5 Upcoming Projects in our Home


Oh…so much to do, so little time, right?

That’s how I feel right now.

We have so many projects around our home that need to be completed.  I have to keep reminding myself that they WILL get done.  Maybe not as quickly as I would like, but they will get done.


So today, I want to share with you the next 5 DIY home projects that are on my to-do list.

{I’m sharing them with y’all to help hold me accountable.} Smile

phone 017_thumb[2]

The first project I want to get completed is our master bathroom door.

door 003

Do you remember this door? We got it for free!

I sanded the back of the door months ago, but haven’t done the front yet. My plan is to do that this week, and order the glass for the door as well.



phone 017_thumb[5]The second project on my list is to give our kitchen table a complete makeover. We bought this set years ago, and it has taken a beaten. I’ll show you some close up pictures of how bad they look when I do the makeover. There are paint marks all over the chairs because my husband tends to use furniture instead of ladders when painting. {ugh.}

phone 002_thumb

This table will look COMPLETELY different when I am finished with it. Yay!



phone 017_thumb[8]

I am totally embarrassed to show you the next two pictures. The first one is of our master closet. Right now it has a piano in it.

door 004

Here’s a funny story for ya!  We moved the piano into this room when we were laying the hard wood floor in the den.  Then without thinking, my husband drywalled up the doorway to that room to make it our master closet.

Now the piano is stuck in this room!  We cannot get it out the other small doorway that leads into our bathroom.  So this is where the boys have been practicing piano!  I think we may have to tear it apart to get it out.  Sad smile

In the next month or so, I hope to build a custom walk-in closet in this space.

Maybe like this? Smile

Luxurious Master Closet With Island



phone 017_thumb[11]

Here is my other embarrassing room….my “office/craft” room.

door 007

This room makes me a nervous wreck when I go in it. It makes my skin crawl. I DESPERATELY want to organize my life, and it’s gonna happen in this room! We are going to build custom desks and shelving all around this room to make it my dream office/craft room.

I’m dreaming of this…




phone 017_thumb[14]

Lastly, the boys bathroom is still in need of two vanities. The toilet works in the bathroom, but we still have to build their vanities. I know what I want to do, Cy and I just need the time to get it done. So hopefully, we will be sharing this project with you soon too.

door 008

Aren’t these vanities cool for a boy’s bathroom?

The kind of dual vanity thing I want for the kids bathroom.


So!  There’s my list!

What about yours?

How many projects do you have in your home that need to be completed?


  1. I LOVE those vanities!!! I am looking forward to your table makeover because ours needs one desperately, it has so many scratches and dings. Nice seeing you around, my friend!

  2. I’m pretty sure your master closet is as big as our master bedroom. :) Looks like y’all have a lot on your plate! Can’t wait to see the transformations!!

    There is a lot of painting on my list now that the weather is nicer. :)

  3. I would be crying with envy if you redo your office like the one you pictured……don’t be embarrassed with your photos, I’m sure all of us have rooms that can match that…..my craft room is the dining room….do I need to say more! Happy projects!!

  4. Ok, the embarrassing pictures and the piano stuck in the closet just make me love ya even more. :) Our next project is our kitchen table and chairs too. Just have to find the right combination of inspiration and cost. ;)

  5. could you get the piano through the window? it seems a shame to have to tear it apart to get it out. i can’t wait to see the bathroom and master closet! and the table, and well all of it!

  6. Yay, so glad to have you back!! I missed you last week and am so happy that you are up and running again. I too am looking forward to seeing what you do to your dining room table and chairs. I may just have to copy it :) Have a very Blessed day!

  7. You have so many great ideas! I can’t wait to see it all come together! My husband just built wall to wall to ceiling bookshelves in our family room that turned out fantastic! Now I just need him to put wood on a set of stairs and down the hallway, make a new newel post like yours ;-) and build a new vanity for our bathroom like yours! I think he would like me to stop reading your blog! Lol! Never going to happen!

  8. How exciting! We are trying to buy a new home since being downsized three years ago and renting. Since we aren’t as handy as you and CY are it’s a new build and we we want everything done. It’s not perfect but should be close enough! I love your creativity!

  9. Wow Traci, you definitely have some projects. I have a thing for doors and I can’t wait to see what you do to the door to the master bath. It’s gorgeous. I recently picked up an old wooden screen door just laying on the curb waiting for me. I’m going to paint it and put it on the door to my sewing room. Love your blog and can’t wait to see your projects finished.

