Getting my Bathroom Clean! {& Giveaway!}

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What is your least favorite part of your house to clean?

Mine, hands down, is the bathroom.

I HATE cleaning the bathroom!!!

As the mother of four boys, let’s just say that our bathrooms can get extremely messy.  The boys need to work a little more on their “target practice.”  Smile

They also take a lot of baths and leave behind a lot of filth and dirt.

I don’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom, so I was thrilled to have the chance to try out CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner.  Have you ever tried using this product before?

CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is…

– Fast acting and powerful

– Cleans quickly and effectively

– Makes short work of stubborn dirt, calcium, lime, hard water stains and soap scum

– Has the Environmental Protection Agency’s “DfE” (Design for the Environment” designation, meaning its safer chemistry is not harmful to everyone in your home.


I decided to see if CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner could clean the soap scum around the bathroom tub faucet.

Here is what is looked like before…


light 025


Then I sprayed on the CLR foam cleaner, and let it sit just a few minutes to do its magic!

And here is the after!

light 026



Much better!

I was very pleased with the results.

I think you will be too.

If you would like to win a bottle of CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner, leave a comment on this blog post stating what your biggest bathroom and kitchen messes are that you would clean with CLR.


Good luck!

You can follow CLR brands on Twitter (@clrcleaners).

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  1. My biggest problem in the bathroom are the rust stains that are all over the floor, walls, and faucets. Its supposed to be white…I think….but now its yellow and gross. Yuk. I have two boys and a husband…all in one bathroom!

  2. It would definately be the bathroom. We have a well so the water is very hard. Lots of hard
    water stains and soap scum.

  3. I can identify, I also am the only girl and I hate cleaning the bathroom. I am definitely going to try this product so thanks for reviewing.

  4. My biggest problem are the hard water stains in the toilet. I have tried everything to clean it and the stain won’t budge. I would love to try out this product.

  5. I’ve tried EVERYTHING on my stupid stall shower. I hate fiberglass textured shower stalls and have even considered replacing it because I hate cleaning it so much.

    Will this really work!??!?!

  6. I think I hate cleaning the bathroom most. Especially after visits from the grandchildren.We have some that are just learning and you can imagine what messes they make. I will get it clean again for our empty nest and then we’ll have another visit.( I’m feeling really bad for those grand kids mothers because they must be cleaning constantly.) I remind myself all the time that the messes they create are blessings of the love we have in our family. No mess is too great when our grand kids come visit!

  7. I’d love to try CLR. I’ve tried others, but nothing’s worked as good as it claims and I hate all the chemicals. My biggest problem is bathrooms…soap scum and my caulk always seems to be a mess. Thanks!

  8. Looks like this stuff worked pretty well for you. I absolutely hate cleaning our glass enclosed shower. It seems impossible! There are so many nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. I don’t think the person who invented it ever thought about the cleaning part! I put it off as long as I can and that makes it even worse. Every time I take a shower I dream of ripping that shower out and replacing it with a regular tub and shower that is SO much easier to clean.

  9. Hands down my biggest issue is my shower, particularly, my glass shower walls on two sides. I have tried every product and tip to try and rid them of the water spot build-up that has accumulated over the last 3 years even when we were avid squeegeers to begin. Eventually we just gave up squeegeeing as it was a lost cause. Our water is hard and high in calcium. I would love to test this product out if it is supposed to work on glass to see if it works. Like I said – I have tried every product recommended and nothing has worked. But I am always willing to try something new.

  10. We just moved into a rental home, so EVERY bathroom! It kinda creeps me out using someone else shower, so I want to completely disinfect the bathrooms head to toe before we use them!! :)

  11. Definitely shower and sink. I don’t know how the sink get so dirty! I do wax them both down or also use the Clorox with teflon, but eventually it’s soap scum. /this looks like a great product.

  12. Would LOVE to win a bottle of CLR!!! Have 3 little children who dirty their bathroom horribly – this would speed up the process of cleaning a ton!!!

  13. I use natural cleaners to clean my showers and tub BUT it doesn’t work very well at all. I would really like to try this product because you said it worked well.


  14. I live in an old house and the bathtub is a magnet for soap scum ring. I have to use a Mr. Clean eraser on it and that still doesn’t get all of it.

  15. I have the hardest time cleaning my bathtub. We live in NC which equals red clay and it is worse than soap scum to get rid of. Thanks for the chance to win something that might help with that! :)

  16. I’d use CLR in the bathroom, of course. Lots of hard water where I live. I never use bar soap in the shower, just milder shower gels. But the calcium and lime build-up is severe anyway. Last time I scoured the shower doors, it took 3 days. I use white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. I saturate, wait, and then rub. Then start again. For really bad scales, like inside the door tracks, I saturate paper towels with the vinegar mixture and stuff them inside. Later I scrub with a plastic brush to loosen particles. I use old toothbrushes to reach areas immediately under the doors. It’s a bunch of work! But when I am done, the doors just gleam like they are new (they are 15 years old). My hint: After you get your tracks cleaned, rub them down with petroleum jelly and then polish off all the excess. Next time you clean the tracks, the soap scum comes off a lot easier.

  17. Mine is our old shower with white tile and grout…at least the grout is supposed to be white!

  18. Since we have slightly hard water our shower tiles are the hardest to keep clean looking.
    I’ll give this product a try!
    I have a suggestion for you…try having your boys clean the bathroom! They may just be a tad more careful if they know they have to clean it up.

  19. I have a large glass shower and a garden tub. My little 5 year old loves to play in the mud so CLR would be awesome to try.

