Painting Kitchen Cabinets White


I told you guys that my brother and his wife bought a new home.  They have hired Cy to do some updating and remodeling in their home.

The first project was to paint their kitchen cabinets white.

Here is what the kitchen looked like just a week ago…

painting kitchen cabinets white


It is a large kitchen with lots of cabinet space.


painting kitchen cabinets white

My sister in law, Ande, and I have similar decorating tastes. So I was so excited when she said she wanted to paint her cabinets white!  Painting the cabinets white will give her kitchen an instant, fresh, clean, and bright update.


painting kitchen cabinets white

Cy got to try out a new “toy” for this project.  It was the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer.

When we got it in the mail, Cy pulled it out of the box and said, “Oh, I love the way this feels in my hand!”  He really likes the design of this sprayer.

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer


Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

To prep the cabinets, Cy first cleaned the cabinets really well with a spray cleaner to remove any surface grease or oil from the cabinets.

Then he lightly sanded the surface of the cabinets with 120 grit sand paper and followed that up with a liquid deglosser.

Next, he primed the cabinets using Kilz spray primer (about 8 cans.)

painting kitchen cabinets white


Ande chose to paint her cabinets Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  I LOVE this color!

After removing the cabinet doors, Cy begin to spray the cabinets.


painting kitchen cabinets white


Cy color matched White Dove at Lowe’s using Olympic latex enamel paint in a satin finish.


painting kitchen cabinets white



He applied three coats of paint on these cabinets.


What Cy loved about this paint sprayer:

* it wasn’t overly heavy when filled with paint

* very easy to put together and start using

* pretty easy clean up

* sprayed evenly

* very little overspray


painting kitchen cabinets white


Cy thinks this is a great sprayer for furniture, cabinets, or trim work.  He said it was a lot easier to work with than other sprayers he has used.  He REALLY, genuinely loved this sprayer!


painting kitchen cabinets white


Just be sure to clean it really well between uses.

He did have to add a little water to his paint to thin it just a little, but after that, he said it was great.

Look how beautiful the cabinets turned out!!!


painting kitchen cabinets white


I love this color so much that I am thinking of using it on the exterior of my home.


painting kitchen cabinets white


These cabinets look like brand new now!


painting kitchen cabinets white


So much better already!


painting kitchen cabinets white


Next step in this kitchen renovation is to install the Ikea butcher block counter top.

I will share more pictures with you soon.  Smile

*Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post by HomeRight.  They gave us a sprayer to review, and we gave our honest opinion about it.  Pretty simply…Cy loved it. Smile


  1. My heart is just broken over the evil that took place in Boston….senseless tragedy! My mind can’t comprehend such evil acts….can’t wait till Jesus comes to take us away from here.
    Please tell Ande I said hi!!! :) Love the way her cabinets turned out….Cy did a fantastic job too!! Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. :-)
    Heart felt hugs from a couple of counties over! ;-)

  2. What timing….that’ll be our next step in our kitchen redo. Cy’s work looks great! Question for you…do you think it would be advisable/possible to just use TSP to clean and degloss all at once? We an’t seem to find deglossers up here, so we were hoping that TSP and a little sanding might do it all? Safe travels, Traci!

    1. Hey Julianne, I just recently found a bottle of de-glosser on clearance at Lowes and was surprised b/c it is the exact brand I have always bought there. The girl in the paint dept told me they are not going to carry it any more, that due to environmental concerns, there are a number of items they won’t sell any more. I don’t know if the manufacturer of that brand is discontinuing it, or if just Lowes decided to stop selling it. It doesn’t seem nearly as strong to me as stripper or paint thinner or other products I have experienced, but anyhooooooo that’s what she said so that may explain why you’ve had trouble finding it.

      1. Hi MK,
        Thanks for taking the time to write me a note! I had heard that it was an environmental thing & that I would be hard pressed to find it…..bummer :0(. I think I’ll hit up the paint experts at Sherwin Williams for their advice on what to use. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Traci. It looks wonderful…what a difference! I think it’s BM White Dove and not Dove White. I only know this because I just painted my guest room and office in it. It is a beautiful white. It’s a very pretty, livable white. Who knew finding the right white would make such a difference.

