 12×12 sheet of paper.

silhouette 006

Next, you just peel off the cupcake liner and connect the ends to create a cute little cupcake holder.

silhouette 016

These are so colorful, adorable, and super easy.  I could see all type of opportunities to make these again using sport team colors, or holiday and  birthday papers, etc.

silhouette 023



Now, here is a GREAT Silhouette Promotion!

{February 28th-March 8th}


By using the promo code:  BENEATH, you can enjoy these great savings…

(1) 1 Silhouette Portrait™ and the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $179.99  {regular price $249.98}

(2) 1 Silhouette CAMEO® and the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $269.99 {regular price $348.98}

(3) The Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software for $24.99 {regular price $49.99}

Click HERE to take advantage of these great discounts, and be sure to use the Promo code:  BENEATH.



Today, I am giving away a Silhouette Portrait

to one lucky Beneath My Heart reader!



Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  Good luck!!




a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I have been wanting a Silhouette machine since I first started reading blogs about 1 1/2 years ago. Would love to win (Many readers are not on Facebook or Twitter – it would be nice not to start a giveaway with a “tweet” – just a thought :) _)

    Thank you

  2. I would be jump for joy happy to win this giveaway because I really want one but haven’t taken the plunge to buy one. I will use it for scrapbooking, labeling and making cards.


  3. I’d love to enter but don’t use twitter. SOMEONE is going to be very happy to win though! Just wanted to tell you I made those sock cupcakes for my girls Nd they were a huge hit!

  4. This was the first giveaway I ever saw when you first had it. Now I recognized its potential and could really use it for sewing.

  5. My daughter likes to bake. She made apple cupcakes for her sister’s college graduation in elementary education. I think she would have great fun making cupcakes and then decorating the liners with these. Thanks for the give-a-way. Tina

  6. I don’t tweet, but I would love to win. This size would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Love your blog.

  7. Like Kim B, I don’t tweet either, but would like to be entered. I have wanted one of these forever! I’m a card maker, so I would use this great machine constantly.

  8. I would love a Silhouette. However, don’t tweet or facebook either. I think that machine could be used for a lot of fun things.

  9. I have been dying to get one of these!! I would love to win and I could finally make all the fun vinyl I have been wanting.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. I would make lots and lots of graduation party stuff…banners, signs! Let the party begin!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. Not sure if this comment will enter me, but since I don’t tweet, it wouldn’t let me “earn 3 more entries”. Hope leaving the comment works! Would love to win such a great giveaway. Just read your recent post about how sudden, unexpected things affect our lives, and am thinking of you. (Got home yesterday from a hospital stay with my mom.) We have had a number of those experiences lately, and God has certainly used them for good. I pray He will do the same in your situation. God bless you, Traci!

  12. I would create cupcake liners also for my son’s first birthday party next month!! thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  13. I would make lots of fun subway art for my home and for gifts….I tweeted also ;)….always feels weird to say that.

  14. Sadly, I do not “tweet”. I know someone is going to be very excited when they hear that they have won this! Good luck to everyone.

  15. Better question… what DON’T I want to make??? We just moved into a new house, so there’s organizing to do, a playroom to decorate and a new big boy room as well!

  16. This would be such a fun tool to win!! I don’t know where I would start… probably making labels for my spice jars!!

  17. This is so not in my budget right now, but I would love to win one, I can think of so many amazing ideas to use it!

  18. There’s so many things I would love to create with this especially things for my sons birthday party in a few months!

  19. This would be the coolest thing to win and use in my new craft room! I can imagine all kinds of fun things using this…where do I start?? Please make sure my name is picked!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. HOw cool is this machine? I’ve read so many wonderful blogs and pinterest shout outs about thi marvel. Would love to try it myself. Can’t even decide what I would do first. :)

  21. I would make t-shirts for my granddaughters. Also, t-shirts for my oldest granddaughters gymnastics team

  22. I want to create everything! But ever since I found out that a Silhouette could cut fabric too, I’ve been dreaming of making our family reunion shirts for 50+ people this summer!

  23. I would love to be entered as well but I don’t tweet. This would open a whole new level to my crafting I could use it pretty much in anything I do (and trust me I have tried a lot)

  24. Would use this to do a scrapbook for my 4th grandchild that will graduate from high school in May. I make one for each child and a duplicate one for their Mom and Dad when they graduate, and covers the time from their birth to graduation. A real labor of love and sweet memories!

  25. I don’t tweet. I scrapbook and make cards and think this would look great in my card room….oh that would be my dining room!

