Fall Tablescape with Better Homes and Gardens {and Giveaway!}


I absolutely love white dishes.

I registered for white dishes when I got married and still use them to this day.


Whenever I look for pieces to add to my dish collection, I look for white dishes.  They always look beautiful on the table, and they are easy to decorate with from season to season.

So I was so excited to be able to review Better Homes and Gardens’ new dinnerware found at Walmart!

bhg dinnerware

Better Homes and Gardens Square 16 Piece Dinnerware Set


You can find several different versions of these white dishes at Walmart, but I used the square dish set for my tablescape.


bhg dinnerware

Underneath the dishes, I gave my tablescape a shot of color with these Better Homes and Garden red placemats.

The yellow napkins used to be my mom’s.  I have always wanted to show them on my blog, and this was the perfect chance.  Aren’t the roosters adorable?

bhg dinnerware

For the centerpiece of my table, I found this beautiful seeded glass hurricane from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.

bhg dinnerware

The cool thing about this hurricane is that you can place decorative items below the candle.  I poured some green split peas underneath my candle, but it would also be cute with acorns or nuts in the bottom of the hurricane.

For Christmas, I could fill the hurricane with cranberries or pine branches.  I think it will be fun to use this piece each season throughout the year.

Those sweet antique salt and pepper shakers were my grandmother’s.  They were passed down to my mom, and then to me. Smile

bhg dinnerware


Do you like white dishes? 

 Better Homes and Gardens just released a collection of white porcelain dinner and serveware, available exclusively at Walmart. Be sure to check it all out HERE!  

You can also follow them on Facebook.

Now, here is a chance for you to win your own

16 piece set of Better Homes and Gardens dinnerware!


Just leave a comment below telling me what upcoming event or occasion you could use your new dinnerware set if you won!


I will announce the winner next week.

Good Luck!


Disclosure:  I was given a set of Better Homes and Gardens dinnerware to review and one to give away.  I was also given a gift card to purchase additional decor.  All opinions are 100% mine.


    1. Your table looks just beautiful!

      If we won, we would use them to set a nice table when we have our parents over for dinner. It would be wonderful!

  1. There was a gentleman from church who took care of our lawn while my husband was deployed. We’re planning on having him and his family over for dinner and a new set of white would certainly spruce up the table!

  2. LOVE! You did a great job arranging everything on your table!! Simply beautiful.
    If I were to have white dinner wear…I’d certainly use them for Christmas!

  3. My husband will be returning from deployment in a couple of week, we will celebrate for sure!

  4. My husband is retiring and I would use them to set a celebration table for his party
    The white goes with everything as you said and they are so clean looking!

  5. I would love some new dishes for Thanksgiving! I have been coveting white dishes for a while now! ;)

  6. These would be perfect for when I host thanksgiving this year for my husbands very Large family. Thanks!

  7. My husband lost his job due to the company closing. He went back to school to learn a new career. He graduates soon. They’d be lovely for that!

  8. My husband and I are moving to another state in February and are hoping to spruce up some of our decorations in a new house. These would be perfect!

  9. I do not have a set of white dishes. I would love these to use every day and for the holidays!

  10. I would use them for my Grandma’s 97th birthday in November. These would make the perfect addition to celebrate an extra-special woman.

  11. I use white dishes every day. I would use them to replace some of our dishes that are starting to get worn.

  12. I would use them for an upcoming Brunch with my bff’s and then for everyday. I have an old set of white square plastic plates from Target. I love them, but they are getting stained.
    This would be a fun one to win!!! Love how you set up the table!

  13. I too registered for white dinnerware 28 years ago when I married. They still grace my table but I would love to add the square shape. I would use them at Thanksgiving for sure.

  14. Well i would use them on Thanksgiving of course. The food colors on a thanksgiving are so beautiful that you have to have a white dish.

  15. Thanksgiving would be a perfect time to use some beautiful new dishes. My dishes all came from Goodwill. It would be fun to have brand new ones.

  16. I would use them for our family Thanksgiving dinner. We recently moved halfway across the US and sold 2/3 of our belongings to pay for expenses. My white dinnerware was part of what got sold and I would love to replace it.

  17. I would use the dishes for Thanksgiving where we will have two of our daughters here and their families. It would make for a beautiful table!

  18. Every year I host our family Thanksgiving dinner for both my side and my husband’s side of the family. I would definitely use these for our dinnerware to add to my mom’s white dinnerware that she gave to me a few years ago. I love white dishes!

