So blessed with boys!


I never in a million years thought I would be the mother of 4 boys!


I remember when each new son was born, people would say, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

june 2004 003

Or “You need a girl.”

May 2007, Eli's birth 054

Or “Bless your heart!”

Everywhere I went with my four boys, people where blessing my heart! Smile



I have to be honest that I struggled with having all boys.  I felt like I was missing out by not having a daughter.


But that wasn’t the truth at all.  Those were lies from the enemy.

Because only God knew what I truly needed, and he knew I needed these four boys.

It has not always been easy raising these four.  They can be a little crazy at times, but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for a million daughters!


I have a sweet blog reader, Kim, that sent this youtube video to me, and it blessed my heart.

I can so relate to the mom in this video.  Smile


If you would like to enjoy a smile today, or if you are a mom of all boys like me, just watch this video.

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Have a blessed day!


  1. I, too, have four little men, and have had my heart blessed more times than I can count by strangers. Yes, my house is loud, yes, no matter how often I clean, there seems to be a smell in their clothes, blankets, and my house…but as often as my heart has been blessed by strangers, God has blessed it more with my boys. And, despite their strange little boy smells, I love them more than words can describe.

  2. Awe, mom of 4 boys here too, and I love this! More than just a smile, this video made me cry. I wouldn’t trade my wild, rambunctious, smelly & messy boys for the world! They are my world. :)

  3. Hey Tracy,
    I can totally relate, but in the opposite way. We have 4 daughters and we heard the same comments you did every time one was born!! People even asked us if we were trying for a boy! Enjoy your boys! You may have messes, but you probably don’t have drama! : ) We love our girls!!

  4. I am also a mom to four boys, not sure why people like to say things. I also hear the you are blessed, but I also get asked if I am going to keep trying until I get a girl. They ask this in front of the boys and it breaks my heart that they might think I only had them because I was trying for a girl.

  5. God blessed me with 3 daughters. He new I needed those girls. My first grandchild – a beautiful blue-eyed girl, who looks just like her mom. I prayed for another granddaughter – but the first boy in our family arrived.God knew I was ready, now, for a boy. I had 4 more grandsons, in a row. And then another little girl. I didn’t know if I could handle the boys, but they have shown me a new world, a world I wouldn’t change for anything. My daughters and my grandchildren are the loves of my life.

  6. Oh man! I have two boys and I must confess I never wanted a girl. Only because God knows that I am a boy mom. Little girls are great, I just don’t have the patience for girls. Besides, you know what they say? Boys always love their mamas!

  7. I absolutely love this and I only have three boys :) Whenever anyone asked if we were going to try for our girl I said you mean the 4th boy :)

  8. Whoever said “I’m so sorry” when your babies were born needs to do a check on their blessings!!! That is terrible. When a healthy baby is born, it is a blessing!!!! Your boys r precious!

  9. I have been asked so many times if we were/are trying for a girl and my response is always “we weren’t even trying for THESE… and a girl would turn the whole thing on its ear!”

    I have four boys this side of heaven and a fifth waiting in the arms of Christ. As I type this, I’m being prodded by a sword… Mothers of boys are busy from son-up to son-down!
    Happy pandemonium! <3

  10. Whenever I see pictures of your 4 boys I think how blessed you are and of the many memories ya’ll can make together. And all the fun you must have!! I feel the same way when I see a friend of mine who has 4 daughters.

  11. Tracie, just as your mom always told you that you were the critical middle link to your family, you are a woman whom the Lord could trust to raise four God-fearing boys. There will be four ladies and their families who whose hearts will be very much blessed. Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi Traci! Such a cute video!! I have three boys and could tell some wild stories! But, I’m blessed and wouldn’t know how to raise a girl! And when yours are old, like mine, and plan to marry a wonderful girl, as mine is, then you get your girl!! Enjoy it now, cause they’ll be grown before you know it!!

