Cy’s Top Projects of 2013 {A Job Update}


This was a HUGE year for our family.  A “change of life” kind of year for our family.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that my husband left his 15 year banking career to go into business for himself.

He started this new venture in February of this year.  It was scary and a huge leap of faith.

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But I wanted him to follow his dreams, and we both felt the Lord leading us to make this big change.

Cy’s love is building things.  It is a passion that we share together.  So he traded in his suit and tie for boots and jeans.  He traded a 8 to 5 job during the week for 10-12 hour days and weekends.

It has been a big adjustment for us.  It hasn’t always been easy.

The first part of the year started off well, but we hit a rough patch toward the end of the summer.  It was a very low point for Cy, and he started to question his ability to continue in business for himself.  {Which is part of the reason for my short employment in August.}

But those low points have taught us one thing:  EVERYTHING comes from God.  We had to learn to daily depend on him like we haven’t in a long time.  We prayed, we cried, we trusted.

And God was faithful.

Things began to really pick up for Cy’s business in August, and it hasn’t slowed down.  He is learning so much and working his tail off.

I have never been more proud of him.  There are days that he is literally working his fingers to the bone.  Let’s just say I need to take stock in Neosporin and BandAids. SmileI love that I have four sweet boys that get to see everyday how hard their daddy works to provide for them, and I pray that that same work ethic will be instilled in them.

I’ve been able to share some of his hard work with you here on my blog, and they have been some of your favorite posts this past year.

So I thought I would give my hard working hubby some props and highlight a few of them today.

Just click on the pictures below to view each post!

kitchen makeover


bathroom makeover




bathroom makeover reveal



Thanks for letting me share Cy’s projects with you here on my blog!  I look forward to sharing even more of his handiwork in 2014!

Happy New Year, friends!!!


  1. I know what you mean! About 10 years ago I quit my regular 9-5 job and started my own business! There are months that you will find you are always slow. For me it is Mid November thru Mid January. I have learned this and prepare for this. I know look at it as a blessing. This enables me to slow down during the holidays and focus on what is important. Blessings.

  2. Happy New Year Tracy! Just curious, what is the meaning of Cy’s business name, CB3? He does amazing work, I am certain his business will continue to grow! Love to you all!

    1. Hey Linda!
      CB3 was a nickname for him when he was younger.
      The C and the B are for his first and middle initials. He is named after his dad and grandfather, so he is “the third.”

      We also talked about how the “3” could represent the Trinity, or Cy’s favorite things: Faith, Family, Home.

      Those were just our thoughts. :)

      Love you! Happy New Year!

  3. great job thank you for sharing. I too was curious about the cb3 the cy seemed obvious but the 3 I guessed at the trinity. God bless you and your family and thank you for your inspiring blogs.

  4. Glad to hear business is doing well. The white bathroom with aqua accessories is my favorite out of anything I have seen on Hometalk. It is soo refreshing and soothing. The accent colors bring it all together in one pretty package.Super pretty!

  5. So happy for you and your family. God is so very faithful. He will never take you somewhere and not protect you. My favorite you shared is that blue bathroom…soooo pretty. If we lived near you we would hire Cy too!! Happy new year Traci. God bless

  6. Beautiful transformations. My husband has also been in construction for many years. It was feast or famine for many years. He now works under a larger contractor so much less stress. But yes, God has ALWAYS provided!

  7. The remodels are gorgeous! Your hubby definitely has talent in this area. It’s great to hear that business has picked up and that he is doing something he thoroughly enjoys. If we ever decide to remodel our bathroom (which we’ve discussed but will be at least a couple of years down the road), we will definitely keep you guys in mind! Thanks for sharing the projects.

  8. Traci, I’m so glad for y’all!! I know that there were some very tough months for you, and I’m thrilled to know that Cy’s business has picked up. He’s always been such a hard worker, and I’m glad that his hard work is paying off. It always makes me so happy to hear of your success. Love you!!

  9. We both live in Kentucky, but are you close to Owensboro? ;-) I love his bathroom remodel! Our second bathroom has been gutted for three years; a project my PLUMBER husband started and hasn’t finished yet – LOL, kind-of. :-)

  10. It is so scary to take that leap of faith to start your own business, but it is so worth it. And it looks like your husband has a lot of talent in what he’s doing. I’ve often thought I should take out stock in neosporin too, because Jim always cuts himself when he works on things too!!!
    Happy New Year and many blessing!

  11. Wow well done ! It would be a BIG challenge to leave the relative safety of the 9 to5 to being your own boss. Its certainly nice though to be your own boss. You are both very gifted. Isn’t is great that you share the build and decorate gift ! Best wishes to your family in this new year and Gods’ richest blessings to your family ! (from snowy, blowy, SW Ontario Canada)

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