5 tips to creating a welcoming entryway




Creating a welcoming entryway is easy to do if you follow these five simple tips.



1.  Start with a piece of furniture.  It could be a dresser, console table, settee, or bench, and will server as an anchor for that space.





add wall art

2.  Next, add some wall art.  It could be a mirror, family pictures, a painting, or something abstract.





3.   Shine some light on your entry way with a lamp, candle, sconces, or ceiling light.  Turning the lights on instantly adds warmth to your home.






4.  If you have the space in your entry way, roll out a rug.  It can be as small as a door mat or as long as a runner, but it helps to define the space.






5.  When expecting guests, be sure to add real greenery or flowers to your entryway.  It’s such a nice touch and will make your guests feel special.



Now, when you put all of these 5 tips together, you will have created a beautiful entryway for your home.


Here are some inspiration pictures to get you started…







Pink Entryway



red front door in an entryway



Green in the entryway



Beachy Blues



Love the wood ceiling.



What other tips can you share

to create a welcoming entryway?



  1. Awesome post! I have a few small spots in my entry that need “something.” These tips are great! Especially love the last pic.

    Blessings & Hugs …

  2. Pretty post Traci! I love having a small chair in the entry. Of course, it has to have a pillow in it!

    Hope you’re feeling good and taking it easy.


  3. I am having the hardest time finding a narrow console, dresser, or whatever to fit in my entry. Could you do a post on some of your favorites?

    Also, having a hard time deciding on the width and length of the entry rug. Should it be a little wider than the door, how long, etc?


  4. I simply love all of these , mine has all but the flowers. My problem is, our hall is very tiny,
    really tiny. I have a small drop leaf mahogany table, with a lovely mirror above on the wall, tailored lamp and four nice photo frames holding photo’s of our 4 granddaughters, there isn’t any more room for additional items, do you have any suggestions. I also have a lace runner under the glass top. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mine looks nice but your pitctures are stunning. Thank you.

    1. My entry is also small. Right now I’m using a round silver tray on my entry console (from pottery barn was for a TV but its narrow yet has cupboards and drawers so it works great)…the silver tray bounces light and I have a crystal vase of daffodils from Trader Joes on the tray. It’s the first thing your eye sees as you open the door! I have a small oil lamp with an automatic candle on timer. This too adds glow without much space. There is not room for a coat rack nor a chair nor a bench but the mirror and console definitely anchor this as a true entry! Could you alternate eliminating the runner and glass top for a new look? The wood does sparkle on its own too. Not for always but as a change? It may make your entry feel more open? Congratulations on your granddaughters too! Their smiles definitely make this spot special!

  5. Great tips, thanks!

    Also I have been looking to buy some rugs.. anyone know any sites?
    I’ve heard about Rugman.com? Any experiences there? :)

  6. To Samantha, I had excellent luck with each pottery barn rug. I got mine on clearance and did buy their better pad but their prices weren’t that out of line and quality is great

  7. Do you have any tips on a large entryway – as in, the whole living room? I have an enclosed porch which I try to make welcoming, but the front door opens on to the living room without any transition. It’s such a large open room with high ceilings and a large fireplace, that it doesn’t feel very welcoming (I think).

  8. Love this! I am currently working on my entry way. :) a scentsy warmer would be great to add! We have a variety to match any home decor :)

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