Just a life update

Hey friends.

Just wanted to pop in and give you an update on my life.

I have some sad news and some good news.

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Our sweet dog, Champ, was hit by a car yesterday evening.  Eli saw it happen.  The car never stopped.  Sad smile

We were all a mess and didn’t think he would make it.

We actually took him to the vet clinic to put him down and put him out of his misery.

But when we got there, the doctor looked him over, and suggested we let them keep him over night and see how he was in the morning.

Well, Champ made it through the night, and the doctor thinks he will be okay.  He has hemorrhaging in his eyes, and they will be giving him drops throughout the day and will keep checking on him.

We might get to bring him home tonight!

I announce it on my facebook page last night and had over 500 comments!  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!



In other news, I was supposed to have a sponsored post yesterday, but they didn’t get the product to me in time, so I didn’t get to post.

I was gone this weekend on a ladies’ retreat with my church!  Look at these beautiful women I got to spend time with!  Can you find me?


We stayed at beautiful Cumberland Falls, Kentucky.

We played games on Friday night, and I laughed so hard my belly hurt.  I love that kind of laughter, don’t you?

So I spent Sunday trying to get my bearings and get ready for the week, but wasn’t able to squeak out a post yesterday.



Also, I’m gonna give a one week update on Thursday about my Whole30 experience so far.

I am happy and amazed to announce that I haven’t had a coke in 5 days!  I feel pretty strong, and I think I am going to be able to do it. Smile




Well, I have several projects to complete today, so I am going to go get busy on them.


Just wanted to let you know what was going on with me.


Hope you are doing well and having a great week so far!!




  1. That’s such great news about Champ! YEAH!!! Keeping him and you all in my prayers,…

    And I did notice the HUGE number of comments you got on FB – WOW!!!

  2. Hey Traci

    Saw your post on Twitter about Champ! So happy to hear that there was some good news. We are facing the inevitable with our dog Samson. He’s 15 and has had cancer for a while and slowly going downhill. We sure could use some prayers about that situation.

    I LOVE Cumberland Falls. I have only been there once and would love to go again. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Glad you had a good time on the retreat

    Have a good week Traci

    Marilyn C.

  3. Thanks for tell us about Whole30. My husband and I started yesterday and I am really excited about being healthy!

  4. Hi Tracy! I am so proud of you for trying out the Whole 30 lifestyle change. I started doing it without actually calling it the Whole 30 challenge. I just started reading up on Paleo eating and I am loving it. Not a diet! It’s a lifestyle change!. One of the things that helps me keep on track is education. So, I recommend two things: 1. Watch the documentary ‘The Perfect Human Diet’ (I have Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Prime, it streams for free.) 2. I’m reading ‘The Primal Blueprint’ by Mark Sisson (He’s also the blgger at Mark’s Daily Apple [http://www.marksdailyapple.com/#axzz2h9XrLwpw] . More good reading. It’s amazing how your mind can change your body, if you fill it with good information. One of the first things he talks about is insulin production. Essentially, he says that as long as you’re feeding your body processed carbs, you are keeping a cycle going in your body that will demand more processed carbs everytime your blood sugar drops off, and you’ll never become a fat burner, because your body is only interested in short term energy. If you cut out the processed carbs, your body will return to a natural state of retrieving fat from the body’s stores for long term energy. I cut out all cereal grains, rice, potatoes, and sugar some weeks ago, and I feel fabulous. I did it for my whole family and we’re all losing weight – practically without trying. God bless you in this and all endeavors!

    1. Can you message me privately about what you are feeding your kids. We all need to do this. I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. So happy to hear that Champ is going to pull through!! What a relief… all those prayers were indeed answered!!

  6. OMG, so sorry for Champ — I’m praying for him – I can’t even imagine – my heart hurts for him and you all. God please let Champ have a full and speedy recovery!

  7. Hey friend–so very sorry to hear about Champ, but glad to hear that he’s going to make it! Poor Eli–seeing that must have been very traumatic. One thing is for sure: Eli will never, in his whole life, hit a dog and drive away! And may God have mercy on the person who drove off–he or she must be in awful shape to have done something like that.

    I’m so glad you got to go on the retreat! Good for the soul, right?

    Love you!

