Kitchen Makeover Reveal


Remember back in March, how I told you that one of Cy’s first jobs in his new business was remodeling my brother and SIL’s kitchen in their new home?

Well, he finished it a couple of months ago, but I just now got over to their house to take some “after” pictures!

Sorry for the delay. Smile


But I am so excited to show you Cy’s fabulous work!

Let’s remember what it looked like before….


painting oak cabinets


And the after!….

painting oak cabinets


My brother, Blake,  and sister-in-law, Ande, are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!

It is amazing how much of a difference was made by painting the kitchen cabinets white!


painting oak cabinets

He used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove on the cabinets.

painting oak cabinets white


The oak cabinets completely dated the kitchen…

painting oak cabinets white


But now the cabinets look fresh and current…

painting oak cabinets white


To paint the cabinets, Cy used the Homeright Finish Max Sprayer.

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer


You can read about how he painted the cabinets HERE.

painting kitchen cabinets white


Ande chose to paint the island herself, and Cy installed a new granite counter top on it.

painting oak cabinets white


Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I believe Ande got those stools at IKEA.


painting oak cabinets white



Cy also installed IKEA butcher block counter tops just like the ones in our kitchen.


IKEA butcher block counter tops


I cannot get enough of butcher block counter tops!


painting oak cabinets white


Ande picked out a beautiful stainless steel farmhouse sink for her kitchen.  Cy had to rebuild the cabinet below to make it fit, and it looks great!


IKEA butcher block countertops


Blake and Ande also had the floor refinished, which added even more beauty to this space!

kitchen makeover reveal


So there you have it!  What do you think?

Did Cy do a good job?  Smile


kitchen makeover

Next week, I am going to show you the makeover he completed on my Aunt and Uncle’s master bathroom.  You won’t believe it!


If you have any questions about the kitchen makeover, feel free to leave it in the comments below.  Thanks!

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  1. Woa! Just beautiful.
    You are right, what a difference paint makes! I thought he had knocked down a wall too, it really opens up the room.
    The butcher block and sink are excellent choices as well!

  2. Traci- Cy did a fantastic job!! It looks fabulous! I have a question about the butcher block counter tops… Do you have to worry about bacteria getting trapped in the wood? What do you use to clean them with ? They look great!! Thx for remembering to share with us ;)

    1. My SIL just used oil on her counter tops, but in my own home, we sealed our countertops with a poly. I love the extra protection and they are super easy to clean.

  3. Everything is perfect! Just perfect. Love the two paint colors, the counter top, the sink and how great the floors look too! I’m going to forward this to my friend. I posted ‘before’ pics of her kitchen a few weeks ago asking for some opinions and I’m having a hard time convincing her to follow through. She too has oak cabinets and it doesn’t matter what else she may do with the space, if she doesn’t do something about those cabinets the space won’t look fresh and updated. Maybe this ‘visual’ will help ;).

  4. Stainless steel with white is a knock out and oh so popular these days. This looks fantastic!
    Our Kitchen will be with white cabinets, but no stainless steel at this time.
    Think we’ll probably go with white appliances as well.
    Your Hubby’s work is stellar.
    Have a sweet Summer and may it be one that you enjoy.

    Taking a deep breathe,
    d in kansas

  5. Love the new look! What did hedo to the island? I really like the look of the 2 different finishes.

  6. I absolutely love the transformation! I will certainly use BM white dove for my oak kitchen… Sure wish I had a Cy around to do this for me! I love reading you blog! So many great ideas :-)

  7. Love this kitchen makeover, Traci! I have to ask if you have used latex paint on your kitchen cabinets. My brother-in-law used a good quality latex and they were not happy with the finish and went over it with oil. My cabinets are really old and orangey! So ugly, I do want to paint them and although I love White Dove, I think it is a bit too white for my OLD house, so I am leaning towards Benjamin Moore Acadia White or Timid White – just a bit more creamy without being too yellow or dingy looking! It’s so hard to find the right white and I do think the age of the home dictates what looks best. I had planned on using oil paint, but can you use a sprayer with oil paint? If you personally used latex paint, how is it holding up? Thanks!

    1. I know I’m not Traci, but I have done this many times over many years. Be sure to prime with an oil based paint first or even kilz (shellac-based) and finish with oil or one of the new wate- based alkyds. Oil is MUCH EASIER to spray than latex and the new paints don’t smell so bad. That said I still stick with the old-fashioned type of oil as it will stand up to anything if allowed to cure.

  8. I love it, but I will never convince my husband to paint our oak cabinets. About the butcher block counters – I hear you have to seal them yearly (like granite), but is there a seam where they join and how do you keep that area clean?

