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Happy Monday, y’all!

I hope you had a great weekend! We had a great time at the Ky State Fair.  Jonathan did a wonderful job at the talent competition, but he did not place.  Regardless, we were so proud of him.  He sung his heart out!  And we loved spending time with him.  It was just the three of us, Cy, Me, and Jonathan, which rarely happens, so we soaked up every minute!  Smile


If you don’t know this about me already, you need to know that I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!  I mean, I ADORE them!

There is nothing I would rather do than spend time with my family.

I never in a million years thought I would be the mom of four boys.  NEVER.

But I cannot thank the Lord above enough for giving me these four precious boys!

I love celebrating life with them!

Recently, we went to the Creation Museum with my SIL and her two boys, Ryan and Drew

phone 037

and my niece and her son, Colt.

phone 038

So it was three brave women with 7 boys!

I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful it was at the Creation Museum.

phone 041

It was the most beautiful day ever!  The sky was as blue as can be.

Can you believe I took this picture with my phone?

phone 047

I was absolutely in awe of the beauty all around me.

phone 066

The Creation Museum is a great place to take boys.  Our boys especially loved the animals.

phone 050

They could not get enough of these adorable chickens.

phone 051

Eli didn’t want to put his down.

phone 053

And well, Jonathan and the goats got pretty friendly too.  Smile


phone 054

Colt LOVED the animals!

phone 060

He wanted to get his hands on every animal we saw.

phone 062

It was such a great day to celebrate nature.

Do you like to celebrate nature?

Well, here is another way you can do it…


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Deer Park® Brand Nature’s Blends™ Fruit Flavored Beverages

I am so excited about all of the delicious blends they have available! I am actually headed to the grocery store today to get me some!

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  1. Such a sweet post. I love (adore) my family too. I only have one son, but I have three granddaughters. And I love going to the zoo, museum, park, or anywhere as long as they are there too. The pictures were adorable as well. You have a goodlooking group of young men. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  2. Your children are adorable! Kudos to Jonathan for his accomplishments!! I’m looking for the Deer Park drinks I don’t know if they have it in Missouri but I’m going to look!! Have a great night

  3. bravo Jonathan. sorry he was not feeling his best but he sure stuck with it.
    The creation museum sure sounds interesting.. is there more to come on this place.??

  4. The Park looks like a lot of fun. I know Jonathan did his best even if he wasn’t feeling well. There is always next time.


  6. Hi! Congrats to Jonathan for sticking with it even when he wasn’t feeling his best. There IS always next time. I couldn’t find any links for the Poland Springs products. My Dad lives just outside of PS and I want to visit the plant next time. I’m interested to know about this new product since I’m only familiar with the water.CTD

  7. Will have to give this a try. My family likes to drink sodas but I don’t care for them much. I prefer water or tea. If I drink flavored water I like it to be mild. I’ll keep an eye out for this.

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