Sunday Encouragement

Wow!  Wow!  Wow!

You guys have blown me away with your sweet comments on yesterday’s post!

Your words of encouragement have filled my cup to overflowing!

I smiled as I read each one, and my heart was truly blessed.

Your sweet comments {and that one mean comment from earlier this week} made me start to think about the power that WORDS have on our lives.


Words can tear us down or build us up.

Words have changed the entire trajectory of some people’s lives.

A child whose father continually degrades him grows up with a low self-esteem always feeling like a failure.


A young, insecure girl has a teacher that tells her she believes in her, and she grows to be a confident, successful woman.


They slip out of our mouths so easily.

How can we make them life-giving and not joy-killing?

Screenshot 2014-02-15 21.56.11

I believe it is by filling our hearts and minds with GOD’S WORD.

God’s word gives our lives meaning.

God’s word offers us forgiveness of our sins.

God’s word fills us with unspeakable joy.

God’s word changes our hearts to be more like His.

When our hearts are filled with His Holy Word, it will overflow from our mouths.

Luke 6:45 Floral (8" x 10")


I love the verse above.

I saw that verse lived out in my mom’s last day on earth.  She was in the hospital, and they had filled her sweet body with morphine to help with the pain.  The nurse told me that Mom might start talking out of her head and say things that we may have never heard her say before, even curse words.

She obviously didn’t know my mom. Smile

Mom DID talk “out of her head” that day before she passed.  She said things like, “Praise you, Jesus!” and “Hallelujah!” and “I love you, Jesus.”

It was the overflow of her heart.

Mom knew the importance of God’s word.  She wrote this in her bible…

IMG_4669“The Words of God. Oh who could express what they ought to be worth to us! Each word carries with it all the life of God, all His saving power and love. God speaking in His Son. Surely we who know Him will be ready to cast aside everything for the sake of hearing Him!”

To this day, even though Mom has been gone over four years, she still inspires me.

And today, I am thankful for this blog and my readers because YOU INSPIRE ME.

The words of encouragement that you shared with me yesterday were life-giving.

I want MY words to my family, my friends, and everyone else I speak to, to be life-giving, as well.

Wouldn’t this world be a better place if we all focused on how we could bless others with our words?

Let’s do it, friends!

Speak words of encouragement and kindness today!  I believe we will be even more blessed than those that receive our words.  Smile


  1. Words are important and they can build up or tear you down.
    We all love to be encouraged. Maybe the person that left the comment was having a bad day. I enjoy your blog, I have lots of you ideas bookmarked. I truly want to white wash my brick wall like yours. Have a good day.


  2. Traci I will be honest – I didn’t read the kleenex post, not because I didn’t like it but because the last few days have been very busy with snow and painting and living. I love your blog and I love the fact that you take the time to answer our questions if we have any. The only thing I can find fault with is that you won’t let me adopt your husband – just for a few weeks to finish our house, only kidding. Remember to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Don’t let comments like that bring your down, you are better than that.

  3. Amazing that those unkind words toward you have lifted all our spirits together and re-ignited our awareness of just how words do affect us all. Thank you again for all of your inspiring words.

  4. Traci, Keep shining His light… your kind, beautiful spirit shines through every single blog post (beadboard, recipes, and even Kleenex : )) and blesses those who read your blog just as much or even more than your beautiful home projects…and your home projects are really pretty and an inspiration! : ) So is your sweet family and your love for Jesus. Thanks for the verses about the power of our words — it’s really good to be reminded. By the way, I _loved_ the printed digital Valentines cards idea… so wonderful and endearing. I am not surprised your boys loved them : )

  5. I bet your Mama would be proud of the way you handled your hurt feelings and especially that you love God’s word as much as she did. God bless you, your family and your blog!