  19. You would think when your children were in there 20’s they would quit breaking dishes..but no. Do they ever outgrow dropping things I would use them everyday, I don’t know when the la?st time I had a complete set of dis?hes.

  20. I too love white dishes and these are georgous! I would use them for Christmas Dinner.
    Hope Champ is doing well!
    Charlotte T

  21. I love and have white dishes as well. Some new ones would be great. I am due to host our girl’s luncheon soon and these would be wonderful.

  22. I wouldn’t save these for a special occasion–they would be a great way for me to take everyday lunches and dinners to a chic new level! :)

  23. I could use them every evening! I love white dishes and I need to replace my old white dishes!

  24. I’d use it for thanksgiving, we are planning on smoking a turkey on our big green egg this year and having some guests over, first time hosting.

  25. I also love white dishes. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I would love to set our table with new white dishes…

  26. Wow-thanks for the chance to win these-they are lovely! I would use them for a family dinner welcoming my new grand nephew!

  27. I love white dishes too, and I have had a set for about 10 years now and have used them every day. They are finally starting to wear out. I would use a new set of dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and everyday in between.

  28. A friend of mine recently shared with me that she does the same–all white with colors to accent–perfect for EVERY season! I have wanted to start over with all white, and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  29. I love white dishes. I would add the new white dishes to those I already have. Can’t beat white; goes with everything. Thanks for the give away.

  30. I have white dishes and love them but they are showing their wear with scratches and chips so a new set would be perfect timing for our Christmas celebration dinners.

  31. I love white dishes too! Thanksgiving is coming so that would be a perfect time to debut them!

  32. These dishes are so nice, would love to use these for every meal, it would be more uplifting than the boring dishes we have now… these are much more modern. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

  33. I am having my parents over for dinner for their 40th anniversary soon. I could use this set then.

  34. They would be perfect for the girls from church brunch! Then I’d use them to treat my family every day.

  35. I have been looking for white dishes for a long time. Your table looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  36. I will be hosting family gatherings during the holidays. None of my dishes look festive. White is so versatile!! I would love to win a set!

  37. Traci~
    should I be the lucky winner of the beautiful white dishes,
    I would use them on my upcoming birthday..
    would invite my siblings to share the occasion..
    but first, wouldn’t they be beautiful on a Halloween Table?
    Black and white with Orange accents! Awesome!
    pick me please!

  38. I love white dishes and have a lot of white dishes and serving pieces. I love these dishes and could use them when I have my girlfriends for lunch next month! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  39. I have slowly been collecting white serving pieces from all over, especially discount stores for great deals. No matter what color table linens, they always look great! Each holiday has a different color and I try to accent utilizing color. In addition wouldn’t a handmade napkin with stenciled designs look great! And add a napkin ring made with some plant material to really make a pretty setting!

  40. Beautiful set, I was looking at them the other day at the Bedford Store. I will use then in this coming Thanksgiving Day dinner with my grandchildren.

  41. I’m a pastor’s wife and often have people over for small groups and dinners. These dishes would be put to good use. I love that they are white and can be used all year.

  42. How nice to be able to use your mom’s napkins and your grandmother’s salt & pepper shakers along with your new dishes…..that’s so special! I love the square set you chose. We finally got a dining room table that can squeeze in “one more” so I’m excited to host the holidays this year!

  43. Hi Traci,
    We’ve switched over to white dishes within the past year. We use them daily and they make the food look so good! They also work great for special occasions and holidays. We don’t have a total complete set of each piece and our dishes are in the square pattern like yours. Winning this giveaway would help to complete our set and make it so we have enough settings for everyone at the table. Thanksgiving is coming up and so besides our daily meals, we would set a lovely table for our holiday meal!
    I love your rooster napkins from your Mom!

  44. Thanksgiving! Our college daughter’s bestest friend in the whole wide world will be joining us, after we moved away from her 2 1/2 years ago. She is like another daughter & we are all so excited to spend this special holiday with her. Her promise to make Banana Nutella muffins may or may not be part of the excitement :)

  45. I love white dishes. When my husband and I married 22 years ago we had white dishes but I gave that set to a family in need. I was a Southern Living at Home consultant so I replaced then with a set that I was selling. The replacement dishes are nice but nothing like my white dishes. I would uses these dishes daily.

  46. I was just looking at those very dishes yesterday at Wal Mart! I decided they were not in the budget right now but I would sure love to have a set to use for the upcoming holidays. Thanks!

  47. I would love to use these new dishes for our second annual Friendsgiving in November. It’s a great time to get together with our close friends and celebrate all that we are thankful for!

