My Five Favorite Indoor Plants

I’ve been crushin’ on indoor plants lately.  I think it is because of the “life” that they bring to the home, especially in this past cold, dark winter.

favorite indoor plants

So here are my favorite right now.

I love succulents.  A Little Tipsy: Decorating with SucculentsProbably because they are hard to kill.  Winking smile

I love that they come in different shades and are so versatile.  You can basically plant them in anything!





My very, very favorite indoor plant right now is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (6)

iron & twine

I want one, and I’m gonna get one!  Soon!  They are so beautiful!

Habitually Chic

I am also loving any plant that has color to it.  Color is a necessity in my life!

silver flower pot - great accessoire for indoor flowers & plants and to decorate tables


I am feeling the need to have a colorful plant in every room of my house right now!

Rieger Begonia


Here is a flowering plant that I had in my house last summer.  I loved the pop of yellow in my bedroom!



I have also been loving herb plants!  When put in cute little pots, they become décor as well as flavor for your recipes!


The Idea Room

Coffee mug indoor herb garden



Lastly, I will forever love ferns!  It’s a southern thing.

I wish it was easy to keep indoor ferns alive. I like the gold frames peeking from behind the curtains. Could be a good DIY project!

House Beautiful

To me, they never go out of style.

And now you can find all sorts of versions of ferns for your home.

no source

I just bought a cute little miniature fern for my coffee table yesterday, like the ones below.

mason jar planters


And I love putting a fern in my fireplace to brighten things up!


So that’s it!  Those are my favorite plants right now.

What are your favorites?



  1. I would love to know how you keep your fern healthy & happy in the fireplace. I tried it last spring and mine did not do well at all. I don’t get any natural light in my living room. Is this the problem? I would love to know more about the care of ferns, please.

  2. It took me a moment to realize THAT was YOUR LR with the fern/fireplace. It really looks like a magazine shoot. I too would like to know how to care for ferns to keep them from dropping their fronds all over.

  3. So…do the succulents do well inside? We keep them outside of my stores cause they look great around the walkways. I guess I just thought they needed super bright light and heat…which explains why they do great outside in Alabama. They do look awesome inside! Thanks for the push…gonna try them inisde. I can always rotate them out, right?

  4. I must say that succulents are a favorite. But, what seems to always do well in our home is a Jade plant. We are in the Northwest, and sometimes the sun hides from us! Gorgeous photos above, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love indoor plants and used to have them all the time! My Dad said my kitchen was like a rainforest! However, my current (energy efficient rated)home only has one room with good light for plants and there is no available space! Aarrrgh! Thanks for the reminder about jade plants, Shelly!

  6. I love your blog Traci! Thanks for posting about plants. This is my 19th year in the wholesale plant farm industry and boy are we about to get busy, (ihope)! Being in East Texas, I don’t think I’m too far from your area. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and faith!

  7. I love plants indoors too…but they hate me.
    The only indoor plant I haven’t murdered is a pothos ivy. Not a very exciting plant, but it is green. RE succulents…they are so pretty. I have a beautiful terrarium filled with several different kinds. They do great…THEY ARE ALL FAKE! When they are in a beautiful container and covered with glass they look very real.

  8. I just bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree at Home Depot today! I’ve been wanting one forever & finally got it. Problem is, I only have one room with really good light, so everything has to be rotated through that room. For the fireplace, I’ve had the same problem with lack of light–I wonder if hanging a small grow light above the fern would work, if there was an outlet nearby…

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