State Fair {And an update on my job}

UPDATE:  You can find the LIVE link to watch the talent competition at this address:

If you look under “Latest News,”  you will see the link.


Hey guys!  We are headed to the Ky State Fair today!  Jonathan will be singing in the Coca Cola Talent Classic competition at 7:00 pm EST.

phone 039

Please say a prayer for him.  He has had a bad cough and sore throat all week, and doesn’t feel 100%.

Pray that he will be able to do his best and that his throat will be feeling better today.

They will be live streaming the event online, so I will give you the link as soon as it is available.  I will try to update this post with the link, and I will also post it on my facebook page.  So be sure to check back for the link, so you can cheer him on via the world wide web. Smile



I also wanted to give you an update on my new job.  I’ve been dreading telling y’all, but Cy and I have decided that I shouldn’t work full time right now in this season of our lives.

I was going to try to work full time, keep up my blog, and raise our four boys, so I could help out with the insurance for our family since Cy is self-employed.  But we now feel like that wasn’t the best choice for our family.  So Thursday was my last day of working at the school.

I was so honored to work there for even a week.  I fell so in love with the children in my classroom, and the teacher I worked with is a wonderful teacher.  Kindergarten teachers are amazing people!  You would not believe how much they do for the children in their classrooms day in and day out.  They deserve our utmost respect!!!!

It was extremely hard for me to quit.  I am not a quitter.

I felt like I was letting a lot of people down.  It was not a good feeling.

But I am trusting God that we are doing what is best for our family right now.

I am going to try my best to make some extra money from my blog to help pay for our health insurance needs.

So if you see an extra sponsored post or two on my blog each month, please just say a prayer of thanksgiving with me, that the Lord is providing for our family through my blog. Smile


I am so grateful for all of His many blessings!

I would covet your prayers for my family as we try to adjust to this transition of Cy being self-employed.


Praying you have a blessed weekend!


  1. You have to do what’s best for you and your family! Sometimes decisions like that are so hard but you can breathe a sigh of relief when it’s been made. You did the right thing. :) Love following you and your family! Jonathan’s performance last weekend was awesome, and I hope today goes well! Hugs and prayers to you Traci!

  2. Traci,
    You have no idea how many times I have accepted a job and then turned it down because I didn’t feel like God really wanted me to take it. My youngest just started kindergarten too and I am looking for a job. I have had such a hard time finding one that I think maybe God still doesn’t want me to work. My husband and I wrestle back and forth with it. We could really use the money but the family likes me at home too. So, I completely understand!
    Jonathan is in my prayers! I bet he’s starting to realize what some celebrities have to endure. :)
    Good luck and have fun most of all.

  3. You couldn’t have know if you hadn’t tried it! Now that you know this season of your life calls for you to be at home, you can tackle the things you need to do on the home and blog fronts to help the family finances. I am at a different point in mine and find myself seeking employment outside the home for the first time in 20+ years to supplement our income to pay for two kid”s college. It’s always something, I guess. Best of luck!

  4. We went through years of self employment and then a year of full-time school so that my husband could get his masters. Self employment is such a blessing in that it lets you be in control of your hours and work life balance (although most who work for themselves work many more hours than those who don’t) but dealing with the “extras” is tough. And medical insurance is one of the hardest “extras” to make up for. It sounds like you made the best decision for your family… and that is what is important. Trust that God will take care of the rest! Praying for y’all during the transition!

  5. Traci,

    You are not a quitter. In fact, just the opposite. I was so happy to read this post. Your such an awesome mom and I think your heart is at home with your boys. God bless you in this decision. I will be praying and know that our Father will help you get the extra money you need for insurance. Sometimes God wants us to step out in faith and just *trust*. Good decision!!!

    Cara Rose

  6. Obedience takes a lot of courage and is always right. You’ve never quit on your family through the whole process, so just go ahead and remove that from your thoughts!