      1. Actually Dove White and White Dove are two different colors but they are both BM colors. Why they would choose the “same” name for two different colors……

        1. You guys are just too cute!! Chips and coke…. hahaha… I think she meant a steak dinner with allll the trimmings, right Cyndi? ;)

  4. The kitchen looks beautiful already! I have a painter coming over today to give me an estimate on painting our cabinets. I can’t wait!
    Sending positive thoughts for a safe flight. My husband travels all the time and he always assures me that the security is usually heightened after a tragic event like yesterdays. My heart breaks for Boston!
    Take care, Shelley

  5. I’m getting ready to paint my cabinets as well. I’ll be looking at this color – and sprayer! Thanks!
    Regarding Boston – did you know there are 615,000 people in Boston? And with the marathon probably more yesterday. With only 2 people losing their lives (which is sad indeed) – it could have been much worse! I think God had other plans that day. My prayers are with all of those affected.

  6. That white paint really made a difference. I sometimes think about painting our cabinets, but it would take me forever to do that job. Tucking away this little piece of info. If budget allows, someday in the future, I know who to call!

  7. I love it Traci!!!! Can’t wait to see more!! The countertops, backsplash and what hardware your sister-in-law chooses. Amazing what paint can do!! You just make me love my white cabinets all the more. And sending heartfelt hugs to you too…. will be praying for your safety this weekend. Thankful that “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world”.

  8. The graining on that wood was really pretty, but the overall effect is mush nicer now. They look like very high-quality cabinets. I know you’re not asking for my opinion, but…maybe you could talk her into installing open shelving instead of the cabinets flanking the sink extending all the way to the end of the cabinet run and leaving those base cabinets on the end as open shelving. Yours look lovely that way. I have open shelving on the end of a base unit and I love it.
    Good to know about the sprayer, especially that he could do it in place with very little overspray. New tools are so much fun. Will the island have the same butcherblock? Lumberliquidators also has very nice BB. However, if you go to Ikea again you really need to let me know as I’m in Cincy!
    Who can understand the evil in some people’s heart. It’s hard to consider them human.

    1. Teresa,
      My sister in law has chosen white granite for the island and the base will be painted a grayish-blue.

      We will share that on the blog too! :)

  9. Hi Traci,
    Could you give product names for the spray cleaner Cy used before sanding, and the deglosser he used afterward? Also, with the deglosser, did he use it exactly according to directions on container or should I know more about how he used it? I’ve never used a product like that before. Thanks so much! This is a beautiful improvment!

  10. Traci, I love your blog! Cy did an amazing job on the cabinets. Out of curiosity, I looked up the price of the sprayer and it is not nearly as much as I would have expected to work as well as described. It would DEFINITELY be worth the cost if tackling cabinets, and then I would have it on for painting larger furniture pieces, etc. I earmarked it for future reference!

    I do have a question though. I noticed that Cy removed the microwave & countertops (probably b/c he plans to replace them with new ones). But as a side benefit, I can see where that may have made it easier to paint. Does the sprayer get into small places well enough to paint cabinets where the appliances and/or countertop will NOT be removed? I was especially looking at the microwave placement & wondering how difficult it would have been to get up in the nooks and crannies if the microwave had been left in place???? My mom has updated her appliances & countertop already, but her older oak cabinets look tired & dated and she is hoping that I can paint them for her, so if I do it I would be working around the existing countertop & appliances.

    Thank you so much for sharing your home and your talents with us (and Cy’s too)!!!

  11. Traci…. Sending abundant prayers for a safe trip to Utah and back home into the arms of your beautiful family…….and us. Godspeed….!

  12. I love this blog, I want to paint my cabinets white. I want to know if this paint is non yellowing? And again Cy out done his self and did a great job. Can’t wait to see the finish project.

