Antique Bathroom Door Makeover


Well, our master bathroom door is 99% complete!

closet-door 048

Cy still has to put the door handle back on, but that’s it.


closet-door 046


We got this door for FREE!  It was being dropped off at the Habitat Store while Cy was there getting something else, and the person dropping it off gave it to Cy.

The coolest thing about this door is that it came from the college that Cy and I both graduated from, Asbury University.  SmileSo it is sentimental to us as well.


This is what it looked like when we got it.  It had a plastic window in it.

soup 077

And yes, that is my husband working in his dress clothes.  We got the door last year when he was still a banker, and he would come home straight from work and begin DIYing without changing his clothes first.  Stinker!

We removed the plastic window, and sanded the back side down real good. 


Then we filled all the holes up with wood filler, let that dry, and then sanded some more.


Then we used our dark walnut stain from Minwax to stain the front and back of the door.

We also ordered a new tempered glass for the door from a local glass company.  It was about $80.  That is steep for us, but totally worth it for this door. 

Now we actually have some privacy in our bathroom!

closet-door 053

It was really hard to get a good shot of this door because the afternoon sun was shining in the bathroom window right behind the door.

I will try to get some more pictures of the door soon.

To see the vanity right behind that door, check out this makeover…

How to turn a dresser into a vanity.



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  1. LOVE the tempered glass on the door. Usually, you see it on windows and shower doors, but I’ve never seen it on the actual bathoom door! It looks amazing with the walnut stain!

  2. I love it Traci! It’s the perfect intro to your diy vintage bathroom.
    Btw, Steve comes home & starts projects in his dress clothes sometimes too – what’s up with that?

  3. The door looks great! Your husband reminds me of my ex-husband. He was a college professor at a university, but loved home remodeling more (eventually quit his teaching job to take it up full time, and was successful at it too), and was just as impatient about changing his clothes. I came home from work one day to find him wallpapering our kitchen in his 3 piece suit! Ruined the vest with wallpaper glue. That man drove me nuts, as you can tell by the “ex” . :-) But boy he was definitely a talented remodeler.

  4. The door is beautiful and suits the space so well. I just wonder what the school replaced it with that was possibly nicer. Lucky for you! I have a question about your use or the word tempered glass. Are you referring to the tempering 9heating) process that makes the glass break into small circles instead of shards? That’s usually what I mean by tempered…or is that what you’re calling the frosted effect. I’m just wondering if I’m using the term incorrectly. I’ve priced that glass with the patterns and I think you got a good price for such a large piece.

  5. Oh, Traci, ya’ll are doing the coolest things to your house, it’s going to be a masterpiece when you’re finished. I love this door! Would love to have some of those around my house, maybe one day. Makes such a difference in the character.

  6. LOVE THE DOOR! I have been looking for french doors for my bathroom, but I am thinking that I could handle something like this too :)

  7. Love the door and the sentimental value for you. I spent time at Asbury as a kid…my great aunt lived in a house right by campus…lovely. Good memories. I recently bought a very large old door off the church where my husband and I married. Not sure what we will do with it but, I had to have it. A girl has to have a good stash when a project idea hits. Looking good. Love the vintage touches that add so much. Sarah

  8. Hi Traci. I love what you’ve done to your bathroom door. I was born and raised in England, all of their bathroom door’s/window’s are done in “Designer” glass. I did my kitchen door about 7 years ago. This is when “Designer” glass was not “cool” or even available for residential use, I bought mine from a stained glass shop. Doors were not available but I found a solid oak door and had it cut to the size I needed. It wasn’t cheap and the glass was expensive too. But it’s well worth it. This is the what people usually comment on when they enter my kitchen. Do you have a place on your site where I could send a photo? I love all of your idea’s but most of all I love the way you share your faith with us. Thank you and blessings to you.

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