  7. Oh Traci, I am kind of glad that you are not taking this extra job on, I thought it would be part time but full time, my girl, too much is too much…. Your 5 guys really need you, your happiness, your strength, and most of all your time, remember your 4 young ones are not going to be “little” (do not tell them I said that!) for long. Believe me time will fly and there will be plenty of time for you to work, and your blog is great and you should be able to make some money with it….

    About the kids, I know let me tell you both of mine (one boy one girl) are now both married and
    between 35 and 40…. I KNOW how fast they grow into their own independent life, so keep them close whilst they want to be close, and whilst they are so huggable!!!!!

    Good Luck to Jonathan (a little soar throat will just make him sound so much more mature!!
    There you go….Make the best of it.

    And my prayers, good wishes and thoughts are with you all, you will be doing ok, just remember God will help out, we just do not always know with what, how and when. All will be fine my prayers are with.

  8. I know you are so proud of your Jonathon; he is really talented. One question though, does your state fair just keep going on & on.?……lol!

    I know you felt like “structured” 8-4, etc… job was the answer in helping provide for your family BUT truly the stress isn’t worth it when you have so many other things going on. Your blog is craft & it will provide. God Bless & good luck Jonathon!

  9. Traci, never apologize for choosing to stay home with your children. They grow up so fast so it is wonderful if you can be there for them when they get home from school each day. They learn a lot from you in that short time each day, lessons and memories that will carry them into adulthood. That is much more important than any job. On the other hand, having health insurance is extremely important, so if you have a few more sponsored posts each month, don’t worry about it, your readers will understand that you, like everyone else, must make a living and provide for your family. Never think you are a quitter. You have just made an adjustment in your life to benefit your family, which really is one definition of being a mother! I’ll be rooting for Jonathan!

  10. Traci, don’t ever think you are a quitter! You are doing a wonderful job in raising your boys! Your season of time to work outside of the home will come. I pray that the Lord will bless your blog so that you can make that extra money you need. My husband was also self employed for a while installing carpets, it is hard! Keep on trusting the Lord for His blessings!

  11. You are not a quitter, don’t ever think that girl! Be kind to yourself! God will provide! Enjoy the show and good luck Jonathon!!!

  12. I was reading your blog today and it spoke to my heart. I too had to make a difficult choice this week and step down from a volunteer position that I loved! Life had been getting away from me and the stress of all the weight was taking its toll. Like you I am not a quitter, so this was a new feeling for me. It’s one I struggle with a but. I know this is God’s way of teaching me something, I just need to see the lesson and then learn. Thanks for sharing you life with the world…..just know that it means something to a lot of people, myself included.

  13. Traci,
    Rather than being disappointed at all, I was relieved to hear you’re going to be home with your kids :) As a mom of my own 3 school aged boys, I see how fast our time with them is going and I don’t want to miss it. I know the Lord will provide for you as you follow his lead.

  14. I’ve had those experiences where I’ve taken a job and realized it wasn’t right for me- it is hard to feel like you’ve let people down, but it’s important to remember that we need to please God above all else. Praying for you. :)

  15. Traci,
    My one and only child Becky, will be 24 in Dec. and I was a stay at home mom till she was in jr. high and then it was only part time jobs. I was the mom that went on all the field trips (my husband did do the Ohio to Washington DC bus trip) had the sleep overs went to all the piano & dance lessons taught wed. night classes at church went to all the skating party’s you name it I was there.
    I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING! Yea I drove a 1962 Rambler for awhile but it was well worth it. Becky just got married in April and has a job, home and a husband to take care of and she is a mature CHRISTIAN adult that still plays the piano & sings at church. I wish all moms could be stay at home moms I think the world would be a better place.
    I say a prayer for you & your family every time I read your Blog. From one proud Momma to another you are doin a GREAT job keep it up. :)

  16. Traci, you will never get back these years with your children. Do not feel badly about this. Your children need you.

  17. Much love, prayers and all around good vibes being sent your way! When a door is closed a window is opened for you god will show you the way. Hang in there and thank you for sharing with us. It must be hard to do but we respect you so much for doing so.