  10. I’m working on patching the oak flooring in my living room/hallway. It’s brave of you to put your projects right out there! I’ve been afraid to do that because progress is painfully slow. But tonight is the night! I’ve already sanded and put one coat of Danish Oil on the main living room floor and my husband cut some boards to place over the holes in the sub-floor in the little hall area, so now I’m good to go on putting the tongue and groove in place. We have 3 adults in the house who all work nights and sleep days, so I have to work at night. That’s caused some of the delays in this project, which I started in November (working on it on my weekends). I love your decorating style and really admire your determination on getting projects completed frugally. I have to say that you are EXTREMELY fortunate to have a hubby who joins you working on the projects and sharing the vision. He deserves kudos! With his work ethic he should do great with his new business. If things are a bit slow starting off, don’t give up! I’ve had several home-based businesses and usually it takes 1-2 years before you start to feel secure with the monthly income.

  11. Wow,
    I like how much you are organized. You have all the plans and your plans are being accomplished by you and your husband, no outside contractor. Just makes my heart sing to see this. Have you considered adding a mirror instead of glass to your master bathroom door?
    We put a new glass door to ours and I had to make a curtain on the hallway side. I suppose yours might not matter since it is in your master bedroom. Thanks for all your posts.

  12. You can do it girl! Put your super cape on and go to it. Can’t wait to see them all completed. You inspire me to get projects done in my house. Thanks for that.

  13. We are working on the outside right now. New pool liner, ripped out hedges surrounding pool and put in pretty grasses and plants, built a wall to hide AC unit, and used the cobblestone mold from Lowes to make a path. Once the liner is in next week, I can finish the post I have started on it. We are also doing a pallet garden this year, so i have to get the backing on the pallets to hold the dirt.
    I love that door you have. That’s going to look nice.

  14. I giggled as I saw your dreams. You’re so close. And I thought of the piano and giggled more. You’ll have this awesome closet like in the room with a special space just for the piano. I can hear it. It will be so small they will pound out their practicing and with soundproofing surround, no one will know. They will never have to play for company. And you’ll rather enjoy that sound. But it will be in its own little cranny and its own pocket door and you’ll still have that gorgeous closet and I just realized THIS is more work than taking that wall down so you can move the piano!!!!!
    I also giggled because in our minds your closet and creating room and boys bathroom already looked like your dream look!!!!! We’d never have guessed!!! That you have projects and lists! We don’t mind if you don’t have it like your dream photo!!! Guess what happens. Styles change. You get older and the shoulder is sore and they say well you are 50. Then for me, I’m considered all disabled so I can’t paint or hammer a picture up, and I’m embarrassed by my ancient kitchen paint job of over 11 years ago that is soooo dated, and that’s when I have to say, I’m older now. No wonder Grandmas houses are so cozy. And last year I wished I could have the kitchen reprinted, all vaulted 12 feet all around–and my girls say, oh no Mom. You did that. We still like it. So you see? I’m excited over your projects. But I don’t mind if the piano stays or if #4 gets done before simpler #1…we all kinda enjoy the dreaming too… That’s part of the fun!!! So while you do nos.1–5, I’ll still be dreaming a bit about those kitchen walls. Deal?!

  15. That’s quite a list Traci, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you and Cy can churn it out by working together and setting such good examples for your sons and your blog readers. I especially love the photo of the “projected” boys bathroom. Yes, it does scream BOYS, but why am I seeing a contest at each sink to see who can make their stream of water splash the highest? Just sayin’, but not namin’ names!!!

  16. Oh what a list. I just wish I could get my kitchen floor covered. It has been several months since my husband removed the old broken tile. It is a mess. The goop that was put down under the tile is a problem to smooth because I have a breathing problem and when sanding I can’t breath. I don’t know what we are going to do, but that is not your problem. I wish you the best on all of your projects. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I forgot to ask what are you going to put in as glass on the bathroom door, plain glass, frosted glass or what? Just was wondering.

  17. Wow, I am so excited for you and your projects. Can’t wait to see how they all turn out especially your renovation of your kitchen table and chairs. I have the exact same set except mine is painted white. I have been contemplating repainting them a different color, and they definitely need repainting anyway. It was you who helped me out back a couple of years ago when I was needing to refinish the top because of heat damage to the top of the table. It still looks great!! Now I just either need to paint the other a different color or repaint white. Can’t decide!!!

    Love the look of that dream office / craft room. I am loving that color gray on the walls and oh my that white furniture is beautiful!

    Marilyn C.

  18. Ooh. I love the craft/office inspiration room. I’m excited to see where you go with that. I try to remember that more projects equal more blog fodder, right? That keeps me from succumbing to the craziness. When the projects run out, I guess I’ll have to move, lol.

  19. Those aren’t itty bitty goals! I can’t wait to see your table make over! I’m dying to do mine. The black was great for a few years but I’m ready for something bright and fresh!

  20. Patternd glass would look terrific in your door, his is very thick and heavy, would give you privacy and at the same time give your room a classy look. This is very popular in Europe and is available here in the US. I’ve done this to my kitchen door, it’s looks great…..a whole new look.

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