Honoring Someone Special to Me! {and a Giveaway}

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How many of you received flowers for Valentine’s Day?

I didn’t.


But that’s okay with me.  They are beautiful, but they die too quickly and are gone.

My husband knows that if he is going to buy me flowers to get the kind that I can plant and enjoy year after year, like tulips or daffodils.

Daffodils are my favorite, by far.     Heavenly!


So I was very excited to have the chance to “Pay it Forward” with potted bulbs to someone very special to me.


Her name is Joyce, and she is the Children’s Minister at my church.




She is so very, very dear to me.  I will never be able to express how much she ministered to me when my mom got sick and passed away 3 years ago.  Joyce lost her mom when she was in her 30’s too, and she knew exactly what I was going through.  She prayed for me, encouraged me, came to the hospital when mom passed, and held my sweet Eli in her arms {who was only 2 at the time} at Mom’s funeral so I didn’t have to worry about his behavior.

She is priceless.

Joyce loves children like you would not believe!  She loves my boys so much, and they adore her!  She encourages Jonathan in his singing and loves to play songs on the piano with him at church.

She is always handing out sweet little encouragements to others during the holidays or on special occasions.

I really don’t know she does it all!

Joyce faced one of the biggest battles of her life last year against cancer.  She endured chemotherapy, and so much more, during that difficult time, and yet she shined like an angel through it all.  Her faith was beyond compare, and she used her trials as an opportunity to share God’s goodness and love with as many as she could as much as she could.

She reminds me so much of my  mom in so many ways.

That’s why the boys and I were so excited to give Joyce some potted bulbs.  I found some beautiful flowers at Krogers, but you can also find them at flower shops and garden centers.  They were in beautiful blue and white ceramic bowls that I thought Joyce would like.  {I was going to try and get “crafty” with my gift, but I thought these ceramic bowls were just perfect.}


My favorite were the  yellow tulips.  I would have gotten daffodils, but they didn’t have any yet.  I’ve shared on my blog the special memory I have of my mom and it has to do with daffodils.  Joyce knew that story and hand painted the most beautiful daffodils on a keepsake box for me after mom passed away.  See?  She’s priceless!

Here are the boys and I at church with Joyce presenting her with her flowers.



I also made sure to give Joyce a card with her flowers that told her in words exactly how wonderful we think she is.

Do you have someone special in your life that you would like to honor with a gift?

Well, here is your chance to “pay it forward!”

I am hosting a giveaway

for a $25.00 Visa gift card. 

The winner of the giveaway is to use that gift card to buy some potted bulbs and give them to someone special.


How awesome is that?

***All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post stating whom you would give a “pay-it-forward” gift of potted bulbs to and tell us why you’d give it to them.




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  1. I have an amazing friend that I would love to “pay it forward” to. She is amazing, supportive and loves unconditionally. :)

  2. Joyce taught Lance in preschool and will have to say that she s a blessing to all the children she has ever taught. She gave each and every child a hug when they came into the classroom, gave encouragement in little ways that made a big difference. She is one of the most amazing ladies that I have had the pleasure to have had in my life even if it was a brief time. Glad that she pulled through her tough year and will be able to bless more children with her beautiful smile and her love.

  3. I would pay it forward to my neighbor/friend/2nd mother, Ms. Cathy. When my Mom passed away a few years ago, Cathy was there for me. She brought meals and yummy treats for my kids, babysat, and she has listened to me as I cried about my Mom. Even now, a few years later, she still comes over with treats and makes sure I’m doing okay. She gives me little pep talks, like my Mom used to do, when I’m going through a tough time. She treats my children like they are her very own grand kids! She has been there for me and my family, as she has gone through her 2nd round of breast cancer and chemo and has come out fighting!

  4. What a beautiful story. I would give the flowers to Anna, a young woman who works with me and needs to know that God loves her and has a special plan for her life.

  5. I would give them to my neighbor whose mom recentlY had a stroke and is having a hard time balancing her full time job, family and caring for her Mom.

  6. I’d pay it forward to two people:

    #1: My great-aunt. She is 96 years old, has Alzheimer’s, and lives in a nursing home. Last Wednesday, she lost both her son and son-in-law in one day. She has no idea who I am, but yet she is family, she is a woman of God, and she is loved.

    #2: One of my fellow PTA Mom’s recently lost her father after a long illness. She is also a substitute teacher at our school, and has 3 wonderful kids. She is an amazing woman and someone I look up to as a mother and woman of God.