  18. When we moved to our current home I took a job at our local elementary school. I wanted so desperately to work at the school that I took a job as an aid for a boy with cerebral palsy. I knew the very first day that it wasn’t the job for me. Instead of having the courage and strenth like you do, I stayed with him the whole school year. I was miserable and my family was affected by my decision. You are not a quitter you are doing what is best for your family and that is the most important job of all. Good luck to Johnathan and enjoy this time with your boys. It goes by so fast.

  19. You, my dear lady, are anything but a quitter. Bless you and your husband to trust in HIM to know when to hold ’em, fold ’em and all that jazz. HIS timing is perfect. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

  20. Like you, I tried to go back to work full time (teaching special education) when my boys were young. Within the first week, I realized my boys and husband were suffering. I explained to my principal that unfortunately I had come back to work too soon and needed to quit he wisely said, ” The best mothers will make the best teachers when the time is right for their family.” So don’t give up on the idea of being a Kindergarten Aide, just wait until the time is right for your family.

  21. God bless you sweet Traci. The book of Deuteronomy is all about obedience
    Brings blessing. If you and Cy feel God is calling you to be home, then He will
    Bless you for your obedience…good job girl for listening :) ill be praying God will
    Provide the needs for your family and I’ve been praying for Jonathan too :) be blessed
    Sweet lady :)

  22. Traci,

    the Affordable Care Act is called KYNECT in Kentucky.

    consider looking into it……it may be the right thing for your family.

    Even if you get insurance through work there are provisions of the ACA that are required in ALL health insurance plans.

  23. Traci,

    I’ve been there – and a little worse.. I needed to go back full time after my husband was downsized. We were in the house on a lake and went form 6000+ income per month to unemployment and whatever severance pay we used to pay our bills. I went back to work full time as a nurse. Made about 4000/mo of the 7500 we needed and we decided to move on for our boys. Since all of the foreclosures had devastated the housing market and all of our money was in the house we had to do what we had to do. I was never late a day on any bill. EVER. The bank had our 1st and 2nd but would not let us do a short sale. So we let them have it. It was very hard. We moved out of state (Warmer) where I found a promised better job and it was still not great. I did enjoy our rental home and it’s low payment. Nice school district for kids. Especially after the 3 weeks in long term hotel suite with our three dogs and 2 kids until our rental was ready! :( Looking back at that situation – God is the only one that got us through. That and some wonderful neighbors we went to church with. My husband was out o work for a year and not handy like yours – which is ok. He volunteered at the local food bank ad helped them get more efficient – his old job. We had to pay for our health insurance out of pocket. My job was not what it was promised to be. I was met with a lot of drama in the workplace. I swear you could be too happy or have the wrong shoes on. Being around boys so much and away from the workplace – I wasn’t use to it and wasn’t a game player. My whole point is – it’s hard for us full time mom’s and especially you – with your blog to go back into the workplace full time. Even in the most ideal situation. I’d come home exhausted and angry. I tried so hard and was met with a lot of animosity. God came through and put me into working at gorgeous Assisted Living. Then e supplied my husband with a good job. Out of state again. We were happy and moved. It’s a small town with a good school district – but still not home. Still renting until we decide we want to buy somewhere – and we will pay that house off quickly. One thing I do know from all of this is: God held us together and I’d rather be penniless and still have my family than not. I think God wants us home with our kids. I know that sounds bad to some – but they need us at all ages. I feel very blessed to be home with them again. I know a lot of moms have to work or want to work and that’s okay if that is where they are led. I work per diem and am a full time mommy at this stage in my life. I only have two boys – you have four! I can only imagine how busy you are! Sorry – I went on and on. You are a blessing to your family and to your readers. I’ve gotten a lot out of your stories and handiness! I hope Jonathon feels better and knocks the judges right out! Good luck Traci! Prayers sent!