  6. I think at times we all say things we wish we had thought about a little before it was done, so lets just know that whoever it was probably had a bad day and took it out on Traci. Life is like that, we move our mouths sometimes before our brain kicks in to how it will sound. I for myself want to think this person is now sad that she said what she did and God asks us to forgive as much as it takes, I know Traci will and so will I in my daily travel through life. At 67 I know I for one, who speaks her mind has said things I wish I had not and I like most hope when my time has come God will forgive me. Now on to our next day to see what Traci congers up for all of us.. Life is that way it just keeps going on…..

  7. Beautiful as usual. Keep your chin up, I don’t know anyone who has a family who is so much in the heart of Jesus.
    I have to go blow my nose with my kleenex. LOL

    God Bless!

  8. An encourager be! thats what you are. We shall share this burden with you, lifting you and your family to the Lord. Praise His Glorious name for strong Christians like you. Blessings, Actually a double blessing !Loving you, Sylvia marie.

  9. Traci, putting it all in perspective… encouraged that there was only one comment that upset you over many comments that were up lifting. God will take what was meant for evil and turn it into good. Amen. Life experiences have come and gone and I can see how God’s hands were on the ugly. You will as well one day.
    Shine on and smile away,
    d on ze prairie

  10. You inspire me. You always have. I’m sure you hear this a ton, but I really feel like if our paths ever crossed, we would be friends. I always look forward to your posts no matter what they are. You are a gracious, God-loving southern belle who only wants the best for all of her boys (this includes your hubs), her family and her readers. Many blessings to you and yours.

  11. Your blog is an inspiration to me. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer 27 years ago and my dad to prostate cancer last July. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children, but the loss of my parents is huge. Following your blog, with the loss of your mom has been theraputic. I look forward to your postings. Do not let a negative response get you down. I depend on your uplifting posts!

  12. does anyone know where the old sticks and stones will break my bones but names can never hurt me came from ??It feels like the opening for bullying to me and I never could understand how it was to comfort one. I read a lengthy paragraph from a reader on another blog excusing what she was about to say about some trivial item in a lovely presentation and that she knows there is always someone that dissents on something and went on to make a note of no import. would have been nice act of self control to have left it unsaid.It make me think of your dissenter. is this a psychological thing that compels them to say something they admittedly know would be better off left unsaid? I knew a woman that had a thought pop into her mind and mouth simultaneously and she paid a dear price from this inability to filter her spoken words.some of her children and grandchildren were totally alienated from her.

  13. You’ve hit on one of the few things I’m sure about after rasing 4 children and living for 53 years – and that is the power of words. Life is to short to be use harsh critical words especially with those you love and care about. Thanks for discussing this… I’m sure your post will bless many.

  14. God Bless you my precious friend……You are such an inspiration to all and your love of God is shown daily in your post……Do not let negative people pull you down…That is what the devil wants…..To put doubt in the minds of God’s Children and we just say “get thee behind me satan”….I love you girl and send love & prayers your way daily……

  15. I am always shocked and saddened to hear of negative comments posted on blogs. Life is so short and who needs more hurt? So many Scriptures come to mind, including those already mentioned, that call us to encourage one another. I pray that you are encouraged today by knowing how deeply you are loved by our perfect Father and so many of your readers. God bless you as you continue to encourage on your blog.

    As a side note, I am grateful for viewing products/giveaways/reviews in posts. It’s more than once led me to great products.

    Have a joy-filled day!

  16. I am sorry that the person conveyed her message to you about her opinion in a hurtful manner. Sometimes there are lessons to be learned from criticisms if we can get past the hurt they cause. I do think that finding a balance in your blog between sponsored posts and unsponsored ones is a delicate position. Only you know what is true to your heart in what you say. I want to feel that when I read any blog that the blogger is telling me their opinion and not just promoting something because of a financial gain. I enjoy your blog but several months ago I felt there were too many sponsored posts. It’s like when you watch a really good movie on TV. Too many commercials detract from the plot. Best wishes.

  17. do you have a copy of the “kind words” print available for download? love the message and would love to hang in my kids’ room! :) Thanks!

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