  7. I would pay it forward to a friend of mine, M. She is SuperWoman. She and her husband are raising their granddaughter. She is the biggest advocate to make sure her granddaughter gets the education she needs. She takes in countless bottle puppies (newborn puppies that have lost their mom or were rejected resulting in needing bottle feeding), never complains, never says no. She’s been doing it for years, and you’d think she’d become immune to it. She cries for every puppy she loses and every puppy who leaves for their forever home. No matter how heart broken and tired she is, she fights for every tiny little life. On top of the sleepless nights (imagine having a newborn for the past 6 years! That’s her!), caring for her family, participating in church and her granddaughter’s schooling and extracurriculars, she helps countless animal rescues and shelters find funding and supplies. I truly do not know how she does it. On the side, she petsits and we can leave our dogs (our babies) knowing they’re in safe, capable hands. In fact, our lab CRIES for her after she leaves. We just came back from vacation and he was so depressed for two days. They love her!

    She never thinks of herself. I would love to pay it forward to her. Even if I don’t win, I think I will do it anyway. I adore her.

  8. I would pay it forward to a friend who just lost her dad unexpectedly. She also just moved, so after they were done blooming she could plant them in her yard and have a reminder of her dad every spring when they bloomed.

  9. I would pay it forward by sending flowers to my beautiful Mother….she is 82 years old and is recovering from bladder cancer. I think she would truly enjoy a “SURPRISE !” of her favorite spring flower…..daffodils.

  10. I would send some scillia bulbs to my stepmom. It’s a difficult transition to make and I feel she tries very hard and generally feels under-appreciatied. She normally returns most presents, but I think she might keep these as she loves her little flower garden. CTD

  11. I would give them to a friend who just lost her sister to liver cancer, two weeks after being diagnosed.

  12. What a beautiful display of God’s Love shown to someone……
    Given the opportunity to do this (and I have taken this opportunity to do it very often), I would once again shower my neighbor, Amy, who is a single Mom that has MS. Although she knows that there is no cure for this crippling disease, she continues to enjoy life and share the breath of life through her smile and unhindered acts of kindness to everyone she meets. She would get this potted plant from me and more…….

    Thank you for this opportunity to share and for your love shown to those in ministry! Blessings to you deeply!

  13. I love this wonderful idea!

    I’d buy for my sister in law, Stephanie. She is me 7 years ago when my husband & I were dealing with infertility treatments. She just had her 2nd failed cycle & feels alone & afraid that it may never happen for her.

    It will happen, we just don’t know how or when.

    After 5 yrs of treatments, we were financially & emotionally spent. We took a break. 5 months later God reminded us that he was in charge & gave us a surprise of a life time! (Funny how that usually happens.)

    I’d like to give stephie something that would remind her how beautiful the world is, even when it seems dark & ugly.

  14. I would like to “pay it forward” to my best friends, support system, and those individuals who always have my back, the people who I look to daily… my family. Being away at college for sometimes month’s at a time, I miss my family more than anyone could ever know. They are the people that have always been, and will always be there for me. They are so dear to my heart and even though I can’t see them anytime I want, I would like them to know that they are always in my thoughts and heart even when we are hours apart from each other~I love them more than words can even begin to describe and I am ever grateful to be blessed with such an amazing set of parents and older sister.

  15. I would like to use it for my friend. She got married a year ago at the age of 37. I was very happu for her. She and her husband became expecting 6 months later. She had some complications and when she delivered she had a baby girl . She has down syndrome. Her name is Aleithia Grace. She is a beautiful girl. aleithia has been in the hospital for almost two months now because of complications. My friend has been handling this so well and has a beautiful spiriit. I would love to give these to her as a special welcome home gift.

  16. I wouldn’t give the flowers to anyone I know…I live in San Bernardino County and would take them to the nearest police station…in Joshua Tree. I am a former police officer and I know what it’s like to lose a fellow officer. I would take it to the station in memory of the officers recenlty killed by Chirs Dorner.

  17. I would pay it forward to my neighbor Deb who is so friendly and always there for our family!! :)

  18. Thank you so much for this post! I like the idea of paying it forward because I can always use a little reminder after Thanksgiving and Christmas have gone. I’m like you and would rather have something to plant or something that will last longer. There are so many people that I would like to thank that I don’t know if I can name just one right now. But it could be a goal to do something each month or something….now my wheels are turning :)

  19. Oh this story is so very precious! If I won I would pay it forward with a sweet lady at our church. She works so very hard. Her and her husband are the kind of people that if you need anything at all, any time of day or night, they will be there with smiles on their faces to do it. They are just incredible and a HUGE help to us and the other pastors.

  20. I’d pay it forward to my dear mother-in-law, who is busy taking care of my father-in-law who just had a quadruple bypass week before last. She’s also taking care of her elderly mother, who lives with her. So she’s stressed and overwhelmed. Ever since my own mom passed away 3 years ago from esophageal cancer, mom-in-law has been so much more to me than just “my husband’s mom” and my kids’ grandma. On Valentine’s Day I bought her a box of chocolate-covered cherries — her favorite candy — but potted flowers would really brighten her home! I know she feels bad that she can’t garden because she’s too busy care-taking. No matter who wins, thanks for the idea!!

