My Daddy’s Garden


Friends, there is nothing more precious that this man right here.


I love my dad so much I can hardly stand it.

I’ve been wanting to share his garden with you for a long time.  Growing up, I do not ever remember having a garden.  I remember mom trying to plant strawberries, but us kids would eat them as soon as they turned slightly red.  She thought the plants weren’t producing fruit, but we were just eating it before she knew it.  Smile

But the last couple of years, my dad has had a garden to rival all gardens.


laundry&dad's 004


You better believe that every time we visit his house, we all get a tour of his garden.


laundry&dad's 005


As we walked around the garden, he reminds us again of what he planted in each row.

laundry&dad's 006

The boys have been amazed to watch PaPa’s garden grow.  I love how they see how hard work pays off.


laundry&dad's 007

I love how my daddy’s garden shows how the Lord has created this earth to produce food for us to eat because HE loves us.


laundry&dad's 008

Once Dad has given us an update on the garden, he then shows us the new fruit trees he planted back behind the garden.

laundry&dad's 009

He built an arbor in his back yard, and planted some grape vines beside it.

laundry&dad's 012

His garden is beautiful and amazing, but the thing I love about it is how stinkin’ my cute my dad is when he talks about his garden.

My boys think PaPa’s cute too.

laundry&dad's 010

He just lights up when he shows off his garden!

This man LOVES his garden!

2013-07-19 10.20.20


He sits right there in that chair every day and literally watches it grow.


2013-07-19 10.15.41

He works every single day on his garden.


2013-07-19 10.17.47

And it has produced some beautiful vegetables for all of us to enjoy.

2013-07-19 10.18.19

There is nothing better than fresh home grown vegetables!  Just look at those banana peppers!


2013-07-19 10.19.34


We are all so grateful for all of Dad’s hard work.  And how he loves to share the “fruits of his labor” with everyone around him.  I told him he could sell his vegetables and make some money, but he said it’s a lot more fun to give it away. Smile


2013-07-18 11.15.07

I know that my dad loves his garden, but you better believe it doesn’t hold a candle to how much I love him!

Thank you, Daddy, for everything you have taught me and continue to teach me each day.  You are the best!!!



  1. Traci, you are blessed to have your dad and his wonderful garden. There is nothing like the love between a daughter and her daddy! I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

  2. Tracy, what an amazing legacy he is handing down to your children. One they will always cherish. Abba Yah meant for us to care for this good earth and to rejoice in its bounty, and those who show us this path are our the greatest of treasures! Shalom!

  3. I would love to see your dad’s garden! I think my friends and family feel like you do – every time they visit, I have to show off every new thing that has popped up. I would love to have the space your dad does. Some day. :-)

  4. How sweet is this post! I felt like I was walking thru the garden with you and I felt every bit of the love you were feeling for your dad!! Beautiful garden and beautiful family! Your boys will never forget the lessons learned in the garden with their PaPa. I am 53 and still have vivid memories from early childhood with my grandma in her garden. Thanks for sharing such a loving post.

  5. That was such a wonderful post…it touched my heart today! My dad is walking with Jesus and I miss him lots! Your dad’s garden is just awesome, and it such a blessing that you can all enjoy it with him. I too, love the picture of him watching over his garden. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this post, but now that I see his garden, I’m thinking maybe you guys never planted the one at your house. I wouldn’t blame you!

  7. oh you’ve made me cry…… see you love your Dad the way that I loved mine….
    I don’t have him with me anymore………savour every minute…..

  8. You are so very blessed…… how amazing for your children to share this portion of their lives with their grandfather!!! Awesome!!! (oh…. and those veggies look amazing of course!! YUM!!!)

  9. Traci, I am JEALOUS well just a little bit

    First of YOU, because you have the joy to have your Dad around, healthy and happy, such a gift from God. I lost mine I was only 25 and he was way tooo young.

    Second of YOUR — and yes I agree very cute PaPa – because he has the huge garden…
    Because I wish I had such land to spread out and plant and grow things

    I do the best with the small space I have living near the city of Chicago in one of the beautiful
    Northern subs, but although the space is small I am able to shove in a lot I have 3 apple trees,
    one pear tree (lost one apple tree, one plum tree and one cherry tree over the years, but
    the blooming shade trees are all still doing well, I have two beautiful evergreens a blue spruce and a pine tree, 2 large grape vines, tomato plants, chives, parsley, catnip, mint, basil, chamomile, rhubarb and lots and lots of perennial flowers and vines….. And when I go into the
    yard, I do not consider it work, I am sure your Dad does not either, it is fun, and yes I sit and I
    look at my yard and enjoy watching the bees and butterflies enjoying the blooms..
    I will try to send some photos within the next few weeks.
    God Bless
    Edith YourChicagoConnection & Realtor4Life

  10. Your dad may watch his garden grow but the best part of the whole gardening experience for your dad is his harvest and watching his family enjoy what he has grown, there is nothing quit like the love a father and daughter share.Very sweet post

  11. What would us girls do without our Dads? I share your sentiment, “I love my Dad so much I can hardly stand it.”

    Great garden! Those banana peppers look so good…we love them in our salads.

  12. This is so unbelievably precious. It reminds me so much of my dear Papa (my Dad’s Dad) who is the EXACT same way with his garden…only he loves to plant flowers. He gets super excited showing off how pretty they are. It tickles me and we all think its cute too. ;)

    Thank you for sharing this—what a tribute to your sweet father!


  13. Sweet post. I love my daddy too. He’s in the hospital again tonight so I’d appreciate your prayers. Your dad and his garden actually remind me so much of my father-in-law and his garden. He loved his garden and sharing the bounty with neighbors, family and friends. He always showed it off every time we came to see him. He would show us each row. My boys enjoyed helping him dig potatoes. Such sweet memories! Enjoy them all!

  14. Oh what a tribute to your dad. When I was growing I was a tomboy and followed my dad all around. We had a big garden and he loved to work in it each day. He is gone but I have beautiful memories. Thanks for stiring those for me.

  15. Love your dads garden and the fresh vegetables are just awesome..I would love to have a garden of my all are so lucky to have a lovely garden..I mean ur dad’s garden is your’s after all..

  16. Traci,
    So nice of you to share your photos and experiences with your Dad and his garden. I can tell that you feel richly blessed by him and his wonderful joy and appreciation for his garden.
    I am sure your love, as his daughter, is extra special now since your sweet Momma is no longer there beside him. You and your boys, smiling and getting exciting over all the plants and fruit trees is so cute. Most likely, just what he needs.

    What a tender man to turn his attention to one of God’s most precious gifts, (A Garden) and to share it with such love and appreciation to his loved ones. Enjoy this sweet relationship you have with him. I can tell you already do!!!


  17. Your post brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing more special than the love a daughter has for their Dad. I think the older you get, the more love shows itself in small ways.

  18. Lovely post! My parents have always been gardeners, canners, and birders. I can’t imagine growing up any other way. So nice to see you and your Dad teaching your boys about gardening, too!

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