  8. Hi Tracy! Here’s my account of diet change and how it has helped me. I hope it encourages you and any other readers considering a healthier diet! I was practically weaned on sweet tea and Coca Cola and consumed it alongside lots of processed carbs throughout my 20’s 30’s and 40’s. I think it is safe to say I was addicted. The only time I went off soft drinks was before and during my pregnancy with our daughter. My husband used to predict if I was ever hospitalized, I would require a 2 Liter Coca-Cola drip. Unfortunately, I did have to be hospitalized a number of times in my 30’s and 40’s for various surgeries and after my health bottomed out in my late 40’s, I went to a MD specializing in integrative medicine. I was suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue -even chronic mono – my immune system was shot and I felt “OLD”. She recognized how sugar and processed carbs were impacting my health and compromising my immune system and put me on a life-long diet very similar to Paleo – although I can have beans and low sugar dairy – like plain Greek yogurt, butter, and cream. I can have unlimited berries but have to limit all other fruits. I also take pro-biotics and some vitamin supplements. I’ve regained my health and energy, lost about 40 pounds, and I am delight to find that brain fog has dissipated. I’m in my early 50’s and feel so much better than I did in my 40’s and even better than much of my 30’s. My doctor thinks that many of my health problems – thyroid cancer, reproductive problems, etc. could have been prevented if my diet had been different. My husband and teenage daughter have come with me on this lifestyle change and their health has improved so much too. My daughter says that some of the fast food we used to consider a treat now seems gross to her. It is amazing how a whole food diet without additives like MSG and yeast extract can allow you to develop a taste for the wonderful flavors in food as God made it. Maybe I’ll become a blogger so I can share my experience more fully with recipes. You can’t go wrong with eating whole foods! Enjoy this 30 day journey. I predict you’ll decide to make life-long changes.

  9. Hugs and prayers to your family and Champ! One of my dogs has recently had some serious problems. It’s hard to get things done when one of your babies is sick.

  10. Thanks for the update on your sweet little Champ. They come into our lives and become part of our family. So so sorry that Eli had to wittness him being hit.

    Hang in there with the Whole30.


  11. It’s sounds like Champ is a champ! ;-) Glad he’s hanging in there. Our pets really are members of our family and we love them like family too. Hope he recovers quickly.

  12. So sorry to hear about Champ. And even more sorry that Eli had to witness it. What a traumatic thing for your son. Pets are a part of the family, so an accident like this is so upsetting. Hoping Eli and Champ are both doing well.

  13. Traci,
    So glad that Champ will be okay, but how about sweet little Eli? My heart broke when I read that he witnessed the whole thing. I just wanna hug him.

    I didn’t comment on your initial post about the Whole30 thing but I do want you to know how happy…no, how full of joy I am that you are taking these steps. And I can say with complete confidence that you will feel 100% better and that you CAN do this. Jim an I made some drastic changes in our eating habits one year ago in September. I lost 30lbs and went from a size 18 to a size 14 pants. I feel absolutely wonderful and look forward to dropping more weight. Jim lost 35lbs and went from a 40 to 36 jeans. We haven’t had a soft drink in over a year, well I haven’t, I can’t speak for hubs. Also, at one time our DD gave up Dr. Pepper and lost 11 lbs in 10 days. So when I read these posts like from you and from MMS, I get so excited for you and I pray for you as I know you will have tough days. Just remember to give yourself grace on those days.
    I just think you are awesome and an amazing Christ filled woman who inspires us all. Love your sweet little heart and can’t wait to read more about your Whole30 journey.

  14. I’m glad to hear Champ is going to be okay. I wish Eli wouldn’t have saw it though. :(

    I was in Corbin this weekend and we thought about going to Cumberland Falls also, but we thought it might have been closed due to the Government shutting down National Parks! I wish I would have just drove up to check it out for myself now. We go several times a year since my MIL lives just a few miles away from there. I know it’s beautiful this time of year.

  15. That breaks my heart about Champ! I hope that he is doing better soon. Poor Eli, too! What a terrible thing to witness.

    Thinking of you and your family ;o) Can’t wait to read your updates. You are an inspiration and you can do it!

  16. All the best to Champ. I worked in a Vet Clinic and it is amazing how the love of a family can help create miracles. I really think what most dogs want is a family to love and to be loved by. You have given Champ that gift. Please keep us updated.
    You really rock with your honesty and strength with your new lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes almost a year ago. I was then 243 lbs. I drastically reduced my carbs and made sure to work out almost every day. Zumba! I have now lost 91 lbs and feel better than I have in years. My blood sugar levels are great now. Of course it was not as easy as that sounds but I want you to know others are working at it too and are cheering you on.

  17. Awww, poor Champ! It always disappoints to learn that humans can be so cruel like that as to keep driving as if nothing! Thank God he’s going to be okay. Quite the fighter. Also sorry Eli had to witness that. I would have been a mess.

    I wish you the best on your Whole 30 endeavor. I didn’t do that particular program, but I was on the Eat Right for Your Blood Type which is similar and some issues I had with my leg totally disappeared. I need to get back to eating that way because I know it’s not just about weight, it’s all about health. Our typical American diet is killing us.

  18. I hope Champ does ok. I grew up on a highway road and lost many dogs that way. It break my heart even more that Eli saw it happen. I hope he’s ok too!

  19. I was so happy to read that Champ is pulling through! Sound as if he’s a true CHAMP! That happened to my precious kitty many years ago, but at least the people who hit him did stop and felt terrible about it. It helped with his loss just a little.. It’s great that you encourage them to create bonds with their pets. I remember when my Mrs. guppy died during my first grade. I stayed home and cried all day. I’m so glad my parents allowed me to mourn. Keep us informed.

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