Jonathan’s Performance at the Ky Opry!!!


Surgery Update:  I am feeling better today, friends.  A little less sore.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night!  I didn’t think I would sleep through the night, but I did.  I must have needed the rest.  Thank you for all your prayers, well wishes, and sweet comments.  I have read each one!  They have made me feel so loved. Y’all are the best!



It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Ky Opry Talent Search!

Jonathan competed in the talent search for the first time last year as a 12 year old in the beginner division.

ky opry 028

We had so much fun traveling down to the Ky Opry for the different rounds of competition.  So many great, great memories!

Jonathan won the beginner’s division, the People’s Choice Award, and placed second overall in the competition!

ky opry 041

Jonathan learned so much during that competition.  He had never participated in a competition before and he had never sang with a live band.  He really learned how to “perform” which is so obvious if you compare his very first performance to this past weekend’s performance.

One thing Jonathan decided to do after last year’s competition was to learn to play the guitar.  He has taken piano for 7 years, and I told him he couldn’t have a guitar unless he kept taking piano lessons. Smile

So for his 13th birthday last summer in July, we bought him his first guitar.  Here he is right after we bought it…

phone august 1 054


Let me just say, that he has literally not put that thing down!  He has taught himself how to play it from youtube videos.

He couldn’t wait to play his guitar at the Ky Opry this year.

Last weekend, we headed down to Draffenville, Ky for Jonathan to participate in the weekly competition.  He is now in the Junior Division which is for 13-17 year olds.

Dad and Janet went with us, and we had such a great time!

opry 018

Cy has been so busy with his new career, that I really enjoyed the extra time with him!


And I treasure the moments with the other four men in my life. They are getting so big!

opry 007


On Friday night, we ate at the Catfish Kitchen.

opry 017

I LOVE the food at this place.  The best part is the beans and cornbread.  Yum!

opry 022

Eli enjoyed reading a book with Janet.

opry 025


On Saturday morning, we went to the Paducah mall and walked around.  They had this fun jumper thing there that the boys enjoyed.  Check out these pictures.










Dad and Cy took a break and tried out the massage chairs.  SmileI was laughing my head off at these two crazy guys.

opry 187

I swear I can’t take my husband out anywhere!

opry 132


Then we had lunch at Steak n Shake.  Love their Cherry Cokes!

opry 194


Saturday night came, and it was time for the competition.

opry 195

We were so excited to be there and see everyone!

opry 198


My boys love hanging out in the lobby with their “opry buddies.”

opry 199


Jonathan got up on stage with his guitar and sang his heart out.  I was enjoying it so much, that I forgot to take any pictures!

I did get this picture after the performance with Carson {left} and Savannah {right}.  Savannah is one of the regular Opry singers and has an amazing voice!  Carson is the most amazing fiddle player I have ever heard!  She is opening for Josh Turner at the Carson Center tomorrow.

opry 035

I am always amazed at how this boy loves to sing.  For those of you who are new to my blog, my son is hearing impaired and only has 50% of his hearing in both of his ears.  When he was born, I worried that he may not be able to even speak, so to hear him sing just blows me away!

I’ve been so excited to share this video with you!  Jonathan sang, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

He was the weekly winner in the Junior Division and received the “People’s Choice” award that night!

So without further adieu, here’s my boy!!!


Jonathan’s next performance will be in April.  I’ll be sure to share it with you.  Smile


  1. How AWESOME! What a transformation from last year. He’s becoming multi talented! You must have been so proud of him. I think I would have been crying the whole time. It must have been so rewarding to see how much he’s grown both in singing and guitar!

  2. Traci, I read you regularly – tho, to be honest, I generally am a lurker – but I had to comment today. I just don’t know how you manage to keep the buttons on yours and your husband’s shirts – they must just bust right with pride off anytime you look at any of those boys. Can I also say that, as you sister in Christ, your sweet spirit comes right through in your writing. (I think your mom is very proud of you.) Your eldest boy sure does have a gift. Very impressive guitar work, as well!

    1. Kathy, Thank you for coming out of lurkedome and saying “hi!” :) That means a lot to me.
      I’m sure glad that we are keeping our buttons on our shirts, or that would completely change the direction of my blog. Ha!Ha!
      Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog. We ARE sisters in Christ, and I appreciate your encouragement.
      God Bless you!