  21. I would send bulbs to my 93 year old friend at church. Her vision and health no longer allow her to work outside in her yard.

  22. I would send them to a friend of mine. She never thinks of herself and is always there with a listening ear and a helping hand. I would love to pay it forward to her. Even if I don’t win, I think I will do it anyway.

  23. Hi! I would use the Visa card to purchase bulbs for my good friend, Lela. We met through our husbands (who are best friends), and now she’s more like a sister to me than a friend. I really value our friendship, and I know that she loves gardening, and she loves flowers, too! Nice giveaway — great idea!

  24. I would give them to a friend of mine who recently lost her teenage daughter in a car wreck. I think if she planted some bulbs in her honor that would give her a reminder every spring to look forward to.

  25. I would pay it forward to my Mom and plant the bulbs at her grave…I miss her everyday even though she’s been gone for 12 years now.

    Thanks for the opportunity….

  26. I would pay it forward and give it to my daughters teacher who goes above and beyond each and everyday to do the best for our children!

  27. A good friend lost her home to fire recently. This would lift her spirits and provide a new planting for her new yard!

  28. I would pay it forward to my children’ s crossing guard at my son’s elementary school. She protects countless children everyday from aggressive drivers and endure harsh weather conditions doing so sometimes. She is devoted to her job of protecting school children.

  29. My dear sweet friend Rose. She has been battling breast cancer for the past 4 years. The disease will go into remission and then come back. She has been a trooper and always upbeat about her situation. She always has a smile and hug for every one!!!

  30. I would “pay it forward” to my mother. She is 75 and in fragile health but still takes care of my 78 year old father who was diagnosed with lung cancer last November. He has had 4 surgeries since November and because my mom was not taking care of herself she ended up in ICU for 5 days on 12-24-2012. She never complained and only worried about my Dad. She deserves a whole lot more than some beautiful flowers but what a lovely way to start in saying Thank you.

  31. I would give flowers to a lady from my old church. She uses two canes to get around and seems to be going thro a rough time right now with her health. She has a sweet spirit and she says that she’ll get better. Would love to give her a little love to help her through! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Oh I would give a potted bulbs gift to a friend who drops everything to be there to help since an accident that has left me with a brain injury and other complications. Her help, her visits, her countless hours taking me places and counceling me when im confused are so special…She likes flowers that come back too!

  33. I would pay it forward to my Mom! We lost my brother two years ago and she has had a really difficult time. Your story is just beautiful! You have such a kind heart! Thank you for the chance to win!

  34. I would pay it forward to my Mom. She recently was diagnosed with Alzheimers and I don’t think she quite understands the severity of her illness, but I know that flowers would certainly cheer her up on even the gloomiest of day! I love her with all my heart.

  35. I have a dear friend who is undergoing chemo, and has recently lost her husband. She definitely needs and deserves a “hug”! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  36. How awesome is it that Everyone above has someone special to pay it forward to? I would give this sweet first to my mother who gives her love unconditionally to all of her children. She is such a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman and I’m thankful I get to be her daughter.

  37. I would pay it forward to my dear friend Pat. She always thinks of others and caters to so many people. She makes meals for people, visits people in the hospital, witnesses to anyone who will listen where’ve she goes and she is in daily prayer for all those around her. She has struggled with Lyme disease for over 10 years, yet she never complains. She has muscle aches, seizures and joint pain. She always has a smile on her face and is a beautiful servant of God. She deserves these flowers and I would love to share them with her :)

  38. I’d send it to my Mom. Shes going through some medical issues right now and feeling down. This would cheer her up.

  39. I would give flowers to my neighbor Mary. One month ago her 24 year old son went on his first mission trip to Haiti with his dad, a doctor. Matt was so excited for this opportunity to give back and work with his dad. On January 11th, the car carrying Matt and 3 other mission workers from here in Grand Rapids went off the side of a cliff, killing them all. They never made it to their sight. Matt’s father was in the car behind and witnesses his son’s last moments. Matthew was a good friend of my daughters, and leaves behind a stunned mom, dad, brother, sister, FIANCEE and community. As a mom, my heart breaks for her over and over.

  40. I would give them to my grandmother who just celebrated her 100th birthday on Feb 10th. She LOVES flowers/plants and has always been known to bring a dead plant back to life. She’s now in an assisted living home and would enjoy watching them grow!

  41. I just received potted hyacinths last week & I love them and will now plant in my yard. I would pay it forward with some planted bulbs for my mom…. she simply is the best!