    1. Heather,
      I’m not Traci, but I can tell you my own experience. We installed Ikea butcher block counter tops the week of Thanksgiving. My hubby actually decided to rip out our kitchen the week of Thanksgiving with 30 people coming for dinner! Believe it or not, he pulled it off. (I’m editing all the stress, worry and almost melt downs)

      I have eleven kids so I decided it would not be practical to have to sand and seal my counter tops as often as I would probably have to.(Based on how often I have to re-finish my oak table) I couldn’t risk being without my kitchen while they cured. ( I run our business at home and home educate the kids so we are literally home 24/7 and using the counter tops, etc.) So, after hours and hours of research, I decided to use mineral oil on my counter tops. Everyone online raved about how easy it is. Supposedly, you only have to oil the counter tops every month or so or when they start to look dry.

      My experience has been much different. I oil them every Saturday night and honestly, they could really stand to be oiled more often than that. I can’t imagine what the people at Wal-Mart must think since I am constantly in there buying mineral oil (which is, of course, a known laxative!) We’ve had tons of rain so the air is moist and yet, they still seem to dry out quickly.

      I am still glad that I don’t have to worry about the wear and tear on the varnish-type finishes, but the counter tops are more maintenance than I was led to believe. I love the hand-rubbed look, but I have not found the mineral oil to repel water as readily as I was told. I am obsessive about wiping up drips.

      I should mention that the man at Ikea told me that it is much harder to get the oak to “cure” than the other woods. I have the oak. Despite careful sanding with graduated grits and oiling as instructed, the grain wants to stay raised a bit and the oil never seems to form a protective barrier.

      My husband has built houses and together we have renovated many times. It isn’t our first rodeo, but we have not been able to get the results others claim.

      As for the seam, we were advised by Ikea to place it under our sink which violated everything my husband has ever been taught about water and wood. It took me weeks of persuasion to get him to seam under the sink rather than a huge, ugly seam right in the middle of a run of counter top. He finally did it to appease me and we have both been very happy with that decision. He was able to get a tight fit and it is such a small seam that it is almost invisible. We’ve had no problems with water on the seam.

      I am sorry I was so long-winded, but I hope this helps a bit. Traci’s counter tops look great and she has been very pleased with them so she can speak to the sealed aspect better than I.

  9. Amazing! All the houses around our town have kitchens very similar to this and when we buy a house, we will probably make our kitchen look like their updated one! Just beautiful!

  10. I just LOVEthis look, and would love to paint my cabinets. Here’s what’s holding me back. We recently installed new windows and maple trim in the entire house. Now we will start the process of changing out the baseboards, doors and framing in the rest of the house. Can I paint the cabinets white and leave the windows Maple colored? My husband would not be on board to paint all the trim and doors in the house.

  11. Beautiful! He does a terrific job as always. Traci could I request something? There are so many questions above that I would be interested in hearing. Could you do a blog post answering them so we could all learn from them? This is what happens when you do such a great job, we want to know. Thanks Sweetie and God Bless.

  12. It looks like an entirely different home. Great job…Cy, you could get a lot of work in Atlanta!

  13. What a beautiful transformation! I love white kitchens and butcher block countertops. Girl, of course Cy did a FABULOUS job! The Cor on the island is perfect to balance everything out and I love that they chose to refinish the floors. Beautiful kitchen to make memories in.
    Kitchens truly are the heart of the home. Two thumbs up for Cy!! : )

  14. That hubby of yours did an amazing job…..he always does! You found a real keeper.
    Your sister’s kitchen looks beautiful!

  15. Traci,

    You will probably delete my comment, but that’s Ok, I have to tell you anyway. Si does a great job, no doubt, and so do you, but WHY do you all do everything in WHITE? Seriously Cuz, you need to look around at how boring all the white surfaces are. You are the only person I know who installs beautiful wooden ceilings and paints them white! Natural wood is so beautiful! It is the reason we bought the house we bought, It varies and is different and interesting to look at. You and Si paint EVERYTHING white! It just drives me nuts! Your end projects look so clean and sterile, I could never deal with it. Just another perspective, but I would love to see you cut loose and put some real COLOR and texture in your life! Color is interesting, life is not all about being “neutral”…cut loose and have fun with your home, give it a personality!

    1. You stinker! I’m not gonna delete your comment, cuz. :)

      Everything we did in Blake and Ande’s kitchen was by their request. Ande wanted white cabinets and butcher block counter tops. Cy did everything they told him to do.

      It just happens that we like the same look too. :) It’s a very popular and classic look. If you look in most home magazines right now, white is very, very popular. People even paint their walls white now!

      Everyone has different tastes, and as much as I love warm woods, I only like it on furniture and floors, not on my walls or cabinets. It’s just a preference thing.

      Many people love oak and warm wood in their home and that is great. You have to surround yourself with the things you love.

      I would love to visit you at your house sometime because I know I would love it. I bet it feels so warm and cozy.

      And I happen to like a “clean and sterile” when living in a house full of boys. :) hee.hee.

      I really do think you would like my house if you came to see it. It really is more warm that it probably looks in the pictures.