  3. Jonathan’s voice is a blessing to my ears. Congrats to him on this performance; he is doing a great job on that guitar!

  4. Oh Traci..that is one little guys earmarked for big things! Beautiful voice and when he smiled at the beginning he looked so much like you! ;) He has a commanding stage presence and just looks like he is in his happy place! God truly has blessed him with an incredible talent. Can’t wait to see him again…I know you guys are super proud! WOW!! ;) Hope you are continuing to rest and letting those boys pamper you! Bonnie

  5. So happy to hear you’re feeling better and able to sleep now. I bet it’s nice to have that all behind you.

    Wow! Your boy’s got talent! Congrats to him on all his amazing wins and accomplishments!

  6. Oh MY! Love listening to him sing!!! And now the guitar AMAZING! I can see the difference from last year, he’ll be a pro in no time! My heart sings with joy for you proud momma!

  7. Having been a private voice instructor for over 25 years, and a professional vocalist since the age of 17 (Dallas Opera), I have a different perspective than some. Jonathan, I am extremely impressed with you. Not just by the fact that you have overcome a huge obstacle. I’m talking about your musicality. Anyone can get up and sing some notes. Anyone with determination can learn to sing the right notes. However, not just anyone can “sell” a song. You sing it like you mean it. That can’t be learned. You either have it or you don’t. You, my young singer/musician, and future fellow professional, HAVE IT ! Now, when you add in the fact that you have not let a large obstacle determine your path, that earns a high degree of respect. If I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I would love to see you perform live. I would consider it an honor.

    -Johnnie C.

  8. That is so awesome! I love hearing stories about anyone trying new things. I’m sure he loved having the support of his family to be there. I know that is one of the most important parts of being a kid and a teen. Glad you are starting to feel better!

  9. Beautiful…..I am also a lurker and just had to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to Jonathan’s video. He has talent!

  10. Amazing job! Very impressed that he has taught himself to play guitar, as well! You can tell how much more comfortable he is getting all the time…fantastic stage presence. Congrats! :0) P.S…..glad to hear you are resting well and feeling stronger. xo

  11. Your son Jonathan has such amazing talent–thank you so much for sharing with us. To think he only has 50% hearing–and just taught himself the guitar–Wow!! He has really bloomed onstage since last year…

  12. That gave me goose bumps. Your sweet boy is very talented. Thank you for sharing his talent and your beautiful family with your readers.

    I’m so happy you are on your way to a full recovery and are feeling better. I have been thinking of you and your aunt often.

  13. I had goosebumps watching Jonathan sing!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! He’s a natural and it’s hard to believe he’s just learned the guitar..and on his own!!! Talent with a capital “T”!!

    I’m glad you are recovering nicely from your surgery and that all is well. :-)

  14. Jonathan’s singing gives me shivers. He does a fine, fine job! Glad you are recovering nicely, Traci. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Yeah for you all! He is growing up too fast! Love the pics of you and your family.
    Thanks too for your health update – you’ve all been on my mind and I’ve been praying for you. My daughter went through some health issues a year and half ago and I’m still trying to lay it all at the cross – scary uncertain times which call us to stand boldly at the throne – easier said than done!! I found much comfort in Strong Enough by Matthew West….remember you don’t have to do it by yourselft!

    Hugs and Prayers,

  16. Jonathan looks like he belongs on that stage! I’m amazed that he taught himself how to play guitar. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better!

  17. Thanks for the updates – both for you and your family. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope recovery is uneventful!
    When I went through similar experience with my daughter, the song Strong Enough by Matthew West brought me great comfort……remember, God is strong enough for this situation – easier said than done when you face uncertain health scares!

    Sending hugs & prayers,

    P.S. Way to go Jonathan!!

  18. thank you for the good news updates on your surgery.
    I shared your son’s video with my cousin who is totally impaired with hearing BUT she has made a wonderful life for herself employment ,marriage, children. There are so many breakthoughs and it would not seem very probably that a totally hearing impaired person would find a successful career with the telephone company…Just a morsel of hope….
    Prayers and blessings to you and all your men(the biggest one must keep you laughing a LOT)

  19. That was amazing! Since I’ve been watching American Idol for the past umpteen years, I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert and my expertise tells me that I’ll be buying your boy’s records one day. Soon! Congratulations!!!