  13. As the mother of three now grown sons I can also say that I would not have wanted it any other way! God knew exactly what I needed each time he blessed me with another son. They were so much fun to raise. My grandmother gave me very good advice when they were born. She said, ” begin praying now for their wives so they will choose wives that love God and will be a blessing to your family”. They have each chosen a wife that is a perfect fit for our family! So now we have three sweet daughters! By the way the first grandchild is a girl and she is so worth the wait to add a tiny girl to our family! The next two grandbabies have been boys. Each new addition to our family is a precious gift from our Heavenly Father.

  14. I too am so very blessed with boys. My husband and I have 3 sons. I had twin boys and seven years later was blessed with another precious boy. I had a similar experience when my third son was born. I lady I know saw me with the new addition and said “Oh, another boy. I thought for sure you would have a girl this time.” I will never forget that. I was not disappointed at all. I was thrilled to have another boy. Mine are now grown and I have one daughter-in-law so I enjoy having my girl around now. Enjoy every crazy moment with them. They grow up so quickly! I enjoy your blog very much!

  15. Loved the video and I’m sorry about all the comments people said that were hurtful. I have 2 boys and one girl. I love all of them equally and have a special relationship with my girl. But I also have a special relationship with my boys. There is just something about that mother/ son relationship that is so beautiful! My boys are teenagers and they hug me and tell me they love me all the time…even in front of their teenage friends!! Love it!! You will be a great mother in law someday Traci because you are raising God fearing, loving boys. You are doing a great job!! God bless

  16. The Lord blessed me with one child, a son. Our relationship is so close and special. This past year we were blessed with a beautiful daughter-in-law. God knew exactly what we needed with a son. Love your post and the video is great! I can relate x1!

  17. I can so relate! I have three sons who are all grown now and sometimes I actually miss all the rowdy, noisy, and yes even smelly moments. Those days were a blessing but even greater blessings are coming your way. I now have those wonderful grown sons, a sweet daughter-in-law, a precious granddaughter, and a wonderful daughter-in-law to be!

  18. I’m the mom of one boy. I guess man now as he is 39 but he will forever be my baby. He and his wife just gave us our first grandchild…a boy. I’ll have to be honest and say that I wanted a boy and never had any desire for a girl. And i’m a girl. ;)
    He was rough and tumble, he and his dad has a wonderful relationship and they from the time ds was old enough played on the church baseball team together. Later they played on hubby’s work team, too. Best pals. I love watching them together. Now I love seeing them together with the beautiful little grandson.
    Ds is my something wonderful.

    Jake’s a Girl

  19. Traci, I have five boys ages 15-25 and am now starting to get daughter in laws. And it’s FUN!!! It’s true, I wanted a daughter each time, but God really knew what he was doing. I love my boys and couldn’t be happier. Keep praying for those girls your boys will marry, as I know you do already. You will love them when they come someday!

  20. Boys are wonderful. I have 3-1 flying in heaven and 2 running on earth and a baby girl in heaven. They are both grown now and the fun part is: they have given me 5 beautiful granddaughters who are now from 9-24 and three great-grandchildren of whom one is a girl! We have one precious grandson who will soon be a teenager!

  21. I am mom to three boys, and, like you, I wouldn’t trade any of them for a million daughters. I would love to have a daughter, I’m sure, but when my husband and I contemplate a fourth, he desperately wants a daughter and I secretly hope for a fourth son. :)

  22. Great post! I have one daughter (the oldest) and three boys, all grown. The boys were loud, dirty, took lots of room and were all three together easier than one girl because of all the emotions and drama girls have. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and have always been glad to have her. But I love my boys too and am so proud that all three are now serving in the Army.

  23. I love this post so much! I have two boys and people are constantly asking when we are going to try for a girl! I am so happy and blessed in my world of boys I wouldn’t know how to react with a girl. Like I tell my husband, Moms of boys, are the princess and the queen of the house!! Haha. :)

  24. I love that video! I only have half of your boy bounty :D but I wouldn’t change a thing, either. People keep asking if we’re going to try for the girl because our lives are ‘obviously incomplete’ but the deal is sealed and two boys it is for us.