  20. By far the hardest part of my bathroom to clean is the glass shower door. The soap scum on that door is terrible!!

  21. Since we have hard water here it seems everything is hard to clean, the sinks, the shower walls and glass, the commode. It would be great to have one product that does it all!

  22. I have an on going battle with the tile in my guest shower. It’s winning(the shower). Bet I could do some real damage with CLR!

  23. My biggest bathroom and kitchen messes are teenage boys. ‘ Nuff said. :)
    Do Heidi

  24. I would use it on all kitchen appliances which seem to get dusty and gunky with splattered grease, etc. I don’t like to scrub! Too many other exciting things to do! Haha.

  25. I sm glad you have a clean bathroom but really want to thank you for the opportunity to subscribe to your son’s Youtube and I got to hear all three of hs sons. I do not know that a oung man his age would necessarily like to have lovely used to describe him but his heart and presence are LOVELY!!!

  26. My shower is the hardest to keep clean, but the bathtub is a close second. Looks like it cleaned your tub very well. Thanks, Mary Beth

  27. I would use it in my tub. We have well water and I would love to see if it would help the stains around the drain.

  28. I have a textured glass shower door that is a pain to clean! I think the CLR cleaner would simplify things!!!

  29. I’m with you, Traci! I hate cleaning the bathroom too. As a mom of 5 sons, and now “mimi” to 8 grandboys, the bathroom doesn’t stand a chance in my house. I hate trying to clean the shower doors and the base of the Lou! I’d love to try this product and see how it works for “dirty guy” bathroom. LOL

  30. We have used that before. We cannot use it in our “new’ bathroom. The material that our shower and sink are made of have to be washed with a specific cleaner, but our “old” bathroom still gets cleaned with CLR. It’s great stuff!!!

  31. Definitely the glass shower doors and fiberglass shower. Most sprays have a suffocating smell in such an enclosed area

  32. Wow Traci that really made a difference. I would use it on the bathrooms all over. It is hard to bend with the way my back is and maybe this would clean with better ease. Thanks for the offer to win.

  33. i have a hard time trying to get rust stains out of the bottom of my sink and soap scum on my faucets

  34. Привет! Никогда не пользовалась и не встречала такую продукцию. Очень бы хотелось попробовать…
    Hi! Never used and never seen such products. We would like to try …

  35. Hands down the shower glass door in my bathroom…a huge pain to get sparkly and clean.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. I would love to try this in my hubby’s bathroom–the tub wasn’t set level and so water seems to pool in one spot and over time…well, it’s pretty ugly!

  37. I have to agree that cleaning the bathroom is the worst! We have very hard water and no water softener, which makes cleaning “challenging” , to say the least. I also have 4 boys so I can understand the target practice comment all too well!

  38. The bathrooms are the hardest for me. I have fibromyalgia and scrubbing the bathrooms can become a painful chore sometimes – but with a tile shower and glass door in one – I must do it constantly – and I never get all the soap scum off! lol

  39. My walk in shower is this weird plastic tile that is super hard to clean and looks ‘grimy’ all the time. Maybe CLR could help!

  40. My biggest mess is always the tub. We have a well and their is a lot of iron in our water (even after installing a filter system), so our bathtubs have an orange tint to them. CLR is the only thing that will completely clean them. I have never used the new kitchen and bath CLR and would love to tackle that orange tub with it.

  41. I also have four boys (17-23) and bathrooms are the one thing I hate to clean also! Especially the tub and toilet! I would love to try CLR, especially if it cuts down on the scrubbing:)

  42. Kitchen is ALWAYS bad!! I clean up every night since I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen,but even with only two of us it gets greasy, dirty, and smelly sometimes!

  43. The floor of my shower always looks dirty and feels sticky even after I clean it. Clearly this is a build up of soap scum – yuk!

  44. We have hard water and as much as I try, the tub always looks dirty/rusty. Would love to find a solution!

  45. I have used this product before. We have very hard well water so no chlorine either. With a husband who is an industrial havc mechanic and welder he gets really dirty along with the 2 grand kids an 1 daughter and only ONE small bathroom. It gets pretty bad.
    This product does work well but I did have to give it a few minutes to do its thing to get best results, but my bathtub gets pretty bad so I was just glad to have something that could do the job.

  46. Okay, call me crazy but I love to clean! I like seeing the windows sparkle and the countertops reflecting the light, and sliding down the hall and into the great room and not having dust bunnies on my socks!!! :) I can honeslty say that it is our boy’s bathroom that is the WORST room to tackle in ourhouse … forget the aim issue … Cheerios took care of that long ago … it’s the soap scrum in the shower and they use body wash!! Their shower liner is clear, (or it least it was when I purchased it) and I like to keep it that way. CLR you will be put to the test for sure!

    Traci, love, love, love, your blog and praying for you on your Friday life changing moment.


  47. 3 of my adult boys now live with me and altho they sometimes cook; they don’t ever seem to clean the top of the stove. It is a pet peeve of mine. I have a gas stove and the burners and pan under them are always needing cleaning. In the bathroom, its the tub. One of my least favorite jobs.

  48. That dingy ring around the kids’ bathtub and the hard water build up around the base of the kitchen faucet.

  49. I have to say my daughter’s rust stains from various bottles left in the shower…I cannot get it off for the life of me. So would love to try this & see if it works :)


  50. Would love to try on my bathroom shower stall and doors. I too hate my fiberglass shower stall and glass doors. I would love a product that doesn’t require too much elbow grease. Thanks.

  51. The bathrooms! I have 3 boys and a husband and between all of them, I can’t keep the floors or showers clean. Soap scum from a male body is the worst!! Would love to try the CLR!!

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