  48. I would use them for regular family meals, because I believe every night around the table is special. I have five sons, four of whom still live at home and the day is coming fast when It will not be so.. Every night they are here for dinner is special.

  49. My current white set of dishes has seen better days. I love white dishes for any meal so I would use them daily as well as for a Christmas brunch I host every year.

  50. I would love to use it for a small family gathering to celebrate the news of a new grandchild. Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet, but white would be perfect for either!

  51. I would give them to my daughter who is graduating from college this year,will be living on her own and needing everything to furnish her first place.

  52. Hi Traci, I have enjoyed reading your blog for years along with my three daughters. We enjoy it so much, especially watching as your boys grow up! I also am a lover of white dinner ware! :) I would definitely put them to good use at Thanksgiving this year. We invited a couple of dear, sweet widows from our church and some college students that aren’t able to get home for the holidays from our Church’s Bible college.

  53. White dishes make food look so good. And with my Whole30 food tasting so good, it should look good too. I really love the seeded glass hurricane. Headed to Walmart!

  54. I have a half set of white round dishes that I picked up on clearance from Pier 1 many years ago. But I’m in love with the white square dishes that Better Homes and Gardens have made. It would look great on my Thanksgiving table this year! It’s the first year we are having my husband’s family over for dinner at our house.

  55. I would show off the white dishes at a women’s luncheon in my home, it would be the perfect touch, thank you…

  56. Traci, you do such a good job with your blog. You have a hard decision to make as to whom is awarded the BH & G set of dishes! I am not entering to win. I was just really answering and thinking of Champ. I hope he is well. Send him a sweet pat on the head and my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  57. I would love to use them for everyday dishes – but also for dinners with our small group or extended family.

  58. Both of my kiddos are away at college. When they come home, together especially, it’s a celebration. They both have weekends off next month and I’m looking forward to cooking up a storm and sharing some family meals together. What a treat!

  59. Oh, I would LOVE a whole set. I’ve been picking up a few white dishes here and there and I love using those more than anything. I would use a set for our next family gathering!

  60. My Mom and sister are coming to visit us for a while and I’d love to use these white dishes while they’re here!

  61. White dishes are my favorite as well!! I would use them for basically everything. They would be gorgeous for Thanksgiving with some pinecones, pumpkins, and gourds on the table. And then for Christmas with my reds and greens. LOVE white dishes!

  62. We are having both sides of the family over for Thanksgiving and it would be wonderful to have a new set of dishes to entertain with!

  63. I’ve been wanting new white dishes to replace my current wildly colorful ones. Knew when I got them they’d be hard to decorate with and food would get lost on the plates…live and learn! I’ve been slowly buying white serving dishes but winning a whole set would be so great! I’m am hosting bunco and book club very soon nt to mention just everyday meals. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Any occasion. I got a set of Pfaltzgraff when I got married, but when that marriage fizzled, I got rid of the dishes and that was a very long time ago, 16 years to be exact. Since then I haven’t had a good set of dishes, just my Corelle. So, I would use them on any occasion that warrants them because it’s been so long!

  65. You did a lovely job of decorating your table. I would use these beautiful dishes all of the time. They really dress up a table!

  66. I would use these to celebrate everyday meals. My Mom didn’t believe in only using the nice stuff for company, although she had enough to do so and I feel the same way! Life’s too short. My stepmom has all her (many) dishes, so I’m resigned to just getting my own and letting them go. These would really help me come to terms with that.

  67. I have heavy old blue dishes that I want to replace with white dishes as I was in a wreck several years ago and it is hard for me hard to lift the ones I have. I have been thinking about getting a white setting and maybe I will get a set for my birthday next week.

    1. I have heavy old blue dishes that I want to replace with white dishes as I was in a wreck several years ago and it is hard for me hard to lift the ones I have. I have been thinking about getting a white setting and maybe I will get a set for my birthday next week.

  68. I would use these just for everyday family meals. We try to eat every meal at the table together and these would be lovely to have for our family dinners!

  69. I would use them for everyday dishes because every day is a reason to celebrate the wonderful things that God has blessed our family with! Thanks for the giveaway Traci :)

  70. I also love white dishes and still use the ones I requested for my wedding. My mom had white dishes when I was growing up and I loved how versatile they could be. In the last few years my mom has begun the journey into dementia. We have moved my parents close by so that we can help them as they adjust to this new challenge. One of the main ways we are loving them is by having them over weekly (or more) for a homecooked meal because my mom no longer remembers how to cook. Since my wedding dishes have been in daily use for eleven+ years, I could use a new set of white dishes and would be using them for everyday as I care for my parents and family as well as the numerous extended family events that happpen here too.