  24. You had the courage to do what you and your husband feel is right!
    That’s impressive, and I’m glad we will see more of you on the blog. : )
    Good for you guys making the sacrifices necessary
    For you to raise your boys without the extra stress right now.

  25. Traci, you’ll never ever regret doing what is right for your family. The time flies! I hate to sound so typical saying that but it does. My boys are 24 and 21. I miss the growing up years and think about it alot. I did stay home…mostly. My husband and I would never change a thing.

  26. Traci, I hate to admit, but I thought you were a little cuckoo for trying to do it all to begin with. But I just figured maybe you had some Supermom genes that I missed out on. I’ll be praying that the blog starts rollin’ you in the dough. You could always join the military like me to pay for health insurance. What do you think of that? ;)

  27. Quitter??? I frankly couldn’t imagine how you were keeping up with the blog while working full=time teaching and raising four boys while doing projects, etc. Teaching is such a time commitment when you add in planning and after school events, even at the younger grades…and all those classroom expenses aren’t reimbursed. Plus, the time to get ready that you don’t have to expend when staying home. Sometime in the future you can always return, perhaps on a part-time basis. You have nothing to apologize for or feel embarrassed about. Geez.

    Really, I’m sure very few people mind sponsored posts and usually I get a lot from them. For the time you spend on such high quality posts you should get something in return. If anyone objects, so what? Go for it! I hope you haven’t thought doing so was “bad”.

    Can’t wait to watch Jonathan again. I really do like his singing! CTD

  28. Hi Traci,

    I’ve been following you for a few years now and when you posted that you were going to work full-time my heart has been heavy for you, even though we have never met I continually have thought about your decision. As you see, I have been there!! I have always worked full-time while being a mother to 4 and step-mom to 1. But, after all these years, 5 months ago my husband and I decided for me to quit and stay home to raise our children, keep track of everyone and stay on top of things. This decision wasn’t an easy one by any means as I had the insurance, but we know that we trust our GOD through it all. So, I am sad and happy for your decision and will continually pray for your family. Cameo

  29. Traci, I am so glad glad I found your blog. I love your heart for God and your family. You are an example of listening to God when our earth bound logic may be telling you something else. I applaud you. I worked some of the time when I was raising my children, and some of the time I didn’t but it always went better when I listened to God. Blessings to you and yours, Kim

  30. Please check out Christian Healthcare Ministries
    We have always been self employed and been members for over 12 years. They are a group of christians that pay each others health care bills. We pay a monthly premium that helps with all cost of the illness. It is very affordable plus everyone is a christian. It is also allowed under the new government mandate.

  31. Traci,
    I know how you feel. I, too, have made the decision in the past to step down, as my “job” was ultimately being there for my family. I felt so bad for so long about walking away as a teacher and leaving the school to scramble to find a replacement, and letting down the kiddos and their parents. I was in such turmoil about it, even losing sleep and having anxiety attacks and second guessing my competency in every area of my life. I was becoming no good to anyone because I was not anointed to be there. So, even though I felt like I was letting down “man,” I chose to please God. I have never looked back. Congrats on making a tough, but necessary decision for your family. And, as always, thanks for keeping it real. :)

  32. I will be praying for you and your family…. for extreme favor in your finances and on your Blog !!! You are such a talented lady!! I know God can work all this out for you !!! Time gets away from us…. and before you know it….. those precious boy are grown!!! Sooooo… enjoy while you can and continue to walk in faith knowing that your heavenly Father will work it all out for you!!!! Terri
    ( oh and btw…. LOL… my daughter teaches 1st grade… but she taught kindergarten for 6 years!!! and I agree… they deserve our utmost respect!!!) :)

  33. Traci, I applaud you for your decision. These are precious years that can never be recovered. I KNOW G-d will honor your decision. Seek His face for how to provide those needed dollars and He will provide. I reared children for 27 years before I was able to work full-time. I had several different types of home-based businesses. You are so talented, I know you will be able to do it.

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