Jonathan’s Performance at the Ky Opry!


Last week, I traveled to Utah for the SNAP conference on Wednesday.

I had originally planned on staying in Utah through Sunday, but left early Saturday morning so I could see Jonathan perform in the Talent Search at the Ky Opry.

And I am so glad I did!

Jonathan went home from school on Thursday with a 103 degree temperature that continued through Friday.  We really thought that he may not even be able to perform on Saturday.  Sad smile

He had a fever of 101 degrees on Saturday, but rested all the way there and drank lots of water and was able to perform that night.


He was straining a little bit as he sang, but he sang with all his heart, and I am so proud of him.

Here is his performance from this past Saturday.  He sang “Changed” by Rascal Flatts.




He made it to the top six of the junior division and will perform again in the semi final rounds on May 4th.

If you live in Western Kentucky, come see us! Smile




  1. Traci..
    what a talented young man you have there!
    his performance was simply awesome!
    you and Cy have to be super proud parents!
    thanks for sharing this with us!
    hugs.. Loui♥

  2. That was just awesome! How proud your whole family must be of him. Thank you for sharing this! We’re praying for y’all :)

  3. I love the conviction he sings with. Amazing young man, and i know you are bursting at the seams with pride for all of your boys. Way to go Jonathan!

  4. He has such a great voice! And such a brave young man to get up and perform like that!! Best of luck to him!

  5. I’m changed, too! Jonathan, your singing is an inspiration. I always get chills. Thanks so much for sharing, Traci.

  6. Best wishes for the semi-finals! Jonathan has an amazing voice even with a high fever!
    Thank you for sharing, it’s always a joy to hear him sing!

  7. My daughter heard singing coming from the computer, so she wandered over to watch with me. I told her that Jonathan was competing in a singing contest, even with a 101 fever.

    She gushed over him, “Aw that’s so adorable. A boy going after his dreams.” As we continued listening she commented on Jonathan’s cute face. Then asked me if she could marry him and fantasized that, as his wife, she could be sitting off stage to support him and then give him a big hug after his performance. :)

    Had to share!

  8. I love the way he works the stage and his expressions were point on. He sold me! Such a sweet, sweet voice, too. Good luck at the semi-finals Jonathan!

  9. So awesome Traci! Thank you for sharing!! Hope you read all these comments to Jonathan. Great job!!

  10. I cried as I watched and listened for you see, I did not know that song. I am praying for a woman who has made mistakes, but just got custody of her children for the first time in her life. She proclaimed Christ. But I heard she is slipping back to the old ways…and no father no mother alive to steer her from evil influences. So as your son sang, his words spoke to my spirit to pray for this woman. I don’t know her last name. I do not know where she lives. I do not know the name of the church accountability group but I can pray…that she will by power of the Holy Spirit, realize she IS changed. In my humanness, I want to know and talk to her and once more, God says, it’s not yours to know. Just pray. So your son’s song did God’s work… He prompted me to plea for this woman before God that she will just see that she is changed forever in Jesus. Will you pray too for this woman? Her son is your son’s age. Her daughter is nine. How mighty God is using your Son’s faith to encourage new believers, those that have never heard, and me, who had not prayed today for this situation. Without your son’s song, I well no point going there! I did listen. I felt God speak to pray for Michelle. God bless you richly for sharing.

  11. I have loved that song ever since it first came out and now I REALLY love that song….Jonathan sings it AWESOMELY! He is one very talented young man! You have every right to be proud parents!

  12. Splendid performance , I enjoyed the performance very much! He not only has talent but also passion for what he does. God Bless him and I wish him the best in future competitions.

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