  20. Oh God is so good. When I read your son is hearing impaired, it speaks to my heart that music is from the heart, not the ears…your son must know that he blesses others and us in blog land to smile and feel a sense of joy for him so our burdens seem lighter…I don’t know how to explain…I’m mentally disabled now…so I can’t always express what my heart wants to say. God used you and your son to make me smile and bring joy to my “shut in” days. I pray God keeps using him to go far in his talent as a tool to share Jesus with people who would not have that exposure otherwise. Wow. Just wow! Praising God for blessings and miracles and wonderful things that can inspire other children too.

  21. AWESOME! Your son is so talented!! Also, awesome to hear that your husband’s new business is busy! Praying he is blessed with great success as he strives to do what he loves and provide for your family!

    Praise the Lord for your recovery after surgery. I can only imagine what the last few weeks have been like for your family, but what comfort knowing that we have a God is so much bigger than anything we face and he fills us with his peace to face it.

    John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”


  22. Bill Withers would be proud!!!!!! He has star quality. Do you cry through every performance? I would
    What a beautiful family.
    So glad you are doing well and recovering

  23. Um, wholly cow!!! He’s really really good!!! So glad your feeling better, and let me know when he drops a CD. I’d buy it. :D Congratulations!

  24. Wow! He has really improved and gained more confidence! He rocked it out! I’m amazed at his guitar skills too! Way to go Jonathan! Can’t wait to see his next performance! Praying for you and your family as you heal!

  25. Wow! Way to go, Jonathan! Favorite song from my time and you rocked it! Already in line for your st CD!

  26. ohmygosh! he amazing and so handsome too! look out Scotty McCeery :)

    Traci, I’m so thankful you are recovering well and getting some rest. I couldn’t even comment on your post the other day, I just got busy praying. Hugs to you. Lifting your family and Aunt Sue in prayer too.

  27. So glad you are feeling better Traci!! I will keep you and your Aunt in my prayers!

    My, my…Jonathan has sure grown up since last year’s performance. His voice has really matured……look out American Idol!!! :) Hey, you never know, maybe someday :0) Great job.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  28. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. Just had to say your son is very talented! I can imagine him singing at the Grand Ole Opry !

  29. First – I’m praying for your recovery! I just read your post from a couple of days ago and can’t imagine how scary this must have been for you and your family. Second – not only was I enthralled with Jonathan but so were Lillie and Lola. They ran over to my computer and stood completely still and watched him sing every single word. And then demanded more =) so we watched three more of his videos and they would have kept watching them except we were late and HAD to get out the door (that’s why I am just getting back on now to comment). Anyway, he is aboslutely AMAZING!!!! (And I think Lillie’s in love – haha!)

  30. Glad you are doing well. Jonathan’s performance was amazing. The Lord certainly filled him with talent! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…. you and Cy are so very talented and you have sown into so many in such varied ways. So I’m not surprized your son is so musically gifted!

  31. I have a similar health story. A couple of years after remarrying my wonderful husband, my OBGYN found a small mass attached to my ovary. After an ultrasound he let me know that 1. it could be cancer 2. I may have to have surgery(never have had surgery to that point) and 3. that after having a child from my previous marriage that I may not be able to have any more. Needless to say I walked out of the office in complete tears. Nothing he said was remotely imaginable. He ordered a CT scan and realized it was just a small fibroid. Nothing to worry about right, not for a while any way. I got pregnant right away and the fibroid grew right along with the baby. Hormones I guess. Successful birth of my daughter, but after 3 years the fibroid had shrunk but then came back with a vengence. When I finally broke down and found another OBGYN, she said I had the uterus of a 6month pregnant woman. I felt every bit of that but wasn’t expecting a bundle of joy at the end. An even longer story short, once an issue with my thyroid was corrected( not lost on me that I have a problem with rhyming body parts), I was able to have a partial hysterictomy to remove a ***wait for it*** 10 pound fibroid(yes I do have a picture and it was given a name). Let’s just say that I am all the more thankful that I did have another child, but I may have birthed the fibroid as well. Everything is back to normal and I don’t look like I have a bowling ball in my shirt. To women out there, your health is the only thing you have so take care of it.

