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Hey friends!

I hope you had a great week!

You are NOT gonna believe this, but I threw my back out while trying to lift something heavy yesterday!  I’ve always suffered with back pain because of my scoliosis, but I have NEVER thrown my back out.

OH MY GOODNESS!  It hurts like the dickens!

I mean the kind of pain that makes you completely immobile.  Cy had to come home early from work so that he could pick up the boys from school.

I have iced my back, used a heating pad, and taken lots of ibuprofen.  I’m hoping I feel better soon because I have a ton I need to do around here, ya know?

Man, I feel old! Winking smile


Well, I hope you are pain free today.  And I hope you enjoy these PINS I pinned from Pinterest this week.

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bathroom storage












family room



cottage bath






loft bed



blue dresser



boys nursery



Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries by www.whatscookingwithruthie.com




Love you guys!


  1. Traci – So sorry you hurt your back! That really puts you out of commission! Loved your pins – especially the blue dresser. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Ouch…I hope your back feels better soon! Maybe it’s God’s message to relax this weekend with a good book & a little cup of tea and enjoy the sun in that great backyard of yours! ;O) Get better soon!

  3. Ice — reducing swelling, much better than heat this long after incident
    BIOFREEZE, I use this and love it.
    and patience…. That’s the hhard part. Rest!!!!

    1. this is exactly what I would have said. Ortho prescribed total rest except for getting up to use bathroom in addition to the above. I am so sorry because I know for sure doing this rest thing is not easy with 4 children.

  4. Have had back pain for almost a month now. Have to start physical therapy now. Hope you get relief soon. Love the PINS.

  5. Traci, I find these back problems happen more frequently in 3’s. If you bend, twist and take a breath, you’ll put your back out! If you step, lift and take a breath, you’ll put your back out. If you hold something, turn and breath, you’ll put your back out. See the pattern? It happens to all us in our old age! Since you’re so active and well, always breathing, make sure you’re doing only one other thing!!

    Feel better and fabulous pins!

  6. Thank You Miss Tracy for including me in your fave picks :) I hope your back gets better so super fast… that is no fun at all. Ice, Ice Baby– always helps! xoxo~ Ruthie

  7. So sorry about your back. My sister has scholiosis too. She wore a back brace all through high school. She has lots of problems with it and probably should have had the fusion surgery. Take it easy!

  8. Hi Traci. My husband did something similar to his back a few weeks ago. What really helped him was Robax Platinum. It contains ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

  9. I did same thing ten years ago… it stinks! Hard part is once it happens it will happen easier after that time and again so take care of your back. I read recently (when I threw mine out for the umpteenth time) that ice is for injuries and heat is for muscle pulls and spasms (which is what is happening with your back). I read that ice can actually make it worse. I will say I stick to heat now and it seems to feel better quicker. I also go to Chiro regularly now and I always go 3 times or more in the week I throw out my back and it helps major. BioFreeze is great too! I’ve also had to start doing Pilates twice a week to help strengthen my core and support my back…. sorry this is long winded. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Hey Trac, Hope your back is better soon. After reading Kelly’s comment I won’t bore you with the same speach. She hit the nail on the head with everything. All I will say is that if you don’t have a good Chiropractor ….GET ONE!!! They are worth their weight in gold during these times.

    Feel Better xoxo

    Let those boys (all 5) take care of you. I’m sure they would all love a chance to repay you for all of of the many wonderful things you do for them. It’s a good character builder. The Lord works in mysterious ways as they say….

  11. Back pain is yucky!! I echo all of the gals Who said get a chiropractor!! After the injury is over, going once per Month for maintenance is soooo helpful!! You should prob go 3x per week until you feel better. Praying you recover quickly :)

  12. Love these pins…..my favorite is the master bath with the 2 pedestal sinks that big window in between them……love the wooden table in an all white room! Hope you’re feeling better soon,

  13. Traci,
    I so know how you are feeling. I hurt my back two weeks ago, don’t really know how it happened but oh the pain of just taking little baby steps or trying to stand. Sure makes one feel old that’s for sure. I hope you heal quickly!
    Oh, love the pins~especially the first one of the bathroom. Love that cabinet!

  14. Hi, could you please let me know where the upholstered bed and the bedding in the loft room is from…absolutely luv it

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