DIY Herb Holder {Pantone Emerald}


So you may have heard the Pantone Universe Color of the Year was Emerald.

pantone color of the year emerald

I never knew that there was such a thing as the “color of the year” until I started blogging.  Smile

But man, when it comes out, the design world goes crazy!  Everything starts showing up in the color of the year.

Including paint at Lowe’s.

The Pantone Universe’s color of the year, Emerald, is sold exclusively at Lowe’s in the Valspar Signature line of paint.

lowe's pantone emerald



I have been wanting to make an herb holder for a long time.  {I’m hoping it will make me start cooking more at home, or at least make me look more domestic.}


So I decided this would be the perfect project to try out the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald!

DIY herb  holder

This project was SUPER easy!  I bought a 2ft x 4 ft sheet of plywood from Lowe’s.

I laid three plastic containers that would be the size of my herb boxes on the plywood.

diy herb holder

Then I drew lines on the plywood for how big I wanted to make the back of my herb holder.

For the herb boxes, I just used a 2 x 4 board to draw lines across the plywood the width of the 2×4.

diy herb holder

Then I used a jig saw to cut on the lines.  {I don’t usually use the jig saw with my left hand, but I was trying to take this picture of myself, so I had my camera in my right hand.}  Smile


diy herb holder



I cut those strips of plywood into smaller sections to make my herb boxes.

Because this wood is so thin, I thought the best route was to put this together with my glue gun.


diy herb holder

I was TOTALLY not worried about making perfect boxes.  I didn’t care if all the pieces of the boxes lined up perfectly or if there were gaps.  I wanted this to look like an old fashion herb holder.  The imperfections just gave it character!

I used my level to space the boxes about 10 inches apart from the bottom of the boxes.

diy herb holder


Then I hot glued the boxes to the back piece of the holder.  Believe me, those boxes are not going anywhere!

diy herb holder

Next, I painted the herb holder with two coats of Pantone’s Emerald from Lowes.

This is a bright color of green.


diy herb holder

Since I wanted my herb holder to look “vintage,”  I decided I needed to age it a little with some dark wax.


diy herb holder

I absolutely LOVE the way it looks with the dark wax on it.

I wanted to label my herbs, so I used some chalkboard paint from Lowe’s and painted rectangles on the fronts of the boxes.


diy herb holder


After the chalkboard paint was dry, I added the names of the herbs with a piece of chalk.

I lined each box with aluminum foil.  Then I placed the herb plants that I bought at Lowe’s into the black plastic containers and placed them on top of the aluminum foil.

diy herb holder

I really love my little herb holder!  The herbs smell A-ma-zing!

diy herb holder

Now I need to actually take the time to make a meal so that I can use them. Smile

diy herb holder


Do you keep fresh herbs in your kitchen?

Which are your favorite herbs?


If you want to see more Emerald Green projects check out this month’s Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine.  It is available free on your Iphone or Ipad in the digital version or you can sign up here for it to be delivered directly to your mailbox.


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Disclosure:  I received a Lowe’s gift card to purchase the materials for this project.  All opinions, of course, are 100% mine!


  1. Very cute idea. I have seen several bloggers use this color and it does not look like emerald green to me. A pretty color, yes; emerald, no.

    1. I agree with Sylvia. The background grass in one of your photos is Green. This color looks like just another turquoise to me.

      1. I agree with both of you. I always thought emerald was a deeper, darker green, like the birthstone. Oh well!
        I did like the color better once I added the dark wax. :)

  2. I love it Traci! Needing to get my herbs planted & back deck & porch organized. Now I can’t wait to finish the current projects & get on to some outside stuff :)

  3. Very cute. I hope it inspires you to discover the pleasure of cooking. what ever happened to the garden you tilled that summer. I am curious, though when you say you dont’ cook at home…shat do you eat?

    1. I cook, Teresa, just not like I would like to. I stick to the basics like spaghetti, tacos, chicken, soups, etc. I would like to do more cooking with fresh herbs and try new recipes. We do eat out a lot too, especially this time of the year. It seems like we are at the ball park every night!

  4. Just curious, but is the painted brick wall behind the planter a “Sneak Peak” of sorts? ;) The Emerald w/the wax looks great!

  5. Thanks for the idea! the wax looks wonderful with the green… very charming with older character, like something you would find in a quaint British gardening shop… love it!! I hope to grow some herbs soon…so fresh for summer!

  6. I think your herb holder is adorable….but I have one problem. What does one do when one REALLY doesn’t like the color of the year??? Guess I’ll have to be uncool for a year.

    1. Oh, I think you are just fine not to like the color of the year. :)
      I think a lot of people will join you in your opinion. I’m not so sure why they pick a color of the year?

  7. Did you put the dark wax directly on the painted surface without using clear wax first? I love the way it looks with the dark wax. Not too crazy about the color alone.

  8. I grow all kinds of herbs but the three you planted are my favorite. The cilantro will start to wither when it gets really hot.

  9. I love this color, Traci! And the herb holder is so original. What a creative idea. And I love that it gives just the right splash of color! I am praying for your safe travels also–how exciting!

  10. Im curious, now that this has been done for a while, how well did the hot glue hold up to the weight of the plants/soil? I have never had success with hot glue & wood. I prefer Gorilla glue. I cant wait to make this though! THANK YOU for inspiring me!

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  12. I love it! Just curious though, are the herbs good to sit in water? I mean there’s no mention of drainage holes. Maybe I’m missing something? Thanks !

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