  32. Oh wow, he has grown so much since last year. We put the TV on pause when I opened your blog. We love hearing Jonathan sing as you know from last year. I can’t believe how he has grown up in front of our eyes. He will break a lot of girls hearts. But as handsome as all of your boys you really have a job on your hands.

    Sweetie I am so glad you are feeling a little better but I am sure God will continue healing because so many people are storming the heaven to heal you completely.

    Be sure to hug all four of your guys from us as we love hearing from a beautiful Christian family.
    Give your Aunt Sue our blessings to her and your family.

  33. Wow, he was amazing, even my 10 year old daughter was quite impressed! I have only recently started following your blog and love reading about you and your family. What you write is very inspiring. I live all the way over in Australia, but love waiting for your next post to come each day. Good luck with your recent health issues, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  34. I’m glad you are felling better. Amazing Job Jonathan! Would never of even known about hearing issue! EVER! I have two boys: 9 & 14. They are awsome! Nice to see you all having fun together! We started doing Family Devotions and it’s amazing how just a few minutes can bring you so much closer. I get a lot of inspiration from you!

  35. So glad you’re feeling better each day. And Jonathan is AMAZING! This young man is talented and will be doing great things with his music I’m sure. It is wonderful to see a young person work on and love the talents they’ve been given from God. I know you and your family are so proud. Can’t wait to hear the next competition! Bless you all.

  36. Hi Traci
    We just love, LOVE your family. We always look forward to you coming over here. I know it’s a long way, and we are honored that you drive that far. May God bless you family.
    Jonathon’s performance was TERRIFIC!

    The song turned out really very well for just ad-libbing on our part. But then I graduated Magna Cum Laude from WIU (Wing it University) I also carry a Masters degree from SHK (School of Hard Knocks)

    Mr C
    Let’s plan a lunch or a dinner together next time :-)

  37. Lurker here…stalker…you know whatev…ha, ha…..I immediately got goosebumps listening to your son….OH.MY.WORD……that boy is special…..and he’s 13???…good grief…what kind of a singer will he be in 5 more years???…….so impressed!!!!…..just wanted you to know…it touched me!!!

  38. THIS KID CAN SANG!!!!!! Oh yeah, I tweeted – twice!

    Loved looking at your pictures, Definitely been praying up a storm for you this week.


    Marilyn C.

  39. I’m so glad you are recovering well from your surgery! That’s one talented boy you have there!

  40. So good to hear you are recovering well. I had knee replacement surgery 5weeks ago. My biggest complaint is that I don’t have my energy level back. :). God is good! And, oh my word, your boy is just precious! What an awesome performance with such confidence and stage presence. Just love that little grin that shows up every now and then. May God continue to bless your family.

  41. It’s so neat to see that ya’ll were down in my neck of the woods! Our church use to be the one RIGHT next to KY Opry until we built a bigger one up the road, closer to the lake.

    Jonathan is quite the entertainer! He did an amazing job!

    Looks like you all had a great time at KY Oaks Mall! I’ve never been brave enough to get in the jumper things. I don’t want anyone watching me! ha! (Can you believe we don’t have a Target? gasp!)

    I’m glad you are feeling better. I was thinking and praying for you during your surgery.

    Take care.

  42. Such a little sweetie – I was smiling the whole time watching and listening to your wonderful son! Thank you so much for sharing! He has grown so much since last years competition!!!! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Hugs and prayers from Ohio! ~Diane~

  43. I’m another usually quiet reader (aka lurker, laugh) but I have to say your sweet Jonathan is just amazing. To think that he wasn’t even playing the guitar a year ago and now he’s on stage playing like a pro AND singing…wow, just wow! He has such great stage presence as well. I see stardom in his future!

  44. Congratulations, Jonathan! Amazing progress in one year – and learning the guitar in only a year too! Wow.

    Next time in the area I might just give Jonathan a call to open for me…or let me open for him ; ).

    Great job, Jonathan!

    1. Thanks, Shaun! He would love that! :)
      Kevin and Layla are coming up here in May, and Jonathan cannot wait to sing with Kevin. It is truly his passion and so fun to watch him grow in it.

  45. This was so fun to read! I used to sing there when I was in high school :) and, I grew up in Mayfield so the mall in Paducah was our weekend destination.

    He did a great job!!

  46. Gosh Trac, he gets more fabulous every time I see him! You must be so proud! God has blessed you both for sure!

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