My Latest StichFix Box!!!



Hey Friends!

A few weeks ago, I shared StitchFix with you.

Stitch Fix

It’s a personal styling service that my sister told me about.  She’s been receiving StitchFix boxes since last fall, and she was enjoying it so much that I decided to give them a try.

I loved my first box so much, that I couldn’t wait for my second box to arrive!  It is seriously like Christmas.  When my box arrived, my boys started yelling, “Mom!  Your StitchFix is here!  Your StitchFix is here!!!”

It was so cute.

They all stood around me as I opened it.  {I know…we’ve got issues.}  But I love that my boys were excited for their mama. Smile

I absolutely love how the clothes are wrapped up so pretty.

stitch 001

And then there is a little envelope in there just for me from my stylist.  It describes each item they picked out for me.

stitch 002

I loved all of the items, but only decided to keep one out of the five.

I didn’t keep this skirt.  I absolutely loved the colors and the pattern, but the style didn’t look good on me.  It was too “full.”  And I don’t need any help accentuating my bottom half, if you know what I mean.  {wink}

stitchfix 035

This next top was a beautiful aqua color.  I loved the material too, but I wasn’t sure if I would wear it a ton, so I decided to pass on it.

stitchfix 037

I loved this next top, except for one thing.  The back of the top had a “split tail” which is just not me.  But I loved the color and the material.  If it hadn’t had the split tail in the back, I would have kept it.

stitchfix 039


This was a cool tank top, but it was a little snug on me, so I passed on it.

stitchfix 041


Here is the shirt I decided to keep.  I absolutely LOVE sleeveless tops in the summertime!  Stripes are really in right now, and I love this top with my bubble necklace.

stitchfix 033

I also loved the back of this top.  The shirt is long enough to cover my bottom too, which is a plus!  Smile

stitchfix 027


I know I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt.

Today, I am sending back the four items I didn’t want in the pre-paid envelope that was provided in my box.

And I cannot wait to schedule my next “fix!”


Did you miss my first post about StitchFix and want to know more about it?  Click HERE.


If you want to sign up to receive your own FIX, click on the button below.




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  1. I love the sleeveless stripe shirt you got in your stitch fix box. Do you know the number for that? I would like to request it for my next box. Thank you.

  2. I love the stripe top but I think you would look great in what ever you wear.

    I bet you are getting so excited about your trip. Please be safe.

  3. Good choice! I’d have kept the same one….
    I love the necklace you are wearing with it,
    did it come in the box?

  4. I signed up when you posted but was put on a wait list. Guess if I selected the higher ranges, I would have been taken right away.

  5. Love the top and would have sent the others back as well. The top you chose looks good on you. I’ve looked into their site and since we live frugally like you, I just can’t spend all that on one top. I went to the thrift store and got a Ralph Lauren top, two Ann Taylor capris and a Banana Republic dress all for $3.75 each! While I seem like a name dropper, I just know they’re quality items and looked like brand new. Maybe I’ll find a striped top next visit.
    Blessing to you and the boys!

    1. Lisa,
      Wow! You got some great deals! That is awesome. My Mom and I loved to shop at Goodwill for our clothes. I scored a skirt for $1 at a yard sale this weekend and wore it to church on Sunday. I love when I find deals like that.
      StitchFix is definitely a splurge for me, and I won’t be able to do it every month. Sometimes I will be able to use my referral credits to get some of the items, which helps.
      Not everyone is as frugal as we are, so I think a lot of people will love StitchFix. :)

      Have a blessed night!

  6. Hi Traci,

    I recently signed up thanks to you, but the link I selected didn’t allow me to put in your name, you should post the referral link like: sti so that you get credits! I am sure you would probably have a lot more by now. I will add you to my comments so maybe you can get something else as nice as what you got in your last box ;)

    God Bless!

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