  42. I love reading your blog. Our family has gone through a similar situation as yours and I have been encouraged by your mothers’ strength and her daughters’ strength too. There is nothing like hearts yielded to God! My step-mother is battling cancer now. She is really struggling….I would send them to her.

  43. What a wonderful story. There is a very special lady at church who I would love to be able to do something half as special as she does for everyone else.

  44. I love your story! I would “pay it forward ” to a friend at work who fell and broke her knee cap. She will be laid up for several weeks. I love daffodils also!

  45. I would give it to my friend Kimberly as she has just been through one trial after another for a very long period of time.

  46. I would give the bulbs to my mother because she has helped me so so much through a difficult time she has been my flower of hope and I love her.

  47. I would buy some bulbs for a coworker. She’s been having a difficult time this year and I would like to give her something to cheer her up.

  48. Hi. I would pay it forward to my Mom. She is the glue that holds our family together. She got sick around Thanksgiving & was diagnosed with AutoImmune Hepatitis. It has been very hard on her to be stuck in her chair as she has always been very active in her house, on her farm, and at her church.

  49. The last of my late mother’s 6 siblings is my 95 year old Aunt Julia. She never married and still lives independently with only an aide who comes 3 days a week to shop and take her to doctor’s appointments. When she was younger, her garden was full of daffodils and tulips. I love to bring her flowers when I visit.

  50. My giftee would be a friend who just can’t seem to catch a break, in any form. I’d love to give her some flowers!

  51. I would pay it forward by helping out someone I saw that was in need, whethere it be a stranger on the side of the road or a friend that needed something! I try to do whatever I can to make their day better

  52. What a beautiful woman inside and out!
    What a fun idea to pay it forward kind of giveaway.
    There are so many women I’d give them too…it’s hard to choose one! I seriously sat here for 10 minutes trying to decide.
    I’d pick one though fast enough!

  53. I would present them to my 90 year old mother whose is so loved and cherished. She was a farmer’s wife and worked hard all of her life. She lost my dad at the age of 56 and at the same time went through breast cancer mastectomy and treatments. She has always been so cheerful and accepting if what The Lord brought into her life. She has had congestive heart failure and now it is having some major complications. She is in her last days. I write this as I sit in her hospital room. She is still a prayer warrior for others to this day and has given so unselfishly. She loved her flower beds and I would love to present her with these.

  54. Traci, you are such a shining example of God’s love. I love reading your stories. I wish I had a friend like you that lived nearby. I would cherish her.

  55. I would “pay it forward” to my Mother — who does so much to help me with my crazy schedule. She provides her own version of “meals on wheels” to us. I love when she calls and asks do you mind if I cook your supper tonight. She picks up grandkids from school and takes them to music, ball practice, art, etc. She does all this and she is over 80. She is a great help to me.

  56. I love the story of you and your boys giving flowers to your Childrens’ Minister. I would give the bulbs to a lady at my church who is so encouraging to everyone all the time, but especially when they’re going through a rough time.

  57. My sister-in-law just found out she has cancer and will be starting chemo next week. I would love to give her some and maybe plant them for her in her yard. Every year she can look at them and see that God is good and though things might look dreary now, they will bloom again!!

  58. to my grandmother who takes care of my grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  59. My best friend is the strongest woman I know. She recently lost her sister to cancer, endured a painful move, and had a job change all within a 4 week period. She gives and gives and gives and is so worthy of having that kindness reciprocated.

  60. I know exactly who I’d give these to. I’ve got a sister-in-law who is struggling right now and any way to bring some sun into her life would be wonderful.

  61. I recently went through an unwanted and painful divorce. My friend Autumn was there for me every second. Helped me wade through legal papers, helped me get my house ready to sell, was there on moving day and has continued to give me the kind of support that I hope I can give to a friend some day. Could not have gotten through without her.

  62. I would buy them for my sister!
    She has been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 years and now she is expecting twin boys in early May. Did I mention she is 45 years old? Flowers would make her day!

  63. I have a dear granddaughter who brings my dear one and I a dinner every Tuesday. When my dear one was in the hospital, (married 60 years) my granddaughter came by and asked if it ‘would be alright if she cooked dinner for us every Tuesday as she had been taking dinner to a lady in her neighborhood who had cancer surgery and now no longer needed the help so may I do it for you and papa?’ How sweet is that ?
    Yes, I would love to give her a potted flower to show my gratitude and appreciation.
    Thank your for this thoughtful giveaway.
    With fortitude,

  64. My daughter lost her job as a counselor because of seizures. Her friend took her in and is letting her live with her for free. She is taking care of her until she can get disability. Since I live an hour and a half to two hour drive away, I appreciate this kind lady taking care of my daughter n my stead. I would like to show her how much I appreciate her by surprising her with flowers.

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