Robin’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal {Part Two}

UPDATE:  Click HERE to see all the details on Robin’s bathroom, including paint color and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed Part One of Robin’s bathroom makeover yesterday.

If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Now I get to show you the whole beautiful bathroom!

But first, I want to thank Robin for letting me share her bathroom with all of you.

“Thank you, Robin!”  Smile

Robin did an amazing job decorating her new bathroom, and I know you are going to enjoy these photos.

Let’s look again at the before…

bathroom makeover reveal

And now the after…

bathroom makeover reveal

Remember the old linen closet and vanity?…

bathroom makeover reveal

The linen closet is gone, and the old vanity has been replaced with a beautiful custom double vanity…


bathroom makeover reveal

The old corner tub?

bathroom makeover reveal

See ya later, Alligator!…

bathroom makeover reveal

The old, bulky shower in the middle of the wall had to go!…

bathroom makeover reveal

Robin bought a beautiful blue dresser to go where the old shower used to be, and the now the new shower is tucked perfectly in the corner providing a lot more space in the bathroom and making it appear larger.

bathroom makeover reveal

Speaking of the shower….

I think my hubby did a great job creating that custom arch and tiling the shower!  Smile

bathroom makeover reveal

And I am in love with the custom glass doors that Robin picked out for her shower. bathroom makeover reveal

Here is a look at the bathroom from another angle…


bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Robin picked out the beautiful granite vanity top, and Cy installed it.

bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Did you notice all of the beautiful bead board that Cy installed around the bathroom?  Love it!

bathroom makeover reveal

And I love Robin’s new tile flooring too!

Here is a look at the old toilet area…

bathroom makeover reveal

Cy installed matching granite on top of the knee wall by the toilet, and I love the way it looks now!

bathroom makeover reveal

And Robin hung this pretty word art on the wall where the linen closet used to be…

bathroom makeover reveal

I hate to say goodbye to Robin’s beautiful bathroom, but I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Smile

Before we leave, I snapped a quick picture of her beautiful bedroom on the way out too because I knew you would love seeing it.

neutral bedroom

Thanks again, Robin, for sharing your beautiful bathroom makeover with us!

To find out the decor details of Robin’s bathroom, click HERE.

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Also, if you live near Lexington, Kentucky and have a remodeling or insulation project that needs to be completed, I might have some connections. Smile

Just shoot me an email!


Have a blessed day!

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  1. OH MY!!!! Cy did a fantastic job!!!!!

    Traci – Thank you for sharing this beautiful transformation of this bathroom.

    Marilyn C.

  2. Wowsers! This is one of the best before/after bath remodels I’ve seen in a long time. Every square inch is simply stunning! I can’t stop staring. ;)

    Hope Robin will provide you with sources. I, too, am curious about the color on the chest (if she painted it herself), as well as her sources for the aqua bath towels and the aqua vases.

  3. Great job Cy! Wish you lived closer. Any links to the bead board? Also, the tile on a previous bathroom redo? You were going to post about it and I never did see it. I think it was a marble tile?

  4. BTW – you say to shoot you an email which I would like to do to ask you a question. I don’t see it listed anywhere? It’s probably obvious right and I missed it?

  5. Goodness the three of you did a wonderful job with this transformation. I must wonder what the original homebuilder was thinking when he/she put the toilet right at the entry to the bathroom. I mean, sights, sounds, and smells…..ComeOn!!!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful makeover! Cy did an awesome job (as usual) and Robin’s material choices and decorating are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Traci!

  7. Oh. My.
    You were right, robin did a fabulous job with the decor (love the bedroom too!) and wow…what a nice job cy did with the “heavy” stuff. I certainly took my time with each picture…just beautifully thought out and completed. Wow.

  8. Tracy,
    This bathroom is wonderful! Your husband does beautiful work and the homeowner decorated the room so well. I also enjoy the way you write about your husband and his talents.


  9. I think it’s great when a man strikes out on his own, taking a risk to do what he loves for a living, supported by his wife (and vice-versa, of course). You are both very talented and very blessed. I’m sure your boys are and will be inspired by their father.

  10. I love what you did, and would like to use a few of your ideas in my bathroom remodeling. The blue of that dresser is exactly right as well as the grey of the walls. Is there anyway you could let me know the name of those two paint colors? Thank you in advance…

  11. I am seeing this correctly? You took out the separate shower and tub and put a combined tub /shower unit in? That seems unusual. Most people opt for the separate tub / shower. Pretty colors!

  12. I’ve been trying to find a similar color of gray for the last few days and I can’t get it right. Is there any way you could let us know the color and brand of the paint she used to do the walls? Thanks so much!

  13. Is there a way to find out where Robin got the bath mat (gray and white) or small rug that is in front of the shower.

    I know this has been a while since this makeover was posted but can you let me know if you have a source for the bath mat, I would love one like it.

  14. Please let us know the wall color and where she got some of the decor. Thanks! :) BEST before/after bathroom makeover I have ever seen!!!!!

  15. I’m in love with your bathroom. I’m just wondering where you got your tile and what it’s called. I’m remodeling my kitchen and am looking for a gray floor tile. Thanks!

  16. oh I so wish I lived near Lexington – my master bath needs a MAJOR overhaul – but I need to do it on a budget. We reno’d our kitchen and entire house flooring last fall and it was about $55K soooooo, there’s no budget left for the master bath :(.

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