The Lobby Project

Our church is trying to fix up our back lobby area because it is currently being unused.  We thought it would be fun to have a little sitting area for a coffee station.  A place for people to sit and relax and fellowship together.

I was asked to lead the committee on this project, and it has been fun to think about decorating an area besides my home.

I got on Polyvore last night and started putting a space together.  I had fun picking out pieces that would create a homey, relaxed, and comfortable vibe.

It will probably look nothing like this {hee.hee.} but it was fun to design.

I used pieces of furniture I found on polyvore, so of course, they wouldn’t look exactly like this, but here is one of the areas…

lobby project

Isn’t that a fun, relaxing space?  I kind of think I may need to create this space in my own home! Smile

I am definitely hoping that we can incorporate some artwork from Red Lettered Words.  And I hope we can keep the area fresh and colorful.

We are going to have several sitting areas.  I would love to have a sitting area with a long table for people to have meetings and hang out in larger groups.

lobby project

Isn’t that a cute logo on the wall?  I found that at  I had trouble finding red chairs that I liked, but I went ahead and added the leather ones just to represent the pop of color I was looking for.

We are going to have a coffee bar as well, and hopefully another sitting areas with high top tables and chairs.

Our goal is to get all of this completed by Easter.  I have a wonderful team that is going to help me get it done.

Do you have a coffee station at your church? 

I would love to see any pictures, if you would like to share them. Smile


P.S.  The boys are home from school again today because of snow!  Can you believe it?!  I am soooo ready for Spring!!!


  1. We have a coffee shop, called Higher Grounds, on our church property. It has seating for about 25, plus it’s attached to a large kitchen. We also have lots of outside patio seating. We have a rather large campus with main sanctuary and children’s classrooms plus the original church building now used for offices, youth ministry and classrooms for a congregation of about 1000.

  2. We too have a congregation of around 1,000. We have a hospitality room that serves coffee, tea, cocoa etc before all three services on Sunday mornings. They also have chairs in the room for conversation as well as a small kitchen area. Our large kitchen is in our activity center so this area is great in the main building near the sanctuary. Can’t wait to see your photos :-)

  3. our bookstore combo coffee station has seating areas that can be arranged into one large meeting area when needed. it is HE Brews. Additionally, there are a couple of large screens that has Pastor’s message on them. It will be interesting to see yours.

  4. Oh, my gosh….love these designs. They’re so fresh and relaxed…and very appropriate for a church coffee station. And……..I love the dining table (it would look perfect in my kitchen,too).

  5. The church knew what they were doing when they asked you to be chairman to head up this project. Everything looks great and I am sure Cy will have a helping hand. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless

  6. Your ideas are wonderful & I can’t wait to see what you do with the space.
    Our home Church has a coffee bar right in the back of the sanctuary, not beautiful, but functional. And my husband & I are taking membership classes at a Church near our cottage, as we are there most weekends. Each week we have been walking in with our travel mugs with coffee, as we have noticed no coffee bar… so this past week during classes the Pastor says (as I am taking a sip of my coffee : ) that there is an unwritten rule in this Church that there is no food or drink allowed in the sanctuary.. OOPS!!… didn’t know : ) It is a very conservative, small rural Church & I am a little bothered by it, as I feel like food & drink add so much to fellowship…. but for now we will not be bringing it with us.. : )
    (& PS… my husband took his comment as sort of a joke, I wasn’t sure )

  7. We have a really large church and we do have a coffee bar. It’s set up in two sections in the main foyer. On one side, there are several of those large acrylic drink dispensers with water and different kinds of juices, as well as donut holes and fresh fruit. On the other side are urns of coffee and hot water for tea with all the fixings. It works really well. I will try to get a pic for you.

  8. No coffee bar at my church but I love your ideas. My sisters church has a coffee bar and they have those high top tables/chairs. Your ideas look much more cozy.

  9. We have a counter in our visitor/information area for coffee. The room is a multi-functional room, so they won’t dedicate it specifically for a coffee area. It could use a little updating with some pops of color. I might have to make a suggestion to our pastor! ;-)

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