Nothing is Wasted…sweet Oklahoma


My heart is breaking for the people of Oklahoma today.


I am sick about the lives that have been lost.  I wanted to share with you something that someone wrote on their facebook page yesterday.



There are many dead in Oklahoma, including dozens of children, after that massive tornado this afternoon. This is a terrible, horrific tragedy. I can’t comprehend the suffering of these people. Dozens of parents kissed their children goodbye this morning, sent them to school, and a few hours later they were buried under mounds of rubble. It’s agonizing to think about. This town was literally torn apart by one of the most powerful tornadoes in modern history. I don’t think any of us have ever seen a place ripped off the face of the earth like that. This is more chaos and misery in a country that has been plagued by too much of it recently.

I pray for the people whose lives have been shattered by this storm. And I also pray for us, that we don’t allow ourselves to be numbed by the seemingly constant barrage of death and destruction in the news. We really are blessed to have this life, as fragile and painful as it may be. But it can be taken from us at any moment, and eventually it will be, one way or another. That doesn’t mean we should live in fear, or become disconnected and jaded — it means we should try to fill our days with as much love and joy as possible. I think you can build it up inside you, like a reservoir, and feed on it when your days turn dark.

I pray that God will comfort the people in Oklahoma tonight. They need all our love and support now.


I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

I kept thinking about a song this morning…”Nothing is Wasted” by Jason Gray.

The words kept rolling around in my head as I tried to make sense of this tragedy.  So I decided to find the video on youtube and share it with you.  I had never watched the video before, but I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  It shows a scene of devastation that made me think of Moore, Oklahoma.

I love the line that says, “It’s from the deepest wounds that beauty finds a place to bloom.  And you will see before the end that every broken piece is gathered in the heart of Jesus and what’s lost will be found again.”

Here it is..



Please join me at the feet of Jesus today as we lift up the people of Oklahoma.


  1. From someone who lives 30 minutes away from the destruction – thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Much needed and much appreciated.

  2. My heart is aching for all of them. We watched CNN till 4:00 am. Tears are to be healing but this is so sad I don’t know how this will help. We are donating to the Red Cross and sorry it can’t be more but every little bit helps. God Bless you and your family and all in OK.

  3. In the tears while watching the coverage o FOX, we were so encouraged by all the testimonies of their faith in our Heavenly Father. Helps get our priorities a bit straighter.

  4. So beautifully said, especially when it seems like no words can appropriately express our feelings about this tragedy. I pray for all those who mourn, and for all the brave souls who are now trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. May God bless them all.

  5. I am also very thankful for the words and prayers for my community. It seems that no one around us has been untouched but the tornados.
    Oklahoma has always been my home and the outpouring of love and help have truly been amazing.

  6. I was a teacher untitled a serious injury at school. I felt such responsibility for my kids. And listening to the song it finally sinks in. And I wonder why weren’t there cellars to take kids to? We could evacuate our school in less than a minute. If there were say a cellar for every 50 or 60 kids you could get them out of harms way in time. I lived where I had to do that. My Dads cousin taught at a country school with about 35 kids and they all got to the cellar and the school was taken. I’m sad but angry that the school district did not have this emergency plan in place. Oh please put cellars in. Have drills. Have a few porta potties down there. Some drinking water. Crackers. Blankets. Flashlights. We had bags we took with us whenever we had a drill or a true emergency. But these children’s place today? Safe with Jesus. Our hearts? We weep.

  7. Praying with you during the midst of this tragedy. Thank you so much for sharing the facebook post, it echos a conversation a friend and I had earlier today. May God bless Oklahoma, bring comfort and peace.

  8. I often want this and that for my home–wishing I could afford to decorate or change something. Today I thank God for my home, knowing that there are people in deep agony over the loss of their child, loved one and the place they called home. Today, I have things more in perspective. I pray that I will daily remember every blessing from above and remember what has happened in Oklahoma. God give your strength and comfort to those who so desperately need you.

  9. I too am at a loss to find words today. It seems that everyday there is a new tragedy to be endured by some one some where. There is so much to be grateful for and sometimes we take much for granted but I believe we are a nation of strength under God and this too shall pass. I pray that these unfortunate souls receive strength and blessings to help them through their pain in The days ahead. Thank you Traci for sharing that wonderful video.

  10. Traci,
    Just found your lovely blog today and landed on this beautiful post. I can’t tell you how much your prayers are felt and appreciated here in Oklahoma. My son and his young family live in Moore, OK and escaped the tornado damage by mere blocks. My son is a middle school teacher in Moore schools and “happened” to be home that afternoon and his wife just “happened” to pick their kids up from school/daycare early that day. They rode out the storm in an underground shelter in their garage. Their house was undamaged but I don’t think my nerves will ever recover! Anyway thanks for the prayers and encouragement. They really do make a difference.

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