5 Ways to Add Touches of Spring to Your Home

5 ways to add touches of spring to your home

I don’t know about you, but I am sooooo over winter this year!

We have had more snow and bitter cold temperatures in Kentucky than I can remember in a long time.

This week we are finally getting a little bit of a warm up, and I am ecstatic!

I am welcoming Spring with open arms!

Yes.  That is me on that bike with my stripe leggings on!  And do you spot my four angel children?!  Smile

So today, I want to share with you 5 easy ways to add touches of Spring to your home.

Step One:  Add Colorful Pillows and Throws!


I love adding colorful pillows to my living room.  It brightens up the space and makes it feel cozy at the same time.  You can add them to your bedrooms as well.  And why not step out of your comfort zone with a bright, cheerful throw?  Try something new like pink or bright yellow.  That would definitely get your house ready to celebrate Spring!






Step Two:  Add Fresh Flowers


Nothing says “Spring” like fresh cut flowers.  Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a bouquet of whatever is on sale.  Trust me.  It brings instant life to your home and will make you smile all day!

Make It Simple



Step Three: Add Colorful Rugs


If you head into stores like HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls, you will see a ton of affordable, colorful rugs for Spring.  You don’t have to buy a large rug.  A small rug can make a big impact.  Choose one for your entry way or in front of your kitchen sink.

See how the runner below brightens up that kitchen?…

HomeSpirations~Decorating the Kitchen for Spring



Step Four: Paint an Accent Wall

accent wallNow this step takes a little more courage.  Smile  Painting a wall takes a little more effort, but the impact is huge!  Find a small wall in your home that you could paint with bright colors or patterns.  It will dramatically change the space.  And no fears.  When you are tired of it, just paint over it.  You don’t have to marry it.  hee.hee.

Check out this fabulous purple accent wall…



Step Five:  Add Colorful Tableware


This step is fun and can be done very inexpensively!  Just stop by your local thrift store and pick up individual, bright-colored dishes and add them to your shelves and tables. They don’t have to match.

You can even find colorful pieces at the dollar store.  If you can’t afford dishes, just purchase some colorful placemats at the dollar store and sit your white dishes on them.  Perfect!

Have fun mixing and matching the pieces.  I love how Lucy, from Craftberry Bush, brightened up her white hutch with these blue dishes.  She just wrote about it on her blog today.

Isn’t it beautiful?!



So that is it!

Are you ready for Spring?!

Even if it is still a little cold outside, it is time to make the inside of your home scream “Spring!”

Try doing one or two of these steps each week, and you will be ready to welcome in the new season.

Have a blessed day!


  1. The pics are beautiful, Traci,and are sunny all year long.I am not ready for Spring. Shoot! I just FINALLY got my boilers installed and am enjoying the heat. However, i won’t miss shovelling, although I usually call it my workout for the day. I really love all the seasons. Soon everyone will be complaining about the rain and then the heat. I think winter is a great time to get things done indoors and just be cozy together. I suppose i just hate to cut the grass and my yard is just too might to keep up! I used to love summer until my pool broke. :(

  2. oh my DEAR you think you are having it bad in Kentucky although I know it went bad way South this year, but I change with you in Kentucky any time, Chicago is BAAAAD, either we are getting snow or it is very cold, so many water main breaks this year because the ground is frozen deep down…

    I am not counting on Spring coming really soon, so I feed the birds and enjoy their singing in my front evergreens where they hide after having filled their tummies in the back… sweet music you close your eyes and you can imagine Spring… I am happy that all my orchids in my dining room 2 feet bench/picture window all started blooming, just gorgeous and it makes me forget this horrible winter for a little bit.
    But we all know Spring will be coming one day…. I cannot wait ….
    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  3. Oh my, I could hang out here and gaze at those beautiful colors. Would you believe I still have a Christmas pillow on my sofa ? :). We’re having a little bit of a warm up here in central Ohio too, and it’s glorious!

  4. Traci we live in Connecticut and I am so ready for Spring. We had more snow today but they promise that at the end of the week we should hit 50 degrees. I read to third graders and missed 3 weeks in a row because of snow. Tomorrow it should be fine. We all just want to feel the warmth of the sun again.

  5. Wonderful ideas! I’ve been ready for spring since December 26th! HA! I am over winter. It has truly been a rough one even here in Virginia!

  6. So excited for spring here in the north east! We haven’t had a winter like this in years! 2-3 feet of snow on the ground. Anyway, so excited that a Home Goods is being built 3.5 miles from my house. Opening for spring. Yea!! Thx for the inspiration!

  7. I always enjoy winter as a time to rest and regroup before the craziness of spring, but we’ve had a belly full of bad weather here in ATL. So, I think I’m ready, too… my yard is beckoning!
    Great ideas, Traci!
    xo Heidi

  8. I have been doing the same things! Spring in Pennsylvania feels like a long way away so I grabbed some hyacinths the other day and they started blooming

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