      Just wait until you see my office space! Remember the aqua craft closet I just created! Girl, I got color! :)

      Love you anyway.

      1. Glad she was your “cousin” because coming from anyone else it would have been rude!! I LOVE your home and all your projects!! I “get it” because it is the same style I like but I can understand other’s tastes. Love your blog!! Your husband did a beautiful job! :)

  16. ahhhh…I just love you so much! you are precious to me and I look at your blog every single day! I am glad you took my feedback for what it is, just MY opinion and a difference in decorating tastes! I know what you do is modern and in style right now…but hey, what can I say, I am an old Chik and love the warm and cozy! Yes, I would LOVE for you to come down, and I bet you would love my little rustic looking cottage style house too! And, I don’t have 4 precious boys to clean up after either, just one big hairy black dog that is shedding like crazy right now by the way! LOL! You do really nice work, you and Si both, you should be very proud, and I am a HUGE fan, I show off your stuff to friends all the time, even if it’s not “my” style! Love to you all!!!

    1. Linda! I have NO doubt that I would LOVE your home, and wouldn’t ever want to leave. :)
      I hope I get to see it soon.
      And hey! Who cares about your house! I just want some of that delicious food you are always cooking on Doe Run! Makes my mouth water!

      1. I had to laugh at this conversation! My husband and I just celebrated our 26th anniversary. Sometimes, I like to ask funny questions on our anniversary and this year I asked how he felt about my decorating style (others love it and have asked for help in their homes, but I wanted to know what HE thought). He was very like-minded with Linda! He said, “I do not want to live in a white house!”

        For background: we bought his grandmother’s VERY old rock house and have been renovating it the last three years through termite invasions, mice, leaks, etc. When we acquired the house, it was completely stuck in a time warp. It had old, roll out windows that actually froze in the winter, then the ice would melt and run down the bad-paneling walls. Ugh.

        The walls were a very dark, cheap paneling. I knew we would have to live with them for awhile since we had to concentrate on the more important things like replacing the electrical, plumbing, windows, etc. So, I painted the ugly paneling white…and I mean WHITE. Everything. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Guests would rave about how much bigger and happier the house looked.

        I prefer to match the decor to the age and style of the house. My wood counter tops, wide plank hard wood flooring, no upper cabinets, etc. in the kitchen really go well with the old, rock farmhouse vibe. I like to do quick changes with pillows, throws, etc. to add pops of color that are seasonal.

        I, personally, have loved the fresh, calm, clean-feeling of my house. With 8 boys and 3 girls… I like to think that the people in my home add the color! White can be calming, relaxing, sophisticated or simple. For some people, it is sterile and conjures up images of guys in white coats. I completely understand that it feels different to different people, but Linda, just accept that it has the same effect on some of us that your (and my husband’s)warm wood has on you!

  17. Love it! I’m not fond of the dated oak look either. Just not my thing. I first thought he made the room larger, too. He did do a great job! And your SIL: I love the island. How did she achieve that look?

  18. Wow love it! I’m a sucker for a bright white kitchen. It really looks much more up to date and current. I love your island counter top. Great stools too, we have the same ones:) We just recently renovated our new home. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog Curate | by Carrie Corson.

  19. Cy is so gifted! What a gorgeous bright and cheery kitchen! Love the white dove (my favorite paint color) and the new island color and the new countertops ….your whole family has great taste : ) The refinished floors make a big difference too.

  20. What a great makeover. It’s beautiful. If I were doing my kitchen, I would have done a subway tile with a light gray grout for a little contrast and tie in the island. I’m tempted to paint my cabinets until I can do a complete gut in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  21. Oh my! I’m so happy to see that they had one of those roll up cabinets as well… how did they remove the lower part? Was it separate from the rest of the cabinet above it? I have one too but can’t figure out how we’re going to remove it and keep the rest of the cabinet (it’s all one piece.)

  22. It took my breath away! Stunning:) Love every single bit, and particularly the painted cabinets and contrasting island! Well done Cy!!! You are a lucky girl, Traci:)

  23. i’m loving this, especially the combo of that granite island and the butcher block counter. I didn’t see it listed, so can you tell me what color granite that is? it seems to look as light as Carrera, which i’d like but don’t want the staining. thanks for the info, if you could email me.

  24. What a great transformation! Because of Cy’s glowing review of the paint sprayer, I just ordered one! I’ve been wanting to buy a sprayer for sometime but wasn’t sure which one to buy. This one was very affordable and seems to be able to do everything I want it to. Thanks for the recommendation!

  25. Absolutely stunning!!! I love white cabinets…so fresh. and the farmhouse sink…gorgeous! Awesome awesome job!!!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  26. Really really really would like to know the name of the granite you used for the island. I’m in the middle of finishing my basement and I think it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I painted the cabinets white dove too!

  27. Hi there – what color are the walls? I’m thinking of painting my cabinets dove white but also want white walls…

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