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  26. If I were to win, I would create labels for my scrapbook/craft space to get it organized, and then I would start working on vinyl home decor stuff since I’m in an apartment and can’t paint. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Ahhhhh! I want to win this SO bad!!! I’m wanting to really get into making my own stationary and this would help me make some adorable cards!

  28. I have been wanting to make some life boards. I have the boards just not the equipment for the words. Plus, using one I could get my 5 year old involved and let her learn along the way!

  29. Who would not wish to win this great giveaway which would enhance many of life’s projects. I am awaiting ‘the urge’ to return to getting photos in albums and this would certainly be a great stimulant if I should be ‘so lucky’. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.

  30. I have been wanting a silhouette to use for signs, and cards, and mixed media artwork, and window clings and….. I have a little space in a booth in Coeur d Alene in a little shop and there are so many things I could make myself and not have to purchase…. Fingers Crossed!

  31. I was really bummed because I don’t Tweet (I will never, I think one social media is plenty) and couldn’t unlock the rest of the rafflecopter because of it. I really wish it wasn’t set up that way. Looks like a great product though with so many opportunities for fun crafts.

  32. the first thing I would do is use it to help me redecorate my girls room. I have so many ideas and I have to bug all my friends to cut stuff for me, this would be great!

  33. Your cupcake holders are adorable for St. Pats day. I am interested in making sayings for my craft room walls so if I won the Portrait I would be working with vinyl and learning how to cut it. The Portrait has been on my wish list since it came out. I like that it seems more portable for crops and retreat with its size.

  34. I’d make vinyl words and verses for anything that didn’t move in my house….especially monograms!! Yep, monograms on every square inch of my house!

  35. Pick me pick me! :)
    I think the first thing I would make is labels for my laundry basket dresser.
    Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much

  36. School craft projects, birthday party invites and decorations, holiday decor around the house, gifts, scrapbooking….just to name a few off the top of my head. Sure would LOVE to try this out!!!!!

  37. Hmm, those cupcake wrappers, little paper cones for flowers on May day, lots of pretty spring fun things that you show us!

  38. This would be a fabulous addition to the family for crafting, labelling, framed art work, etc. thanks for this amazing opportunity to win, Traci & hope that you are doing okay. You are in my thoughts…..

  39. Would love to win this so I could make labels, gifts boxes, specimen art, and other home decor items! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. i would love to win this so i could make some sweet wall art for above my bed- and some adorable cupcake liners for my annual irish car bomb st. patty’s day cupcakes!

  41. A million things starting with cupcake wrappers. Stencils for wooden signs, all of the party propoganda to go along with the cupcake wrappers. Oh and definitely some cute t-shirts!

  42. I would make some cutouts to put on a 75 yr old window that was given to me. I’m going to hang in on my front porch. I may have to resurrect my blog with all of the summer projects that I have planned!

  43. Another non tweeter that would love to enter! Guess I will have to eventually but this is the only reason I would. Whoever wins, enjoy!

  44. i don’t tweet so i can’t enter :( just wanted to say those cupcake holders are too cute!
    good luck everyone:)

  45. If im the lucky winner I will be creating many home decor projects. Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing machines.

  46. Hello, I have been wanting to make a personalized garden sized flag for my Dad’s grave, I guess I should get designing it now so I can get right to it when my new Portrait comes. Thank you so much for such a great giveaway!

  47. We lost a very special girl and we have a decal with her initials and a heart & wings – it was something she herself used to draw. Anyway, we put them on our rear windows (or wherever) and we are always needing more.

  48. Oh my goodness, I have seen so many ideas I wouldnt even know where to begin!! Probably some projects for the nursery as well as my sons room.

  49. there are so many projects I can think of that I would use this for, but the first would be Scripture verses. thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I would use the silhouette for so many projects form vinyl lables, to cards, scrapbooking and new art in my home :) thanks for the giveaway :)

  51. If I were lucky enough to win, I would probably start by making vinyl inspirational wall quotes for around our house. I’m addicted to those! Thank you for the chance to win!

  52. I would be so ecstatic to win this! The very first thing I would make is a sign for my baby boy’s nursery that says “You are my sunshine,” I am also loving the cupcake liner ideas! I would totally make some for his 1st birthday this July!

  53. My son is getting married soon, I have many projects lined-up to be done with Silhouette…how i wish, i could win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  54. If I win this silhouette giveaway I would finally make the home decor projects for our living room that I have had in my head for along time but no means to get them out.

  55. I would love to win this for my wife. She has wanted a silhouette for quite some time now and it’s her birthday at the end of this month so it would be perfect timing.

  56. I would find so many uses. Card making, scrapbooking, crafts, labels. Thanks so much for awesome giveaway.

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