    It is so bad that the devil lives in some people and others have to suffer. God bless Boston!

    Have a safe trip and can’t wait to see pictures and info from Snap.

  13. Traci,Hi love what you have done on several projects but want to know where you got the bleach picture or canvas thats in the laundry room with the burlap curtain. i would love to have one for my self,thanks nancy

  14. Traci, love this project and the transformation. I’ve been wanting to buy a sprayer but wasn’t sure which one to purchase. It’s great to see what someone else has done and the tools and methods used to accomplish the project.

    I will lift you in prayer for safe travel.

  15. Wow, that’s wonderful transformation. Thank you for sharing. looking forward for Ikea countertop .

  16. Traci,

    Such an amazing job. He is a very talented guy. I was wondering if he suggests using any type of protective sealer on the cabinets after. I have read varying opinions and I am getting ready to do some cabinet painting and was wondering since you both have had some experience with your own cabinets do you all suggest a sealer to keep those kids fingers from destroying the finish over the years!!!
    Thanks and prayers for your safe travel.

  17. Hi Tracey! Looks beautiful. I was wondering if he puts a poly on afterward to protect the paint and what kind he uses! Tks!

  18. What those instructions usually do not always include,
    however, are classified as the major troubleshooting issues that do-it-yourself’ers come upon. If you carefully follow these steps you should have a successful bathtub reglaze. In reality a bathtub refinishing project can mean anyone of these things or even several of them in a single bathtub refinishing project depending on the individuals requirements.

  19. Hi! I was wondering if u sand your cabinet before painting. Right now i have oak kitchen and i dont have money to hire someone to paint it, so i will try to do it myself w no experience at all. I really dont know what i need and how to start.

    I really like your kitchen color.
    Pls reply,

  20. You did really a great job of kitchen painting and give its wonderful look. Painting a kitchen cabinets with white that’s really a great idea to have a classic and beautiful kitchen.

  21. Traci –
    Looking to do a similar project in a very similar kitchen and I had a question: how did you remove the appliance garage? Did you have to remove the entire corner cabinet or did you just saw it off under the other upper cabinets? That is where I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to get rid of that thing!! Looks beautiful!

  22. I just purchased this same sprayer to repaint my cabinets with, so I’m so glad I found your blog post and that the sprayer seemed to work so well. It gave me the last boost of confidence I needed to tackle this job without fear! :) I’m curious… I have done so much reading and debating on whether to finish the job with a polyurethane coat but my fear is that it’s hard to get it perfect and that it will yellow over time. I read one of your comments that stated you did not use a poly to finish the cabinets, you just used the paint. Are they still holding up well and are they easy to clean? I really just want to use paint and not have to do the sealer.

  23. Hi!
    You are correct, we did not use a poly. But you want to use a good high-quality enamel paint.
    My husband does not recommend using a poly. These were my SIL cabinets, and they are holding up well. She loves them!

  24. Hi! I have oak cabinets that I want to paint white. I couldn’t tell if yours were oak? I do not want the grain to come through the paint. Did this process give enough coverage so that the cabinets have a smooth finish without seeing any wood grain? Thank you!

  25. Hi,

    I love the way your cabinets turned out! I’m am thinking of attempting this myself and am worried that the wood grain from my oak cabinets might show through. Did you use any sort of filler? Can you see any wood grain?

  26. can you see any of the wood grain through the paint? or did the sanding take care of that? I am thinking about doing the same thing do you think I should remove the cabinets and doors or did it turn out fine how you did it? I want it to look perfect. Thanks Tom

  27. This looks amazing! My husband and I want to do this to our kitchen very soon and are wondering: when you say three coats of paint were used, do you mean three coats of paint in addition to the primer and top coat (meaning 5 total?), or do you mean: 1 coat of primer, 1 coat of paint, then 1 coat of the top coat/glossy finish? We are just trying to plan everything out and looking for tips!! Thank you!

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