Jonathan at the Ky State Fair Talent Contest


Hey Friends!  This past weekend, we went to the Ky State Fair.  Coca Cola hosts a talent competition each year, and Jonathan was participating in it.  He placed at one of the local county fairs this past summer which qualified him for the semi finals this past weekend.

The whole crew went.

ky state fair

I love being with my boys, and I would love to say that we had a fabulous time together, but honestly, they were stinkers.  Luke was whiney, Eli was fussy, and Adam was hyper.  I think they were still recovering from their first few days of school.

I was about to pull my hair out.  {And that is why they are not going with us this coming Saturday.}  Smile

Just keeping it real, ladies.

coca cola talent classic

I guess I don’t blame them.  We were inside a building for two hours while right outside, tons of kids were riding the rides at the fair.


coca cola talent classic

They were just dying to go ride the rides.

But first, we had to wait for Jonathan to perform in his group of contestants in the semi-finals.

coca cola talent classic

He sang “Changed” by Rascal Flatts.  He did really well, especially considering there was no rehearsal time or sound checks at all. Smile

Here is his performance.



I was so proud of him!  He won first place in his group, and he is advancing to the finals!!


coca cola talent classic

After the contest, we headed outside to ride a few rides.  I told the three youngest that they could each ride ONE ride because that is all we could afford.  State Fairs are CRAZY expensive.

coca cola talent classic

Luke and Adam chose to ride on the ride that takes you up real high and swings you round and round.


coca cola talent classic

Eli chose the bumper boats.

coca cola talent classic

And of course, we all chose to have a funnel cake before we left to go home.  Smile


coca cola talent classic


Jonathan performs at 7:00 pm this coming Saturday in the Finals.  They are supposed to live stream the competition on the internet, so I will try to find the link and share it with you.  Maybe you will be able to watch him perform LIVE!!

How cool would that be?!


Hope you are having a blessed week!!


  1. Congratulations Jonathan!!! And the very best to you as you perform this weekend. You don’t need good luck–you have talent!!! You are going to go far with your talent if that is the path you choose to pursue in a few years. Blessings to you and your family…

  2. That is amazing… what a talent he has!! Congrats to Jonathan… and after spending 12 hrs with 8 7-year-olds earlier in the week, I cannot even imagine corralling your younger 3 during the performances!

  3. Congratulations to Jonathan. I’m sure he will do fantastic next week. Will be praying for a calmness and serenity as he performs. Good luck!


  4. What an outstanding job!!
    so very talented!!
    congrats on the blue ribbom 1st place!! WOW!!
    Your boys are growing so big!!
    what proud parents you two must be!!
    good luck this weekend!!

  5. Jonathan touches my soul each time I hear him. I believe that performance was the best I have heard him sing this song. Way to go, Jonathan!!

  6. Oh good lord!! I listened to him 5 times! I would download him singing that song from iTunes if I could! Made me cry and I needed to hear that song today! Congratulations Jonathan!! Can’t wait until the Finals! Good luck!!

  7. I started listening, and my daughter asked, “who’s that?” I said, “Jonathan.” “I thought so”, she replied.

    We were quiet and listening for a moment, then she said. He’s good!

    We love listening to Jonathan sing!

  8. He is SO stinking talented!!!! Praying for an amazing performance this Sat night!

    And, I agree….state fairs are SO spendy!


  9. Congratulations Jonathan !! That is awesome!!! Praying that Saturday is AMAZING for you!!!! Thank you Traci for sharing!!!! Do you ever slow down??? I don’t know how you do it all!!! But I do love sharing the ride on this beautiful blog of yours!!!!! Terri

    1. Thank you, Terri!
      I don’t think I ever slow down right now. It just seems impossible. But I am trying to enjoy every moment, as crazy as it may be. :)

      Thanks for following my blog. xoxo

  10. Jonathan, congrats great job, keep it up and good luck on Saturday!!!!

    And Traci, well I have just a few words for you Mom, talented and good looking, Mom you are
    going to have so much trouble on your hands…… just kidding you though :-)
    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  11. Congratulations, Jonathan! All of your boys are really attractive. I am wondering if you have looked at the fact that Jonathan is so grown up looking ??He is definitely a handsome young MAN. It is such an eye opener to see one’s child as an adult and no longer a boy.

    1. Brenda,
      It is killing me how much older my boys are looking! Jonathan has hit a little growth spurt and is really looking like a young man. I can’t believe how quickly it is happening.
      I am trying my best to soak them up. :)

  12. Jonathan has an incredible voice…let us know when his first cd comes out….and of course he has to sign them for all your faithful readers! Looks like fun. Your entire family is too cute for words. Good luck Saturday Jonathan….break a leg!!!

  13. Your family looks so sweet! Congrats to the win! Wow!! Fingers crossed for another win!
    Bless you and yours !

  14. Wow – great job, Jonathan! Congrats on 1st place & good luck tomorrow!

    I know all about 4 boys – they do grow fast! Mine are now 23, 19, 18 & 16 – with a 21 yr old daughter! Only 1 left in HS – & my daughter gets married in 5 weeks. Boo hoo – my husband & I often say we’d like to turn back the hands of time to when they were really little – miss those days….but also enjoy them as grown ups!

    I’ll anxiously watch for the results on Saturday – praying all goes well!

  15. Wow! Your son has amazing talent. Love the cheering in the video, he deserved it! Good luck for Saturday. We went to the County Fair by us – crazy expensive.

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