  71. Beautiful display, Traci! How awesome to add treasured items from your Mom and Grandmother also! I would love to have a new set of dishes as the holidays are approaching! Thanks for the entry! :) P.S. Hope Champ is getting better. I am praying for him!

  72. I’m having a 50th birthday dinner for my sister on Dec. 21 and they would look so festive with my Christmas decor.

  73. I’d love the dishes for our upcoming missionary dinner at our house.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  74. I love the square dishes. They would be great for when my mother-in-law and sister-in law come to town for hunting season the first of Nov. I think I will head to Walmart next week.

  75. I don’t have a set of white but wish I did! It would be fun to be able to change the linens and everything else with the season.
    Two more ideas for your new hurricane: conversation hearts for Valentines and candy corn for now..oh, and Easter basket grass at Easter .

  76. I’m planning an empty nest party with my girlfriends now that my son is out of the house & married. These would be great mixed with some of my fall dinnerware.

  77. I am planning a very special Thanksgiving for our family. My mom recently had shoulder replacement surgery. This Thanksgiving will mark the week she is released from her physical therapy/therapist (very painful). We’re both white dish collectors and these would make our celebration even more special!

    P.S. So glad Champ is on the mend :)

  78. Beautiful table! My daughter loves white dishes. I would give them to her for her very first place of her own.

  79. Hi…!
    Loved reading about your recent family get away. What a sweet, enjoyable time it was! Thank you for sharing. It really blessed my heart. So glad your sweet puppy is on the mend. He is adorable. Love white dishes too. And I need to replace quite a few (half) in my set when they were accidently given away in a garage sale. Oh the pain!!! But i would use this new set for upcoming birthdays this month and the next. I always fix the bday persons favorite meal! Thanks again!
    Florida hugs,

  80. If I won, I’d use these sweet dishes to celebrate 54 years of marriage with our family :)

  81. I love white dishes too. If I won your contest, I would use them at our October birthday potluck. I’m the youngest of 11 and we have BIG parties. I would love to win because my birthday falls in October. Love your blog Tracey.

  82. I love white dishes! and I have been wanting a square set also. BHG is such a great product for the price!

  83. I love white dishes too! I’d use them for Christmas dinner. We are expecting all of our children and their families to be here this year for the holidays. Of course, I’ll need to buy two more boxes of dishes in order to have enough but that’s okay. I love the square shape!

  84. Oh how much I love the white. I married 45 years ago and 6 kids and scores of grandkids later I have 1 setting left…oh how I would love a new set…Thanks for the giveaway…

  85. I love the square dishes and would use them for our first Thanksgiving with our new daughter in law. I love starting new traditions. :-)

  86. I would use them for our Thanksgiving dinner that I will be hosting with our extended family. I never seem to have enough dishes that match and this would be so helpful. Thanks Traci.

  87. these would be perfect for a dinner party or day to day meals – I’d use them for everything!

  88. I am startin’ to get on the white dish band wagon too. So versatile! :) I am having a dinner for some friends that are moving back to Pennsylvania next month. Would love a new set to get me started. Thanks so much, Traci

  89. oh – love the round tray the hurricane and pumpkin are on. Is that a lazy susan? Where did you get it.

    Thank you!

  90. Traci, I love the white dishes! I would use the dishes to celebrate Thanksgiving. This will be our first Thanksgiving together as a family without our mother who passed away in January. We want to start a new tradition as a family and the dishes would be a perfect way to help us start anew.

  91. I love white dishes… I bought a new set when I put open shelves up in my kitchen so they would be functional no matter what season it was and what accessories I chose to put with them and I have not had a single regret!

  92. We will be closing on our new home soon so I would use it everyday but the first time would be at our housewarming. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  93. I would use them for everyday and they would be especially nice for the upcoming holidays.

  94. We never bothered registering for china dishes when we got married, so it would be nice to have crisp white table setting for Thanksgiving.

  95. I love the white square dishes. They would add a design touch to our table. These Better Home & Garden dishes have ageless beauty.
    Thank you

  96. I’m hosting 25 people for Christmas Eve (my side of the family). Then, on Christmas Day, I will be hosting 20 people (my husband’s side of the family). These would be a great addition to my entertaining.

  97. All my plates and bowls are chipped from the dishwasher and 3 kids! I would LOVE the white square plates. The best thing about the white is you can change up everything else around it and they still look fab. Aside from using them everyday and when our friends come over for dinners I would really love to use them for Thanksgiving!

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