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I have a blog that I love.  It’s called The Lily Pad Cottage.  


Kelly is the wonderful creative person behind this blog, and I enjoy every one of her posts.  Some of my favorite are all of the beautiful chalkboard designs she creates!

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I love her daughter’s bedroom makeover



You can tour her beautiful kitchen HERE…


And she shares great recipes too!

Look at these delicious Roasted Caprese Paninis…



I enjoy getting all of her posts in my inbox, and I think you would too.  :)

I asked Kelly if she would guest post on my blog sometime, and she said YES!  Yay!

So please give a warm Beneath My Heart welcome to Kelly….



Hi all, I’m Kelly and I blog over at The Lily Pad Cottage! I”m blessed to be able to stay at home with my two kiddos, but in my spare time I like to blog about all things creative. I was so thrilled when Traci asked me to guest post here at Beneath My Heart, I love her blog (just as much as you do, I’m sure!) and am excited to share with you a few coastal touches I added to our master bath.


Traci asked me to share something that represents my blog, and well, this is my favorite spot in our house so I think it will show you my style. We live on an inland lake in Michigan and I love to incorporate coastal cottagey touches in our home. I’ll also show you a big goof I made – which is a regular occurrence around here, and definitely represents me and my blog :)


This is our master bath, as you can see I LOVE white. I like to keep it cottagey around here and I think the white really adds that fresh vibe. I wanted to bring a little more of the beach inside so I got these inexpensive hurricane vases from Home Goods, a bag of play sand from the hardware store and a few candles.

Coastal Bathroom Touches

I found a box of bars of soap in my linen closet so I threw those in there too, and everything looks more beachy with some old twine wrapped around it. This didn’t cost much but added a lot to our bathroom, now if I could just convince my kids this is not the place to make a sandcastle. :)

master bath - thelilypadcottage

I also scored this cute basket for $5, added some cheap wash clothes and it’s starting to look like a hotel in here.

master bath the lily pad cottage

We have marble counters in our bath (which I fought my hubby tooth and nail over, he insisted we would ruin them…ok so they already have a few minor stains, and he was possibly right (did I just put that in writing?) but I still love them) so we try to keep our soap and cotton balls etc… on a tray to help keep stains to a minimum. I just painted this tray white to tie it in better with the coastal touches. I have a habit of walking around my house with a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and randomly painting things. The Mr. is always walking in from work, sniffing the air, and saying what did you paint today? Is it ok to lay my coat on this?

Let’s check out the tub…oh my tub, I love it, it keeps me sane after a long day chasing my 2 favorite maniacs.

Master Bath - TheLilyPadCottage

This tub was a little out of our budget but we crunched the numbers and were able to make it work by doing all the tile work in the bathroom ourselves…so let’s not look too close at the floor!

Master Bath - TheLilyPadCottage

I hung these Ikea shelves above my bath so I could store some bubble bath and cute stuff. I was always on the look out for pretty bath soaps that didn’t break the bank when I realized I could just buy pretty bottles and fill them with my favorite suds.

Master Bath - TheLilyPadCottage

So much more spa like, and the bottles were only $3 each. Ok now I’ll fess up to my goof, I like to refer to myself as the laziest DIY-er on the planet – if there is a short cut I’m taking it! So, when I hung these shelves I thought (wrongly) that they weren’t too heavy and didn’t need sinkers…yeah, no…

Master Bath

See this cute little table to keep my books on? It is actually strategically placed to cover this…

Master Bath

Oops, giant hole in the wall, it’s on my 3 ft long to do list, but for now the table hides it and no one is the wiser.

Ok, and I can’t leave without sharing just one old pic of what my view is like in the summer – ahh, so ready for the lake to melt and see the sunshine again!

master bath

Thanks again to Traci for letting me share today. If you would like to see the rest of my home, you can take the tour here. I’d love to have you stop by and visit, and of course you can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter too.

Now I need to go google “how to patch dry wall”…



  1. I’m so happy to see Kelly over here – she has the most gorgeous style! Kelly I adore your bathroom so much! And I love that you keep it real and even show your mistakes :) Oh how I would love to have that pretty view!

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