  25. Oh this is so good. For some reason people always have to commiserate with a family of all one sex children. One time my grandfather was asked for the one time too many to go ahead and tell me the truth, don’t you secretly wish one of them could have been a boy ? His reply was to be quietly serious and ask well which one of my girls should we take out ?? Coming from a man everyone considered to be such a wise Christian man, the word spread and he was never asked again. He did not have to be tacky or unkind just kid of got them off guard.

  26. This is my friend oh 15 years ago!!! She said she always wanted four boys!!!
    And no, you did not miss out!!!
    You’ve been a teacher so you’ve had girls too!!! I thought my boys in class were easier in many ways!! They’d rough and tumble and be fine by the time we entered the classroom. My classroom girls??? DRAMA!!! As a mom I only had girls. Great as they were little but they are very very independent as adults!!!

  27. Oh my goodness! That video is adorable! I am a mom of 3 boys, ages 24-13. I can not personally speak on girls but I do have nieces the same age as my boys. Boy oh Boy!! We certainly missed out on some drama!! My boys are fantastic! One is working on his Masters at UK, the middle is going to an Ag college, ABAC, in south Georgia, and the third is busy playing football for his school,trying to stock my freezer with deer meat and fending off the girls!! I love them so much!

  28. I have 2 boys and at first struggled with the idea that I wouldn’t get to experience having a daughter. But I’ve discovered that God knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that you were meant to be a mom of boys, as I was. It’s a special job and incredibly rewarding! I thank Him every night for the 2 beautiful gifts he gave me… and love every kiss, hug and snuggle. Thanks for posting!

  29. My husband and I planned on having 4 children right from the start. We have 3 boys and a girl (in that order). They are all now upper teens, and we still get the comment “you finally got your girl”! I love my dtr, but the boys hold such a special place in my heart, and they never want to disappoint their mama!

  30. I love this post! We just had our FIFTH little boy in May. I am so thankful for every single one of them. I honestly have no idea what I would do with a girl, and I don’t want it any other way!

  31. I’ve been blessed with two boys and would love more but that wasn’t God’s plan for our family. I, too, hear that we should try for a girl but I would take a house full of boys any day! They are special and I believe they can love their momma’s in a way that girls can’t. I look forward to the day that God sends our “daughters-in-love” but until then I’m basking in the love of my boys!

  32. I have also been blessed with 5 sons! This song actually made me cry! I truly miss the days of wrestling and jumping! They grow so very fast! I know I am the most blessed mother on earth! Thank heaven for little boys! Enjoy every day!

  33. The video blessed my heart! I have 2 boys ages 12 and 15 and they are truly blessings from heaven. Thanks for sharing.

  34. I am the Mum of 4, 3 gorgeous girls and 1 amazing little boy. I remember when our third daughter was born, an acquaintance of ours commented that my husband must have been disappointed with another girl. I took great delight in telling her that I had never in my life seen anyone fall so deeply and completely in love with anything so immediately. The key is loving completely what God blesses us with and, like you, I know He gave me exactly what I needed.

  35. I had four boys in under five years- they are now 6, 3.5 and 18mo twins- and you can imagine the awful comments I’ve gotten . . . IN THEIR PRESENCE! Sometimes it makes this Mama Bear want to come out clawing, but we usually just get away as fast as we can. The worst was being asked if my husband and I know what a TV is. *shudder*

    I love my boys. LOVE my boys. I always thought I’d have 3 kids and a mix of boys and girls. Then pregnancy number 3 was twins, and two more boys. Adjusting to the reality took a week or two, but I cannot be more thankful for the blessings in my life. Praise God I do not know the future, as I would’ve told Him I couldn’t handle everything. Thank you for this post!!!

    And no, we’re NOT trying for a girl! haha

  36. I would love to have a boy but wouldn’t trade my girls for ANY amount of boys. :) I don’t get to read my favorite blogs much but when I do, yours is the first one I go to. I’m still thinking that one day we can prearrange something with those boys of yours and those girls of mine. :)

  37. My three sons couldn’t be a more perfect fit for myself! Wild and crazy at times, I am like you and wouldn’t trade them for a million girls! I honestly would love to have another boy! We are so blessed! And so are you!

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