DIY Tailgating Ring Toss Game


Who loves football?  I have to be honest that I don’t watch a ton of football games, but I love the sound of them in the house.  There is something so home-y and cozy about football on the tv.

But I DO love whenever I get the chance to go tailgating!  It is a ton of fun to hang out with friends before the game starts.

Here is a super easy ring toss game that I made for those tailgating days.


diy tailgating ring toss


This was so easy to make!

Here are the supplies:  {and where I got them}

piece of plywood {You can have it cut to size at Lowe’s.}

basket or crate to hold bottles {I got my silver basket from Lowe’s.}

glass bottles {Kroger}

blue, green, and white spray paint {Lowe’s}

KILZ spray primer {Lowe’s}

rope  {Lowe’s}

duck tape  {Lowe’s}

white paint pen  {Hobby Lobby}

gorilla glue  {Lowe’s}


First off, I bought some glass bottle drinks for my ring toss game.  My boys enjoyed drinking up the sugary goodness, and then I washed them out and let them dry.

diy tailgating ring toss

Then I primed all the bottles with KILZ spray primer.

diy tailgating ring toss

After the primer dried, I spray painted half the bottles blue and half the bottles white to represent the colors of the Kentucky Wildcat football team.


diy tailgating ring toss

I also spray painted the plywood green with this paint.

diy tailgating ring toss

diy tailgating ring toss

Next, I cut some pieces of rope to make the rings and secured them with three different colors of duck tape so three people could play the game at a time.

diy tailgating ring toss

To make the make the board look like a football field, I used my blue duck tape for the end zones, and tore my white duck tape into smaller pieces to create the yard lines.

diy tailgating ring toss


I used a white paint pen that I already had to paint “Kentucky Wildcats” in the end zones and to write the numbers on the yard lines.

Next, I used my gorilla glue to attached the bottles to the basket, and the basket to the board.

diy tailgating ring toss

That’s it!  Now my ring toss game is ready to play!

diy tailgating ring toss

How To Play:

1.  Mark a line 3-6 feet away from the bottles for game players to stand behind when tossing rings.

2.  Give each player 4 rings and have them stand behind the line.

3.  Take turns tossing the rings on the bottles.  The player who rings the most bottles wins!!


diy tailgating ring toss

I can’t wait to watch my boys play this game! They are going to love it. Smile

Do you like to go tailgating?  Are you a football fan?



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Disclosure:  I was provided a gift card to purchase the supplies for this project.  The idea and creative process were 100% my own.


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