Sunday Encouragement

imageThis week I saw the most beautiful quote on one of my favorite blogs, Craftberrybush.  {

This quote made me think of my mom and all the “moments” I had with her.  And how those moments are now just memories.

And how much value those moments now hold for me now that they are just memories.

It made me think of my boys, and how sometimes I don’t always soak up those “moments” with them before they become memories.

It reminded me of how fragile and precious this life is, and how we ought not take it  for granted.

I am so thankful for the wonderful memories that God has given me over my lifetime.  And I am looking forward to the “moments” He has in store for me even this very day.

So I want to encourage you and I both to take hold of each moment and treasure the value that it holds this day… before it becomes a memory.

God bless you, friends!

Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. You have been my angel today. My mom passed less than a week ago, and your words today have touched my heart. I needed those words today, and because your hands typed them on this page, God was able to send them to me. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the reminder! With my oldest away for his first year of college, and my youngest on her way to high school in a few months I am trying to remember to enjoy the moments we do have so they can become memories. I do enjoy reading your Sunday Encouragement posts. Have a Blessed Sunday!

  3. thank you. Mother gone 7 yrs and father passed a month ago. daily phone visits are that suddenly stop make a daily reminder. I am trying to make that a time to remember something pleasant rather than a reminder of the loss.

  4. I love this reminder. Thank you! To go along with this idea, if you haven’t read Karen Kingsbury’s picture book “Let Me Hold You Longer”, it’s about how we celebrate our child’s “firsts” – first smile, first step, etc. She then encourages us to try to “recognize and savor” our children’s “lasts” – “those milestones that so easily go unrecorded.” Tearjerker ;) BUT because of this book, I am so much more aware of the special moments that may be the “last”. Hugs.

  5. My mom passed away 2 years ago this month and oh, how I treasure those moments that are now sweet memories. I try to remember them with smiles and not tears, because I know that is what she would want and I know that God is watching over me with care and concern. We sang “You are my sunshine” to each other almost every day, and truly I think she did know how much I loved her and still love her today.

  6. This is so perfect. My Mom passed two years ago and I am still lost without her. The quote is beautiful and the pink flowers remind me of her. She always had peonies in the house when they were in season.

  7. Your posts just seem to speak right to me, and today’s sure did. I lost my mom 6 years ago. Today she was heavy on my mind as we celebrated my grandson’s first birthday. I was wishing she was there with us. I now savor all of those “firsts”, “lasts”, and hug a lot tighter. Also, pink peonies were my mom’s favorite! She had several bushes in her yard. Thanks again Traci, for your post.

  8. oh how true….. Sadly, this past week, my son in law’s only brother was killed in a home invasion… a young man in his forties… what a sudden and senseless tragedy!! thankfully, their family is very close and they had just spent an evening together visiting their parents!! How thankful this Mom and Dad are for that precious night filled with laughs and much story telling… and closeness!! Thank you Traci for sharing………..

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